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segunda-feira, janeiro 02, 2012

‘Vidas em Jogo’: Denise Del Vecchio diz que transexual conquistou o público
Em sua quarta novela na “Rede Record”, a atriz Danise Del Vecchio teve um desafio em “Vidas em Jogo”: interpretar uma mulher transexual, que é rejeitada pelo filho. Em entrevista a Amanda Françoso, ela declarou que o público superou o preconceito e aprovou a personagem.

Transgender character in Libra Tampons commercial — Funny? Offensive? Transphobic? You tell me
In the TV commercial a cis woman and a trans woman applying makeup in the ladies room are competitively trying to top each other until finally, the cis woman pulls out a tampon leaving the trans woman “defeated”.

[UK] [Commentary]
Violent incitement by the Sun and Taxpayers’ Alliance
Well i Had planned (some hope!) to be taking a break for a fortnight or so…both from professional writing and the blogging sort.
However, today’s outpouring of nastiness in the Sun, aided and abetted by the vile types over at the Taxpayers’ Alliance, draws me out of my temporary retirement. The “story”, such that it is, is that the MOD, over the last year or so, paid some £7, 400 towards “minor surgical procedures relating to gender reassignment”.

LGBTI healthcare inequities require more investigation
THE health and wellbeing of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual and intersex (LGBTI) Australians requires more research and awareness, according to the WA Centre for Health Promotion Research (WACHPR).

NY Times: On gay rights and policies, Obama lets senior staff take lead
“President Obama has long relied on his oratorical gifts to ease him through tricky political situations. But on the emotionally charged issue of gay rights, Mr. Obama has been content recently to let his lieutenants do the talking. And they have said some striking things,” reported Mark Landler, Senior White House Correspondent for The New York Times, on Friday.

South Floridian’s quest for beauty goes horribly awry
At least 20 people say they paid a black-market plastic-surgery quack known as ‘The Duchess’ to perform beauty procedures, only to end up disfigured, in pain, or both.

Suspicious Conversations Reported in Charles Village
On December 13 the Baltimore Sun reported that the “Northern District police plan to use everything from stings to warning letters to stop what they say is a persistent problem of transgender prostitution in south Charles Village.”