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domingo, janeiro 29, 2012

No âmbito da Plataforma Anti-Transfobia e Homofobia, Saúde em Português irá organizar uma Tertúlia-Debate “Despatologização da transexualidade", no próximo dia 30 de Janeiro de 2012, pelas 19h00m, na Livraria Almedina- Estádio.

Esta tertúlia tem os seguintes objectivos:
- Sensibilizar a comunidade em geral para a questão da despatologização da transexualidade;
- Sensibilizar para o direito à expressão plena das identidades individuais, sem receio de qualquer tipo de censura ou repressão social;
- Promover a partilha de conhecimentos e debate sobre sexualidades, identidades e liberdades individuais.

Estarão presentes:
- Bruno Maia, Médico
- Nuno Miguel Ropio, Jornalista-
Ema Sofia Alves, Enfermeira-
Hernâni Caniço,Médico e Presidente da Saúde em Português

Sei que a Ema é trans, mas um debate sobre a despatologização com dois médicos e uma enfermeira, quando já se provou que os médicos andam a apanhar bonés nestes assuntos, e mesmo que sejam apoiantes, parece-me descabido e incongruente.

184 MEPs support gay rights manifesto
184 MEPs, including the President of the European Parliament came together this week to sign a pledge in support of LGBT rights, following a two-day long awareness event.

Planos de saúde e SUS farão troca de silicone para travestis e transexuais
O Ministério da Saúde anunciou nesta sexta-feira que tanto a rede pública quanto os planos de saúde farão a retirada e substituição de próteses das marcas PIP ( francesa) e Rofil (holandesa) que estiverem rompidas. Os planos não eram obrigados a substituir as próteses defeituosas quando o implante havia sido motivado por razões estéticas, mas por determinação do governo também o farão.

Delegacias incluem nome social de travestis e transexuais em ocorrências
A chefe de Polícia Civil, delegada Martha Rocha, vai anunciar, na próxima segunda-feira, a inclusão do nome social de travestis e transexuais nos registros de ocorrência das delegacias. A ação, que integra conjunto de medidas do Programa Estadual Rio Sem Homofobia, proporcionará a composição de dados oficiais sobre homicídios e outros crimes praticados contra travestis e transexuais – população que mais sofre com a discriminação.

Transexualidade e Travestilidade - Um olhar de respeito para a Diversidade Sexual
Na próxima segunda-feira, 30 de janeiro, às 17h30min, a Coordenação de Políticas para a Diversidade Sexual do Estado de São Paulo, vinculada à Secretaria da Justiça e da Defesa da Cidadania e a Companhia do Metropolitano de São Paulo – Metrô, vinculada à Secretaria dos Transportes Metropolitanos convidam para o “DIA DA VISIBILIDADE DE TRAVESTIS E TRANSEXUAIS – UM OLHAR DE RESPEITO PARA A DIVERSIDADE SEXUAL”, comemorado anualmente em 29 de janeiro. O encontro acontecerá na área livre do acesso sul da Estação Sé do Metrô de São Paulo - Centro (na entrada próxima a Catedral).
Confira programação completo do dia da visibilidade Trans

«Dolly es una gran dama de la escena»
El actor ibicenco Juanfra Becerra triunfa en los escenarios madrileños desde 1996 con una ´drag queen´ inspirada en Dolly Parton - Su personaje más popular, la ´drag´ Dolly, se pasea por el cine y los escenarios madrileños

[UK] [Commentary]
Why I let my son dress like a girl for five years...and why for his sake I put a stop to it
As a toddler, my son Henry used to sleep in a nightie, after I gave up on trying to wrestle him into pyjamas. Later, he took to calling himself Stephanie, Jean, Olive or, most frequently, Miss Argentina.

CNIC woes: For transgenders, their guru is their guardian
For the transgender community in Peshawar, a government form that asks them to identify themselves as part of a family that shirked them is unacceptable.

Eunuch enlivens Ayodhya poll campaign
The land of Lord Rama has always been in the news for minority issues. But the election campaign here has been given new momentum by a minority of a different kind.

GID patient's bid to be deemed legal dad nixed
The government will not allow a 2-year-old boy to be registered as the legitimate son of a gender identity disorder patient whose legally registered sex was changed to male and whose wife gave birth to the child via artificial insemination from her brother-in-law, Justice Minister Toshio Ogawa said Friday.

[Philippines] [Commentary]
Transgender or transsexual?
I was flicking through the TV channels when I caught sight of this pretty little eight-year-old American girl. Her hair was long. She had bangs and she was saying, “I will be the person I want to be.” She looked really charming but for one problem — she really was a little boy. And what she was essentially saying was, if I feel like a girl and I look like a girl then I will fully become one inside and out. Outside, she can become a little girl by having surgery cut off what defines her as a boy, and inside, well, she is naturally a little girl already so there is little inside work required

Community’s views sought
The federal Department of Human Services (DHS) is asking for recommendations and personal stories to help improve service delivery to LGBTI individuals and the community as a whole.

Changes to Trans Health Program spark concern
Members of Vancouver’s trans community are alarmed by what one person describes as “the ongoing failure of Vancouver Coastal Health to provide adequate care to the gender diverse community of BC.”

The Anger Over ‘Tranny,’ From Neil Patrick Harris to RuPaul to Dan Savage
Gay columnist Dan Savage was 'glitterbombed' for his perceived slights against trans people. Tricia Romano talks to him, and examines the linguistic war trans activists are waging.

White House to host LGBT conferences across the country
The White House announced on Friday it plans to host a series of LGBT conferences throughout the country in early 2012 so the public can “hear directly” from the administration on efforts “to ensure health, well-being, security, justice, and equality for LGBT Americans.”

[USA] [Commentary]
Tennessee Redneck Promises to “Stomp a Mudhole” Into Transgender Women Using Public Restrooms
Tennessee, for a second we were worried that you were losing steam in the America’s Stupidest State contest, what with the legislator in Oklahoma introducing a bill to ban the use of aborted fetuses in food the other day. We were worried how you would respond to this upping of the stupid ante, but you have delivered. We knew you would. Of course, yesterday, Tennessee wingnut senator Stacey Campfield asserted that AIDS came from this one time when a gay pilot had sexytime with a monkey in Africa, and that you can’t get AIDS from heterosexual sex, and all kinds of other bat crazy nonsense.

Effort to Kill Calif. LGBT Education Act Ramps Up
An effort to kill the California law that mandates the teaching of historical contributions by LGBT people moves closer to qualifying for the ballot as opponents now have until June to collect half a million signatures.

Feathers Ruffled at Greater DC Girl Scout Council
The Girl Scout Council of the National’s Capitol is handing out a statement to people who are inquiring about the charges I and others have made about the far-Left agenda at Girl Scouts HQ. Let’s take a look:

Trans Coalition, GLAA oppose ‘prostitution free zones’ bill
The D.C. Trans Coalition and the Gay and Lesbian Activists Alliance are calling on the D.C. City Council to defeat a bill calling for giving the city’s police chief authority to establish permanent “prostitution free zones.”

Trans woman to sue prison for hair treatments
Plaintiff to take legal action against prison officials who failed to provide her with medically required hair removal
US trans prisoner sues over hair treatments

NAACP Head at LGBT Conference Talks Marriage, Trans Brother
At the 24th National Conference on LGBT Equality Thursday in Baltimore, NAACP president Benjamin Jealous delivered the keynote address, pledging support for marriage equality, antibullying efforts, and discrimination protections for transgender people.

In Maryland, lies will not stop passage of laws to protect transgender people
All of us who have worked long and hard for equality under the law for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people know how strangely eager some people are to twist and distort the truth about us and our lives. Their ultimate goal? To dissuade public officials from passing laws to end discrimination. I won’t even dignify the ugliest things they like say by repeating them, but you know what I am talking about. Our opponents also make sweeping claims about what terrible things will happen if laws are changed to protect us from the bias and discrimination of others. Often their assertions are rhetorical, but sometimes they are so direct they can be squarely disproved.
Baltimore County debates bias bill

Matt Shepard's dad disturbed by Tenn. bills
The father of slain gay college student Matthew Shepard said Jan. 25 he is disturbed by legislation in Tennessee that would ban public schools from teaching about gay issues.

Panel discusses state discrimination bill
Sen. Ben McAdams hosted a panel discussion Thursday at the Utah State Capitol to discuss his proposed law, which seeks to add gender identity and sexual orientation to Utah’s existing list of prohibited discrimination characteristics. The bill has received a wellspring of support from Utah’s business community, including the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce.
Big Web Companies Back Antidiscrimination Bill in Utah