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sexta-feira, janeiro 20, 2012

The 4th European Transgender Council will be held in Dublin, 7-9 September 2012 at Dublin City University.

Travesti e rapaz formam casal em campanha do governo
Os evangélicos pediram ao Ministério da Saúde uma campanha contra o sexo no carnaval. Se o órgão vai atender, ainda não se sabe, mas o é que certo nessa história é um passo ousado a favor de LGBT.

Visibilidade transgênero no Brasil
Em 29 de janeiro é comemorado em todo o Brasil o Dia da Visibilidade de Travestis e Transexuais, reconhecido por organizações sociais e representações do governo federal, como o Ministério da Saúde — que em 2004 lançou a campanha nacional Travesti e Respeito, a fim de promover o respeito à sua condição.

Travesti é assassinado na avenida Tiradentes
Um travesti que aparenta ter cerca de 30 anos foi assassinado a tiros no final da noite de terça-feira (17) em Londrina. O crime aconteceu no cruzamento da avenida Tiradentes com a rua João Sampaio, no Jardim Bancários, região oeste da cidade.
Travesti é assassinado na Avenida Tiradentes, zona oeste de Londrina

Sex was not forced, man tells rape trial
The woman at the centre of a rape trial went voluntarily to a transvestite’s home wearing only a coat over her underwear after seeing the cross-dresser in a fight, a court heard yesterday.

Viol sur viol à Lariboisière
Nous sommes à l’hôpital Lariboisière, dans la nuit du 9 au 10 janvier. Floriane [1] vient d’arriver aux urgences. Elle a le visage tuméfié, la bouche qui saigne. Elle vient de subir un grave traumatisme : agression, séquestration, viol collectif en réunion et sans préservatif qui s’est conclu par des violences physiques, pertes de connaissance etc. Elle a cru mourir, puis elle a prit sur soi pour se trainer à l’hôpital. Elle voudrait des soins d’urgence, des tests de dépistage et des radios à la tête : elle craint une fracture.

Sterilization tarnishes Sweden's human rights record
Sweden's Parliament is planning on retaining the country's legal sterilization of transgender individuals who undergo gender reassignment surgery while at the same time the courts are pontificating upon a case about the sterilization clause.
The news was leaked from an unknown source January 12 and spread like a wildfire around the globe, angering Swedish and international LGBT and human rights activists.

[Czech Republic]
Czech police arrest post-op Slovak transsexual posing as gynecologist
Czech police have arrested a “fake gynecologist” alleged to have operated an illegal practice in Bechyně, a town situated in the picturesque countryside of South Bohemia overlooking the river Lužnice.

Moscú prohíbe una manifestación a favor de la homosexualidad
El Ayuntamiento de Moscú ha rechazado una petición de activistas de la comunidad gay de la ciudad para manifestarse en la localidad bajo el lema '¡Buenas noches, pequeños!' en el aniversario de la decisión del Tribunal Constitucional de respaldar una ley que prohíbe la "propaganda homosexual" hacia los niños, según ha informado el portal ''.

Transgender activist Jamie Lee Hamilton questions censure of NPA school trustee Ken Denike
Transgender activist Jamie Lee Hamilton says that the Vancouver board of education went “a bit too far” in censuring school trustee Ken Denike for his videotaped comments concerning the district’s antihomophobia policy.

Panel to make decision on where to put Transgender criminal
A gender identity committee will convene to decide the fate a transgender woman with an extensive criminal history after being sentenced to four years in prison Tuesday in Skokie.
Special panel to decide where to house transgender convict

Ind. license plate causes controversy over group it supports
A new specialty license plate in the state of Indiana is generating some buzz.

IMPD, Greenwood police team for prostitution sting
With heightened focus on sex crimes and human trafficking in the run-up to the Super Bowl in Indianapolis next month, two police departments teamed Tuesday in an undercover sting targeting transsexual prostitution services advertised on a widely used website.
Police: Transsexual arrested for soliciting sex on website

RPS includes transgender students
Ethan Jackson is a 19-year-old freshman and a direct admit to the Kelley School of Business. He is from Bluffton, a small town in northern Indiana, where he has lived his whole life.
Ethan Jackson is also a transgender male, a distinction that the University attempts to honor through its housing assignments.

Citizens speak on both sides of Baltimore County Transgender Bill
Bill 3-12, “Human Relations”, was introduced Tuesday evening at the Baltimore County Council meeting, in front of a full chamber of citizens from both sides of the argument. After adjournment, the meeting was open to public comment.
Maryland Anti-LGBT Groups Object To Transgender Protections As ‘Dangerous’
Maryland catering to cross-dressers
Maryland County Proposes Bathroom Bill
Montgomery Co. police: Transgender bill has not led to bathroom rapes

Cities could lose inclusive ordinances if HB5039 passes
Over twenty Michigan cities, including Ferndale, Ann Arbor, Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Lansing and Detroit, could be stripped of their local human rights ordinances if Michigan House Bill 5039 passes.
What's at stake: Michigan ordinances in jeopardy

City's First Transgender Council Candidate Raises $64K For UWS Run
The two City Council hopefuls vying for longtime Councilwoman Gale Brewer's Upper West Side seat — including the candidate aiming to be the city's first transgender elected official — have each raised more than $60,000 in donations a full year-and-a-half before the election.

S.C. to offer LGBT specialty plate
SC Equality, a statewide LGBT education and advocacy group, announced on Wednesday that state motor vehicle officials would begin offering a specialty plate themed with SC Equality’s name and logo.

State Rep. Floyd guilty of “hate speech,” transgender advocate says
State Rep. Richard Floyd, R-Chattanooga, took heat from transgender advocates today for reportedly saying he would “stomp a mudhole” into a transgender person who tried to use a women’s dressing room.
Bill to penalize transgendered causes online stir
Transgender Law Center Condemns Threat of Violence from TN Lawmaker

Cuba To Consider Civil Unions For Gay Couples, Mariela Castro Says
Excerpt: She added that she is hopeful that the Communist Party will adopt a policy that bars discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity at its January 28 national conference.

Trans woman dies in police custody in Cuba
Florida-based news website Cubanet is reporting that a young transgender woman has been beaten to death in police custody in Cuba.

Embajada estadounidense dona equipo para investigar “crímenes de odio”
La Embajada de los Estados Unidos en Honduras donó varias computadoras con alta tecnología para fortalecer los trabajos de investigación de la Unidad de Diversidad Sexual, dependiente de la Dirección Nacional de Investigación (DNIC).

Transgenerista asume como nueva directora de gestión de la Secretaría de Integración Social
La nueva directora de gestión corporativa en la Secretaría de Integración Social es transgenerista. Tatiana Piñeros Laverde se encargará del manejo de 750 millones, y es una de las tres cuotas en el Gobierno Local por parte de la comunidad LGBT.
Por primera vez en Bogotá un transgenerista ocupa un cargo público en el Distrito

Apuñalan a travesti por embriagarse
Un travesti con síntomas de ebriedad y sangrando fue encontrado entre las céntricas calles Modesto Molina y Julio Rospigliosi por transeúntes que pensando que se trataba de una mujer se conmovieron con la escena, a la 1 p.m. de ayer.