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sábado, janeiro 07, 2012

Personagem trans da minissérie O Brado Retumbante, da Globo, será de ator homem (não mais de Lea T)
A Globo apresentou o ator que fará o papel da transexual Julie, persoangem importante da minissérie "O Brando Retumbante", que estreia dia 17 de janeiro. É Murilo Armacollo, que será filha do presidente da Repúbliuca. Originalmente, o papel caberia à transexual Lea T, mas as negociações da emissora com a modelo não prosperaram.

Prefeitura do Rio abre vagas para cursos profissionalizantes direcionados a transgêneros
Estão abertas as inscrições para as interessadas em participar do projeto DAMAS, uma ação da Coordenadoria Especial da Diversidade Sexual junto com a Secretaria Municipal de Assistência Social, da Prefeitura do Rio.

Beth's a picture of happiness after misery of living as a man
A transgender woman who spent decades living unhappily as a man is hoping that her role in an exhibition will inspire others.
Beth Seymour has been photographed for the Living My Life exhibition, which arrives in Derby on Monday.

Bulgarian Culture Minister Bashes Gay Community
Bulgaria's Culture Minister Vezhdi Rashidov has controversially slammed the gay community in an interview for a local magazine.
"I find the gays to be the most unpleasant community, since they combine the worst qualities of women and the most despicable qualities of men," Rashidov has told Biograph.
Rashidov's revelation came after he was asked whether he behaves in an authoritative manner towards women.
"I am not a domineering person, but I have a strong personality. I love it when women have a womanly nature...I can't stand it when a woman looks like a transvestite," the Culture Minister also said.

Banned on TV But Loved Online
In September, Chinese dancer Jin Xing (金星) posted on her Weibo account that she has been banned from judging a television program because of her transsexual identity.
Despite her professional skills, many people think transsexuals should not appear in the media, since they pose a moral threat among adolescents. In Jin’s opinion, this is pure prejudice caused by a lack of understanding and awareness. Her post drew wide support.

Fighting against the stigma of transgenders in Pakistan
FOR thousands of years, Pakistan’s transgender community have suffered prejudice and persecution.
There are more than 80,000 transgenders across the country, and until recently, this group of people have been prevented from getting legitimate work or voting as they had not been recognised by the authorities and were denied identity cards.

Thai airline gets third gender trolley dollies
A Thai airline has taken on ‘third gender’ trolley dollies after receiving over a hundred applications from transgender people.

[Australia/New Zealand]
Actor slams “dragphobic” complaints to tampon advert
The drag queen who featured in a recently-pulled “transphobic” tampon advert has hit back at critics.

Sudbury shelter subject of human rights complaint
A transgender woman has filed a human-rights complaint against a Sudbury women's shelter.
Jessica Larabee — who is transitioning to female from male — claims the YWCA asked her personal sexual questions and then turned her away.

[Canada] [Health/Books]
Health guide targets transgender people of colour
Freeing Ourselves provides a wealth of information that transcends trans-anything

Anti-gay activist, Weekly Standard warn of ‘radical homosexuals’ indoctrinating children
Subscribers to the conservative Weekly Standard on Thursday received an anti-gay fundraising email warning that “radical homosexuals” were pushing the Student Non-Discrimination Act(SNDA) as part of an attempt to “indoctrinate” children while creating a “new America based on sexual promiscuity.”
Weekly Standard Says Its Vetting Process “broke down”

Acclaimed Film Director Investigated For Allegedly Groping Transgender Niece
Oscar-nominated film director David O. Russell is being investigated by police in Florida for allegedly groping the breasts of a 19-year-old woman described as his niece though they are not blood-related, reports TMZ.
David O. Russell Fingered in Quasi-Incestuous, Transsexual Groping Claim

[USA] [Commentary]
CeCe McDonald Jailed for Alleged Violations of Conditional Release
According to a press release from today, Minnesota trans woman CeCe McDonald has been jailed relating to alleged violations of her conditional release.
McDonald was the victim of a racist and transphobic attack in June of 2011, during which one of her attackers was killed. McDonald alone was charged in the incident and remained in jail for several months without adequate medical attention to wounds sustained during the attack until supporters were eventually able to bail her out in October.

Maryland to take up marriage, trans bills
Bills calling for legalizing same-sex marriage and banning discrimination against transgender persons are among the hot-button issues set to emerge next week when the Maryland State Legislature begins its 2012 session.

[MO, USA] [Commentary]
Media Should Show More Respect in Reporting About Killing
Dee Dee (born Darnell) Pearson was shot multiple times and died on Christmas Eve near 43rd and Troost. Kenyan Jones, an alleged john, was arrested and charged in the killing. Because of the use (or abuse) of pronouns in this sad event, the slaying has received attention from The Advocate and GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation).

[MT, USA] [Books]
Helena woman writes book about transgender transition
Roberta Zenker of Helena woman is expressing her true self in a brand new book, and says her story is a personal tale of transformation.

NYPD Daily Blotter (1/6/2012)
A transgender prostitute was sexually attacked by a john at the busy Third Avenue Bridge in East Harlem, the victim told police.
The 27-year-old hooker told cops she rebuffed the unidentified, middle-aged man at about 11:50 p.m. on New Year’s Eve near the bridge, which connects upper Manhattan with The Bronx.
As she walked home across the bridge to The Bronx, the john accosted her and sodomized her in plain sight, sources said.
The victim told cops she fought off the vicious attacker, ran back to East Harlem and told a friend known as Yum-Yum about the harrowing ordeal. She then dialed 911.
The suspect fled and remains at large.

Judge lets state liquor cops resume push to shut famed drag queen hot spot
THE BEAT GOES on at New Escuelita until at least mid-June, a judge said Thursday, but he also let the state booze agency resume its effort to shutter the drag performance emporium.

World's Tallest Transsexual Lindsey Walker On Shoes, Taboos And Tattoos
Lindsey Walker used to be a 7ft tall basketball player called Greg.
Until she reached 21, Walker had muscles, dated a string of pretty girls and got a "manly" tattoo.
With his good looks, regular weight lifting sessions, and size 17 feet, no one would have guessed that Walker secretly longed to come out as the woman she felt she should be.

Morris 911 transcript still an issue
Last month, the city’s Police Advisory Commission received records in the Nizah Morris case from the District Attorney’s office, but PAC members still want to know if the D.A. has a 911 transcript.

Dallas Community College District Votes to Add Trans Protections
During their monthly meeting Tuesday, trustees of the Dallas County Community College District voted to amend their nondiscrimination policies to include protections for gender identity and expression.
DCCCD adds trans protections

Monthly transgender health clinic opens in Midvale
A transgender and gender-queer clinic will be held monthly starting Jan. 27, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., at the Greenwood Clinic, 7495 S. State St., Midvale. The clinic will be presented by Dr. Rixt Luikenaar, a Netherlands native, who is a practicing physician in obstetrics and gynecology and has extensive experience with transgender patients.

Detienen a "una mujer y un homosexual"
Elementos de la Policía Ministerial, asestaron otro golpe a la delincuencia organizada, tras lograr la captura de una mujer y un homosexual, considerados como los principales distribuidores de droga de la colonia Progreso y la colonia Constitución, quienes confesaron formar parte de la estructura del cártel "La Oficina".

Asesinan a tiros a travesti en Machiques
Un hombre de 35 años de edad identificado como Jaime Antonio López fue asesinado de múltiples disparos en su residencia ubicada en la avenida María Antonio García en el sector El Triangulo del municipio zuliano.

Minorías y mujeres protestan contra UDI por requerimiento de diputados contra ley antidiscriminación
Representantes de movimientos y organizaciones de mujeres, personas con discapacidad, judíos y minorías sexuales protestaron hoy contra la Unión Demócrata Independiente (UDI) por la permanente oposición de la mayoría de los parlamentarios de ese partido al Proyecto de ley que Establece Medidas contra la Discriminación.
Intendencia Metropolitana niega permiso al Movilh para realizar protesta contra la UDI
Agrupaciones realizan "funa" frente a sede de la UDI por Ley Antidiscriminación