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domingo, fevereiro 05, 2012

Pré-candidaturas de lésbicas, gays, travestis e transexuais já são 76
Levantamento feito pela Associação Brasileira de Lésbicas, Gays, Travestis e Transexuais (ABGLT) já contabiliza uma relação de 76 pré-candidatos às eleições de outubro. A maioria é gay, com 43 representantes. Em seguida, aparecem na lista 17 travestis, 8 lésbicas, 6 transsexuais, um bissexual e uma drag queen. De acordo com a entidade, há integrantes do movimento em 21 unidades da federação dispostos a pleitear cargos públicos neste ano. A maioria está em Minas Gerais, com 12 pré-candidatos.

En el Pleno Asamblea Madrid PSM reclama justicia para transexuales afectados por filtraciones Hospital La Paz
Acompañada por afectados, la diputada del PSM critica “la dejadez ostentosa y evidente” de la justicia

Gender-Confused Children Given Hormone Shots to Delay Puberty
Britain's National Health Service Delays 6 Kids' Development Until They Decide on Sex Operation

Transgender rights: NADRA provides 3 gender options on CNIC registration form
The National Database and Registration Authority will be providing transgendered community members with three gender categories on the registration form for a computerised national identity card.

Transgenders raise voice against arrests
Transgender associations in the city lodged a complaint with the commissioner of police, J.K. Tripathy, alleging that the recent arrest of their community members has affected the lives of others.
As many as 13 transgender organisations led by Sahodaran lodged a complaint that around 25 people of their community had been arrested in the past one month alone in connection with cases such as robbery, extortion and flesh trade and were remanded in prison.
(Photo: Members of transgenders association after lodging a complaint at police commissionerate at Egmore on Friday.)

Stalemate continues in battle for crown
The 'blow-hot-blow cold' battle for supremacy of the eunuch network in the state has hit a roadblock. Reason? Three new aspirants have emerged in the contest and are having a go at one another to attain the 'crown'.

Transgender candidate to contest UP polls
Kanpur: Shabnam Mausi, the first eunuch legislator in the country, will contest the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections from Kanpur Cantt constituency.

Rule creates fear of flying for transgendered
Boarding a plane is more inconvenient than it used to be, but most of us do it without thinking: show your government issued photo ID and find your seat.
[Commentary] Gender offender: This airport rule promotes prejudice, not security

5 former Anchorage mayors back gay rights initiative
Five former Anchorage mayors on Friday endorsed an April ballot measure to extend legal protections against discrimination to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender residents of the city.

Police investigating fatal stabbing of transgender woman in northeast Washington
Police are investigating the fatal stabbing of a transgender woman in northeast Washington.
Transgender Woman Killed [UPDATED]
Another Violent Attack
Transgender woman murdered at D.C. bus stop
Transgender victim stabbed to death at bus stop
D.C. Trans Coalition speaks after transgender stabbing victim dies
Police ID trans woman who died after bus stop stabbing
Bus stop stabbing victim dies
Update: Police Release Video Showing Person Of Interest InTransgender
Stabbing Death

Police identify trans woman fatally stabbed at D.C. bus stop

Arraignment set for officer in trans shooting
A D.C. Superior Court judge on Jan. 27 scheduled an arraignment in March for a D.C. police officer charged with firing his gun while off duty at three transgender women and two male friends while the five sat in a car on a city street last August.

Condemned Nebraskan in case that inspired ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ film appeals to US Supreme Court
A Nebraska death row inmate whose murder case inspired the 1999 film “Boys Don’t Cry” has filed an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.
John Lotter and a co-defendant were convicted in the 1993 slaying of a 21-year-old woman who lived briefly as a man and two witnesses to the killing. Lotter has maintained his innocence.
Lotter asks U.S. Supreme Court to review case

Teen says transvestite tricked him into thinking he was a woman
A rape suspect is accused of tricking a teenager into thinking he was a woman.
The transvestite suspect and his 14-year-old victim supposedly met in an online chat room. The teenager still claimed he had no idea about the suspect's actual gender, even after they were intimate.

Utah Senate committee rejects housing and employment protection bill for gays and lesbians
Utah senators are rejecting a bill that would have banned discrimination because of a person's sexual orientation, political views or gender identity.
Nondiscrimination bill gets a hearing but tabled by Senate committee
LGBT Non-Discrimination Bill Squashed
Lawmakers scrap effort to ban anti-gay discrimination

Transgender inmate: Don't judge me, I need sex change
Transgender inmate Ophelia De`Lonta is begging the world not to judge her and desperately wants sex reassignment surgery.

México tiene su primera precandidata transexual a diputada
Diana Sánchez Barrios es la primera mujer transexual precandidata a ocupar un escaño en el congreso local de la capital mexicana y se presentará a las próximas elecciones del 1 de julio, en las que está convencida de que va a ganar.
Woman Becomes First Transsexual to Run for Office in Mexico

Hoy desfile de fantasía de la comunidad LGBT
Hoy, a partir de las 7 de la noche, por las principales calles de Riohacha se llevará a cabo el desfile de fantasía de la comunidad LGBT, en el marco de los Carnavales 2012, actividad que tiene como punto de partida el Centro Cultural de esta capital.

“La igualdad es necesaria, pero la diferenciación también”
En un país en donde hay voces críticas que dicen que a las personas todavía se las valora por su aspecto físico y no por sus capacidades intelectuales, ha llamado especialmente la atención una mujer que alcanzó una alta posición en el gobierno de Bogotá, pese a que nació como hombre.

Transexual rompe tabú y logra competir en concurso de belleza en Argentina
La transexual Agustina Salas rompió con los tabúes y en un hecho inédito en Argentina logró ser admitida en un concurso de belleza en este país suramericano, informa hoy la prensa local.