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quinta-feira, janeiro 19, 2012

Marcha da Luta Contra a Homofobia e Transfobia (Coimbra)

Festa Fora do Armário
21 de Janeiro 23h30 Pop Fresh

Dj set A&G

Performance Drag Queen
Ayaly Fox & Maya Papillons!

Ministério da Saúde usa travesti em campanha do Carnaval
O Ministério da Saúde vai usar em sua campanha oficial de Carnaval neste ano travestis para chamar a atenção da população para o uso da camisinha durante a folia de Momo. A primeira peça a ser divulgada será no dia 3 de fevereiro e aproveita a proximidade com o Dia Nacional de Visibilidade Trans, lembrado no dia 29 de janeiro.

Federação Amapaense divulga nota contra morte de mas um gay no Estado
Mas um homossexual é morto, nesta terça-feira (17) de janeiro de 2012 no município de Macapá, Fernando Borge da Silva de 48 anos Conhecido como Fernanda Terremoto, asssassinado com 15 facadas. Repúdio ao ato de homofobia ocorrido neste município.

Documentário brasileiro sobre transexual cearense, "Olhe Para Mim De Novo" será exibido no Festival de Berlim
O documentário brasileiro "Olhe para mim de novo", de Kiko Goifman e Claudia Priscilla, foi incluído na sessão paralela oficial do 62º Festival de Berlim, segundo anunciou hoje a assessoria de imprensa do evento, que acontece entre 8 e 19 de fevereiro.

[Brasil/África do Sul]
Linha aérea oferece vaga de emprego para travestis ou transexuais em São Paulo
A Coordenadoria de Assuntos de Diversidade Sexual - Cads e a South African Airways, linha aérea de bandeira da África do Sul, estabelecem parceria para divulgar uma oferta de emprego no departamento financeiro da empresa em São Paulo. A vaga será, preferencialmente, destinada para transexuais e travestis, visando a inclusão da população LGBT no mercado de trabalho.

El transexual denunciado por la abuela de sus hijas alega que esta rechazó el régimen de visitas
El demandado recuerda que su cambio de sexo «nada tiene que ver» con el proceso
Expertos proponen que las niñas vean a la abuela dos horas al mes

UK Transgender Teen Enters Miss England Pageant
Jackie Green, 18, recently told the UK press that she is in the process of entering Miss England -- an annual beauty pageant for females between 17 and 24 years old. Green, who used to go by Jack, is the UK’s youngest transgender person after receiving a sex change in Thailand when she was just 16, the Sun reported in a Jan. 14 article.

172 gender reassignment procedures took place in 2010
New figures from the Department of Health show a rise in the number of sexual transformation procedures.

El Gobierno holandés dejará de financiar las “terapias” reparadoras de la homosexualidad
La ministra de Sanidad holandesa, Edith Schippers, ha anunciado este martes que su Gobierno dejará de financiar indirectamente las peligrosas “terapias” pretendidamente reparadoras de la homosexualidad. La decisión se ha producido al conocerse que una organización cristiana realiza dichas prácticas de forma retribuida por los seguros médicos financiados por el Estado.
Holanda investiga a un grupo cristiano que ofrece curar la homosexualidad

Anger as Sweden continues to force sterilisation of trans people
Members of the Swedish government have announced they will not change the current law requesting transgender people to undergo sterilisation.
A majority of the Swedish Parliament is for an abolishment of the law but a small conservative party is putting a halt to the change.
Sweden keeps sterilisation rule for trans recognition

Swedish surgeons 'deny' transsexual breast op
A Swedish transsexual has reported three plastic surgery clinics to Sweden's Equality Ombudsman (Diskrimineringsombudsmannen – DO) after repeatedly being turned down for breast implant surgery.
”The whole thing was both offensive and discriminating. I felt very sad,” the woman wrote in her complaint, according to local paper Skånska Dagbladet.
The woman has been receiving hormone treatments for three years and has undergone a sex change operation from man to woman, at her own expense, abroad.

Trans man Yuval Topper gives birth
Israeli transgender man Topper gives birth to healthy baby boy in Greater Tel Aviv

Turkish high court rules newspaper to pay for using a trans-slur and calling gay people “sexual perverts”.
Three recent pro-transgender developments inside Turkey has some trans people hoping for more acceptance into Turkish society. Although Turkey is a long way from being a haven for trans and GLB people, it does appear they’re on the right track.

Transgender gives sleepless nights to Ayodhya leaders
A transgender, claiming to be a true disciple of Lord Rama, is giving sleepless nights to other candidates in the temple town of Ayodhya. While it's difficult to say how many votes Gulshan alias Bindu would be able to garner in the coming elections, 'she' has undoubtedly made the poll scene in the constituency exciting.

Backlash against mocking of Chinese crossdresser
The mocking of a crossdresser on local TV and on a microblog prompts a flurry of online criticism

Pattaya “Ladyboy” Pageant contestant Throws A Tantrum She Lost His Crown
It is now scandalous in cyber world and also in transgender circles because of a video clip of arguing trannies at a pageant contest .
The video clip titled “ Miss Tiffany 2011(The 1st runner up) throws a tantrum” It was posted by somsaimalaiporn on 12thJanuary 2011.The written message below the video clip said “Runner ups, Nut & Ners from a famous agency throw a tantrum” The video clip showed two transgenders together, hotly arguing with another in front of the audience.

Flying the flag for ladyboys: Thai airline takes on transgender flight attendants
Boss of PC Air hires transgender cabin crew and says he wants Thailand to give more rights to 'members of the third sex'

Dude deux debut
Dude, the magazine for transguys, is about to release its second issue.

LGBT sites join Reddit, Wikipedia in protest of SOPA
The threat of passage of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) has led sites across the internet — including some LGBT — to go dark today in protest of the legislation backed by the Recording Industry Association of America and the Motion Picture Association of America, as well as dozens of companies from Wal-Mart to CBS.

HHS Releases Report on Accomplishments on LGBT Issues
This week, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) issued a report of its work under Secretary Sebelius’s leadership to improve the health and well-being of LGBT Americans.

ABC drops cross-dressing sitcom
US television network ABC has announced the cancellation of cross-dressing comedy Work It after only two episodes.

‘Gender Identity Committee’ to decide where transgendered inmate to be jailed after incidents in Skokie and Deerfield
A “Gender Identity Committee” will decide where a transgender woman with an extensive criminal record will be housed after she was sentenced this week to four years in prison on felony retail theft, battery and violation of probation charges, authorities said.

Plate's proceeds to help youth group
Indiana Youth Group showcases its new rainbow logo on the organization's inaugural Indiana specialty license plate, now available for purchase to help serve lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender young people in the state.
Indiana gay youth group first in nation to get specialty auto license plates

Baltimore County bill would protect transgender people in the workplace, housing, and public places
There's a fight in Baltimore County over a bill that would stop discrimination against transgender people but some opponents worry women could end up the victims if the bill passes.
Balto. Co. Council hears testimony on transgender bill
Gender Identity Anti-Discrimination Act Sparks Controversy in Maryland

Until Love is Equal seeks to restart Holland anti-discrimination talks
A Holland councilman does not plan to change his stance against expanding the city’s anti-discrimination ordinance to include sexual orientation and gender identity despite receiving a letter from a group urging he change his mind.

Madden discusses new gender health services
Jennifer Madden, a family practitioner interested in medical care and hormone therapy for transgender individuals, discussed the history of transgender health care and research and current practices for primary practitioners providing care for transgendered patients in a lecture to Dartmouth Medical School students and other members of the Dartmouth community in Chilcott Auditorium, on Tuesday.

Santorum Neutral On Transgender Girl Scouts
Rick Santorum avoided weighing in on the controversy over a transgender Girl Scout at a press conference today aboard the USS Yorktown.

Tenn. bathroom bill sponsor: ‘I would stomp a mudhole’ in a trans person
Tennessee state Rep. Richard Floyd (R) used violent and graphic language to discuss his views on trans people using dressing rooms that match their gender identity, according to ThinkProgress.

Encuentran cuerpo de travesti en Monterrey
De acuerdo con el reporte policial, el cuerpo fue encontrado tendido boca abajo y se trata de una persona del sexo masculino de alrededor de 25 años, el cual presentaba huellas de tortura pues antes de ser baleado fue golpeado.

Racismo, transfobia e homofobia
Pela mesma altura em que saíam as notícias sobre Mariela Castro e a sua expectativa de que o Partido venha a aceitar uma legislação contra a discriminação pela orientação sexual e identidade de género, soube-se de mais um caso nada abonatório para Cuba.

Transexual asumió cargo en la Secretaría de Integración Social
Una mujer transexual, con manos perfectamente arregladas, de maquillaje sobrio y traje ejecutivo, que un día decidió llamarse Tatiana, asumió este año el cargo de directora de gestión corporativa en la Secretaría de Integración Social, un logro poco común en una sociedad que aún discrimina.

Mary Robles, primera ciudadana de Salta en obtener su DNI con cambio de sexo
El Registro Civil de la Provincia de Salta, con la presencia del Ministro de Gobierno, hizo entrega ayer de su nuevo DNI a la señora Mary Robles, a quien una jueza de Salta había reconocido su derecho a la "identidad de género", ordenando rectificar en nombre y el sexo que figuraban en su partida de nacimiento original.

El municipio designó a la primera funcionaria transexual de la Patagonia
La subsecretaría de Derechos Humanos de la Municipalidad de Neuquén designó como directora de Diversidad Sexual a Victoria Arriagada.
La flamante funcionaria tiene una amplia trayectoria en la lucha por los derechos de las personas que forman parte del colectivo LGBT (Lesbianas, Gays, Bisexuales y Transgéneros).