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sexta-feira, fevereiro 03, 2012

Aniversário NTP 2012
Não Te Prives – 10 anos em 10 dias de Direitos sexuais

14 Fevereiro (Terça):
18h, Casa das Artes: Inauguração da Exposição Não Te Prives: 10 anos a mudar Coimbra
23h, Pop Fresh: Festa Fora do Armário, em parceria com a PATH.

15 Fevereiro (Quarta):
18h-20h, Casa das Artes: Debate ‘Ligações perigosas?’ Ativismos e estudos feministas e LGBT. Com Adriana Bebiano, Madalena Duarte, Paulo Jorge Vieira e Teresa Cunha.
18h-20h, Casa das Artes: Exposição Não Te Prives: 10 anos a mudar Coimbra.

16 Fevereiro (Quinta):
12h30: NTP na Rua – distribuição e colagem de materiais NTP.
18h-20h, Casa das Artes: Exposição Não Te Prives: 10 anos a mudar Coimbra.

17 Fevereiro (Sexta):
18h-20h, Casa das Artes: Exposição Não Te Prives: 10 anos a mudar Coimbra.

18 Fevereiro (Sábado)
21h-23h, Praça da República: NTP na Rua – distribuição de material informativo e de prevenção de ISTs.

19 Fevereiro (Domingo)
Casa das Artes, 16h-18h: De pequenin@ se torce a discriminação! Sessão de contos infantis inclusivos e pinturas faciais, com Mika Almeida e Yris Breda. Em parceria com a PATH.
18h-20h, Casa das Artes: Exposição Não Te Prives: 10 anos a mudar Coimbra.

20 Fevereiro (Segunda)
18h-20h, Casa das Artes: Exposição Não Te Prives: 10 anos a mudar Coimbra.
21h-23h, Praça da República: NTP na Rua – distribuição de material informativo e de prevenção de ISTs.

21 Fevereiro (Terça)
18h-20h, Casa das Artes: Exposição Não Te Prives: 10 anos a mudar Coimbra.
22h, Bar Quebra: Linguagens homo/eróticas e feministas - leituras -.

22 Fevereiro (Quarta)
18h-20h, Casa das Artes: Exposição Não Te Prives: 10 anos a mudar Coimbra.

23 Fevereiro (Quinta)
17h-19h, Centro de Estudos Sociais: Seminário sobre Sexualidade Queer e Homonormatividade, com Ana Cristina Santos. Em parceria com a organização do Gender Workshop Series.
18h-20h, Casa das Artes: Exposição Não Te Prives: 10 anos a mudar Coimbra.

24 Fevereiro (Sexta):
8h-13h, Escola Secundária José Falcão: Sessões sobre Violência no Namoro e (Des)Igualdade de Género, com Magda Alves.
20h: Não nos privamos! Jantar de encerramento, com sorteio de Cabaz de Direitos Sexuais.

GRIT inicia no ciclo de encontros sobre transexualidade
Serão cerca de duas horas e meia por mês à conversa sobre transexualidade. O GRIT- Grupo de Reflexão e Intervenção sobre Transexualidade da Associação ILGA Portugal inicia, já este sábado, 4 de Fevereiro, um ciclo de encontros destinados às pessoas transexuais.

Transexualidade não é psicose, defende psicanalista em livro
Psicanalista defende em livro fim da visão da transexualidade como psicose

Personagem trans de Denise Del Vecchio é a próxima vítima em 'Vidas em jogo'
A transexual Dona Augusta (Denise Del Vecchio) é a próxima integrante da turma do bolão a ser assassinada em "Vidas em jogo", da Rede Record.

Laerte Coutinho fala sobre expulsão e diz que é a favor de banheiro unissex; assista!
A expulsão de Laerte Coutinho, adepto do crossdressing, de um banheiro feminino em uma pizzaria na zona oeste de São Paulo rendeu debate. Após a confusão, o cartunista saiu em defesa dos banheiros unissex.

Antonelli reclama justicia para los transexuales cuyos datos fueron filtrados
Carla Antonelli, diputada de la Asamblea de Madrid y activista de los derechos del colectivo transexual, se ha llevado la ovación de la tarde en el hemiciclo de Vallecas por su denuncia de la “intolerable filtración de datos de las y los pacientes transexuales del hospital La Paz”. El nombre de 22 personas transexuales operadas en el hospital y la identidad del encargado de ofrecer estos tratamientos dentro de la unidad de identidad de género de Madrid fueron aireados hace unas semanas en el blog de Manuel Morillo -director de la revista Arbil y tertuliano de Intereconomía-, dentro de la publicación religiosa digital Religión en Libertad.

London protest follows Sweden’s trans sterilisation rule
Worldwide protest at continuing insistence by the Swedish government on what has been described as a policy of eugenics in respect of trans men and women led on Monday to the unusual sight of a demo outside that country’s London embassy.
News Feed: trans demo against “Swedish eugenics policy”

Criança transexual de 11 anos em risco de ser institucionalizada
Uma criança alemã encontra-se em risco de ser internada numa instituição mental por ser transexual.
Loving Father Wants Daughter Institutionalized Because She’s Transgender
Trans child mental institution threat
German trans girl ‘to be institutionalised’

Dividing by Three: Nepal Recognizes a Third Gender
Badri Pun slept in a gravel courtyard in rural Nepal for more than a week. After the first two days, he stopped eating. By night, he huddled under wool blankets, clutching a folder full of papers, some which made his life legal—his birth certificate, his motorcycle license, and his citizenship identification card, and one which made a new life possible–a 30-page four-year-old court decision.

NADRA told to resolve third gender’s registration issue
The Supreme Court on Wednesday directed the NADRA chairman to resolve the issue regarding registration of people belonging to the third gender.
Sindh beats all in eunuchs’ assimilation
SC directs NADRA chairman to resolve eunuchs’ guardian issue

It's eunuch vs 'asli hijrey' in Ayodhya
Gunning for a sixth consecutive win from the Ayodhya assembly seat, the Bharatiya Janata Party's Lallu Singh has been unnerved by a third presence, besides the Samajwadi Party candidate. He has complained to the Election Commission against Gulshan Bindu, the only eunuch so far in the fray for the Uttar Pradesh assembly polls. Singh's grouse: Bindu is violating the code of conduct by making people vow to vote for her.

Priest demands release of ‘gay panic’ findings
The Queensland priest behind the successful campaign to abolish the ‘gay panic’ legal defence has welcomed the state Government’s proposed changes to the Criminal Code, but argues they donot go far enough.

Transgendered travellers worry rule need to match appearance with sex on ID will bar them from flights
National security and modern concepts of gender identity appear to be colliding in the sky.
New travel ID rule angers transgendered Canadians
Should transgender Canadians be protected by a new parliamentary bill?
Justin Trudeau stands up for transgender people on discriminatory airline rules
UPDATE: Conservative MPs laugh at concerns that trans people face flight ban

[Commentary] Oh, Canada: Your Law Barring Trans People from Airplanes Is Not Supported by International Standards
[Commentary] Feb 1, 2012 - Trans Airline Ban news story goes VIRAL!
[Commentary] Canadian MPs Allegedly Snicker and Mock Trans Screening Concerns in Parliament
[Commentary] Transport Canada Caught in Misinformation — Response to Media Contained Embarrassing Error

Families Boycott Thin Mints Over Girl Scouts' Ties With Planned Parenthood
The president of a pro-family organization is asking the public to boycott Girl Scout cookies because of the group's ties with Planned Parenthood.

ENDA exec order waiting at the White House: sources
Government agencies have cleared an administrative measure that would bar federal dollars from going to companies without LGBT-inclusive non-discrimination protections, according to three informed sources familiar with the process, and have sent their recommendation to the White House for final approval.

‘Prostitution-free’ zones get under way, with word of caution about profiling
As Prince George’s temporarily targets areas, District considers making permanent zones

PBC Broadens Commercial Non-discrimination Policy
By a 6-1 vote, the Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners amended its Nondiscrimination in Contracting Policy on Tuesday, prohibiting the County from doing business with, or appropriating funds to, public and private organizations which practice discrimination based on "gender identity or expression."

Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition Launches National Media Project
The Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition (MTPC) will be launching the new “I AM: Trans People Speak COMMUNITY” campaign on Saturday, Feb. 18, 2012 at the Midway Café, 3496 Washington Street in Jamaica Plain, MA and the on the new website,, on the same day. The purpose of this multi-media campaign to create an empowering space on the web for transgender people and their allies from around the country in which they can share their experiences through their own stories in order to educate the public and give hope to transgender youth and adults just starting to come out.

Gender Rights Bill Stuck in Senate
With marriage equality front and center, the proposed Maryland gender identity nondiscrimination bill has been pushed to the sidelines

Baltimore joining coed showers bandwagon?
The council for Baltimore County, Md., is working on a plan that would prevent “discrimination” cases that primarily involve men who dress as women and portray themselves as being female.

New bill protects against LGBT discrimination
It's perfectly legal for a Nebraskan to be fired or evicted because she or he is gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. A battle between Omaha's City Council and the State Legislature in Lincoln appears to be brewing to change that.

Utah senator introducing bill to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation
For the fourth consecutive year, a Utah lawmaker has proposed a statewide law prohibiting discrimination because of a person's sexual orientation, gender identity or political views.

Eyewitness a no-show in city beating cases
The cases against two people accused of beating up a transgender woman last year appear in danger of falling apart.

Video: Primer candidato transexual compitiendo a diputación en Distrito Federal
El Partido de la Revolución Democrática (PRD), el cual gobierna actualmente la Ciudad de México, ha impulsado la candidatura de Diana Sánchez Barrios, quien busca un curul en la Asamblea Legislativa del Distrito Federal (ALDF).
Diana Sánchez Barrios, primer transexual en buscar una curul en la ALDF

Exigen respeto a población transgénero y con VIH
Ana Karen López Quintana, presidenta de la Organización Tamaulipas Diversidad Vida Trans, señaló que muchas de estos individuos ejercen el trabajo sexual, por lo que se ven violentados sus derechos como personas.

Jenni Rivera invita a un travesti a cantar con ella en la Feria de León
Ante el público de León, la mayoría mujeres, la cantante Jenni Rivera le puso energía y sabor a la noche, al interpretar por más de tres horas éxitos como 'Inolvidable', 'De Contrabando' y 'Se las Voy a dar a Otro'.

"Novia en rojo", o la tragedia de la transexualidad
Edgar Moreno Uribe incursionó en la escritura teatral en 2009. Su ópera prima, Novia en rojo, se estrenó ese año en Argentina. Ahora, tras dos funciones en el pasado Festival de Teatro de Caracas, la obra llegó a la Sala 2 del Celarg.