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sábado, janeiro 14, 2012

Planos de saúde e SUS farão troca de silicone para travestis e transexuais
O Ministério da Saúde anunciou nesta sexta-feira que tanto a rede pública quanto os planos de saúde farão a retirada e substituição de próteses das marcas PIP ( francesa) e Rofil (holandesa) que estiverem rompidas. Os planos não eram obrigados a substituir as próteses defeituosas quando o implante havia sido motivado por razões estéticas, mas por determinação do governo também o farão.

Transexuales de Andalucía piden la destitución de Coordinadora Unidad de Genero Carlos Haya
También, a su vez, han creado un Actuable para recabar firmas en la línea de esta petición: ” Cese de la coordinadora de la UTIG de Málaga por tratarnos de enfermxs mentales”

Sterilization law stays on Swedish books
An attempt to overturn laws requiring compulsory sterilization for people undergoing gender reassignment surgery has been blocked in Sweden's parliament.

Eunuch’s CNICs: Committees to be formed in Sargodha district to step up registration
Sargodha division administration has started registration of eunuchs for issuance of computerised national identity cards and inclusion of their names in electoral rolls.

Police crack Vatva murder case, arrest two
Greed for money led two youths to kill a transgendered individual in Vatva on December 21, 2011. Police officials arrested the duo on Thursday.

Eunuchs fight it out in Vastrapur
In a battle for control of western Ahmedabad, more than 10 eunuchs led by their leader, Nitu De of Delhi Chakla area, attacked another group near Vastrapur lake on Thursday afternoon. The second group works for another eunuch gang led by Bhavna De.
Eunuch gangs clash, 2 hurt

This eunuch in Uttarakhand is making political parties see blue
This eunuch gave jitters not only to the Congress and the BJP when she contested for the post of mayor of the Dehradun Municipal Corporation in 2008, but a majority of Doonites went red at the very thought of having a eunuch for a mayor.

Transgender flight attendants take to the skies
Four transgender airline in-flight staff have taken part in new Thai carrier PC Air’s first flight from Bangkok to Surat Thani.

[New Zealand/Australia]
Trust tribute to Carmen
A charitable trust has been set up to commemorate transgender icon Carmen Rupe, and the community on both sides of the Tasman, has been called to get involved.
Details of AKL memorial for Carmen unveiled

QLD Transgender Services At Risk
Under resourced transgender medical services across Queensland are buckling under the pressure of high demand and with no funding are at risk of having to shut their doors according to Gina Mather, President of the Australian Transgender Support Association of Queensland (ATSAC).

‘Worldwide’ LGBT marches planned in April
A Facebook group of LGBT rights advocates that claims to have 20,000 members is organizing a series of simultaneous LGBT civil rights marches in the U.S. and abroad that are scheduled to take place April 21.

U.S. Supreme Court: Religious groups exempt from employment discrimination laws
The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday, Jan. 11, issued a ruling exempting religious groups from nondiscrimination in hiring laws when it comes to ministers and those who teach religious subjects, according to this report in The New York Times.

Girl Scout Disgruntled Over Trans Inclusion Urges Cookie Boycott
A 14 year old Ventura County, CA girl scout recently uploaded a video to YouTube asking for the public to boycott this year’s Girl Scout cookie drive because the group is admitting transgendered boys into their troops nationwide, according to WND.
Transgender former Girl Scout makes plea to buy more cookies
Girl Scout's Cookie Boycott: Buck Angel, Transgender Former Scout, Rebukes Taylor's YouTube Plea

[Commentary] Christian Right Panics Over Transgendered Girl Scouts
[Commentary] Girl Scout Video: What Were Her Parents Thinking?
[Commentary] Don’t Fuck With My Thin Mints, You Evil, Transgender-Averse Girl Scout

Roller derby girls organize against trans policy
The Philly Roller Girls are leading a fight against a gender policy put in place at its parent organization that they say places undue burden and expectations on transgender and intersex players.

California: Bill for Transgender Student-Athletes Pulled
A bill aimed at making school sports teams more welcoming for transgender student-athletes was withdrawn from the California legislature before it had the chance to be considered by state lawmakers.

[DC, USA] [Events]
Why Black Gay and Transgender Americans Need More than Marriage Equality
Black lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender, or LGBT, Americans continue to experience stark social, economic, and health disparities despite significant gains in securing basic rights for LGBT people over the last decade. According to recent data families headed by black same-sex couples are more likely to raise their children in poverty, black lesbians are more likely to suffer from chronic diseases, and black LGBT youth are more likely to end up homeless and living on the streets.

Transgender Bill and a Debate from General Assemblies Past
Bill Vanko, co-anchor of Maryland's Morning News on WBAL 1090 AM, and I talked about the expected introduction of a transgender anti-discrimination bill in the Baltimore County Council.

LICF hosts Transgender Rights Advocacy Meeting
Long Island Community Fellowship will host a Transgender Rights Advocacy Meeting at 7:00pm in our Fellowship Room. Long Island Community Fellowship is commited towards working to ensure all people are treated with respect regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity or any other classification.

Woman claims she was fired after wearing prosthetic penis to work while pondering sex change
A northeastern Pennsylvania woman claims she was fired from her job for wearing a prosthetic penis to work while contemplating gender reassignment.
Pauline Davis filed a federal civil rights lawsuit Wednesday against J&J Snack Foods Corp. over her termination from the company's plant in Moosic, near Scranton.

Transgender widow expected to plead guilty to felony theft charge
The transgender widow of a fallen Wharton firefighter is expected to spend some time behind bars.
Transgender widow pleads guilty to theft

Tennessee Legislature Introduces Transphobic ‘Bathroom Bill’
If it weren’t discouraging enough that the Tennessee legislature will consider a “license to bully” bill and reconsider the “don’t say gay” bill, the new session has opened with the introduction of a blatantly transphobic bathroom bill. Sponsored by Sen. Bo Watson, the bill (SB 2282) would institute a $50 fine for anybody who does not use the public restroom or dressing room that matches the sex identification on his or her birth certificate:
[Commentary] Odious New Anti-Transgender Bill Introduced in Tennessee General Assembly
Tennessee Republicans Try to Kick Transgender People Out of Public Restrooms
Chattanooga lawmaker threatens to 'stomp' transgender people
Legislature Proposing Bathroom Ban
Watson withdraws Senate version of bill affecting transgender use of restrooms, dressing rooms
Watson Withdraws Support For Transgender Bathroom Bill
Proposed State Bathroom Bill Would Limit Transgender Options
Bill affecting transgender use of restrooms and dressing rooms loses Senate sponsor

[Letters to the Editor] Thanks, Senator Watson, For Backing Off Transgender Bill
[Commentary] Tennessee Part of America?
[Commentary] Rep. Richard Floyd, Tennessee Legislator Promises To "Stomp A Mudhole" In Me

Víctor Trujillo será travesti en "Tercera Llamada". Con René Franco
El actor y conductor, Víctor Trujillo, indicó que le dará vida a un hombre de negocios, pero también a un travesti en la película cómica "Tercera Llamada" que corre bajo la dirección de Francisco Franco.

Por 8 votos contra 2 Tribunal Constitucional rechaza requerimiento UDI contra Ley Antidiscriminación
Por falta de documentos, por carecer de una argumentación jurídica coherente y clara y por presentar ideas contradictorias, el TC rechazó acoger a tramitación el requerimiento. El Movilh calificó de “excelente la noticia y como una contundente y humillante derrota de quienes se oponen a la igualdad”. Añadió que si los parlamentarios insisten en presentar su requerimiento “ya tenemos listo un escrito firmado por 52 congresistas que se oponen al mismo”.

Lanús incorpora una perspectiva de diversidad en la salud
La Agrupación Jóvenes por la Diversidad, el Ministerio de Salud de la Nación y el Municipio de Lanús lanzaron un Servicio de Salud inclusivo para personas lesbianas, gays, bisexuales y travestis. En ese sector del conurbano bonaerense, hace muy pocos años los chicos y chicas de la agrupación contaban que rondar las callecitas bonaerenses no era “gay friendly” como caminar o comprar por Palermo Soho. Y fue en ese municipio donde se creó, por primera vez, un Area de Diversidad Sexual y se aprobaron ordenanzas a favor del colectivo trans.

Doble vida, doble muerte
Era policía y también era Drag Queen en San Juan.El 12 de diciembre lo mataron, su crimen está impune y la prensa insiste en relacionar la muerte con sus gustos, su “doble vida”