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sábado, dezembro 24, 2011

Murilo Armacollo substitui Lea T. como a transexual de 'O brado retumbante'
Ator pouco conhecido do grande público, Murilo Armacollo foi escolhido pela TV Globo para viver Julie, uma transexual na minissérie "O brado retumbante", que estreia dia 17 de janeiro. Originalmente, o papel caberia à transexual Lea T., filha do ex-jogador Toninho Cerezo. Mas a emissora e a modelo não chegaram a um acordo.

El travesti de Chueca degolló a hachazos a su novio tras romper
Arian Pablo, un ex bombero que actuaba como transformista en bares de ambiente homosexual, discutió acaloradamente con su pareja, que supuestamente ejercía la prostitución

Transsexual who pushed cross-dresser under Tube train jailed for life
A TRANSSEXUAL who pushed a lawyer under a Tube train was yesterday jailed for life.
Senthooran Kanagas­ingham, 35, shoved his ­transvestite friend David “Sonia” Burgess, 63, to his death at King’s Cross, the Old Bailey heard.
Life For Sex-swap Tube Killer
Man who pushed solicitor under tube train jailed for life
Man jailed for killing Sonia Burgess at King's Cross station
Man jailed over killing lawyer
Cricklewood cross-dresser jailed for life for pushing friend in front of a train
Trans woman’s killer found guilty of manslaughter after Tube death
Transsexual pushed 'generous friend' under train
Seven years for tube kill
Pictured for the first time: The transgender killer who pushed cross-dressing lawyer under a tube train

Trans personality Karen Gayle in this year’s Alternative Christmas Message
Channel 4′s annual Alternative Christmas Message will this year feature Karen Gayle, one of the stars of its popular documentary, My Transsexual Summer.

PINK Embassy opens first emergency shelter for the LGBT community in Albania
Starting from January 2012, Tirana will have its first reception and accommodation shelter in emergency cases for the LGBT community in Albania, which we have called the “Rainbow Shelter”. This important project, made possible through collaboration with Planet Romeo Foundation in Netherlands, equips the LGBT community with a shelter at their most difficult and extreme moments in life, especially for the people who are in a “coming out” process in their families.

Today’s reality, which often puts LGBT people in front of the personal dilemma of self-acceptance, even with the condition of leaving the family, made it necessary for PINK Embassy to look for a shelter, which will make possible for those who have to abandon their homes, to have a place which will offer them protection and safety.

The “Rainbow Shelter”, whose location will not be disclosed for security purposes, will enable LGBT individuals in difficulty to integrate in society and give them the needed time to communicate with their relatives and loved ones. The “Rainbow Shelter” will be open only for individuals older that 18 years and for those younger, accommodation will be available in shelters for children and teenagers.

For a long time, PINK Embassy has expressed concern for cases when parents or relatives of the LGBT community have reacted strongly after learning about the sexual orientation of their children, reaching the point of beating or kicking them out. In many cases, however, after a period of reflection and communication, parents have re-united with their children, starting the phase of recognizing their sexual orientation. Taking into consideration this important and fragile moment of their lives, the wish of PINK Embassy has been that during this transitory period, to assist the members of community in the negotiations with parents and loved ones or by helping them to learn and find a profession.

The “Rainbow Shelter” will function, based on ethical rules, in order for cohabitation, no matter how short, to be at the benefit of all individuals and our common cause.

For PINK Embassy, this is an important moment towards the advancement and protection of LGBT community rights, by making sure that independently from life circumstances, none of its members is suffering violence and damages that might come from leaving the family.

Trans-border crossings
Strip searching transsexual or intersexed individuals has never been easy, but it’s about to get more complicated

All Ontario teachers will be forced to undergo ‘diversity’ training by 2013: minister
By 2013 prospective teachers in Ontario will be required to undergo focused training in “sexual orientation” and “gender diversity,” says a cabinet minister in Premier Dalton McGuinty’s Liberal government.

Lance Bass Uses Transgender Slur While Guest Hosting 'Access Hollywood Live' (Video)
The gay entertainer says he didn't realize the word "tranny" was unacceptable.
Lance Bass Uses Transgender Slur on Air

[USA] [Commentary]
ABC’s ‘Work It’ harms the transgender community – period
In the late seventies and early eighties my Dad, Jack Sandeen, worked at Disney Studios – first as a costumer, and then as the head of the wardrobe department. He worked on films such as Splash, The Apple Dumpling Gang and the original Tron. He passed away June 17, 2002 and I began my transition to Autumn Feb. 6 of the following year.
[Commentary] Offensive ABC sitcom ‘Work It’ will fail simply because it’s not funny
[Commentary] How ABC Can Salvage Work It

Person of the Year: Vandy Beth Glenn
After a day back at work under the Gold Dome, Vandy Beth Glenn sits down to talk. She pulls her boots off her feet and tucks her legs under her, maneuvering her body into a comfortable position.

Trying Times For Transgender Inmates
For as long as she can remember, Maribel said, she has felt that she was different. She was born a boy in Mexico, and came to the United States at 16. Two years later, she started taking hormone pills and later underwent some operations to become physically the woman she always believed herself to be.

PA legislature gets first-ever LGBT caucus
More than two-dozen members of the Pennsylvania General Assembly are stepping up to the plate for LGBT equality.

HCC Board of Trustees unanimously approves trans protections
The Houston Community College Board of Trustees unanimously approve trans protections during their regular meeting last week. The measure to include Gender Identity and Expression in the college’s system-wide nondiscrimination policy was voted on as part of a group of noncontroversial actions considered by the board.

Matan travesti que ya había sufrido atentado
Como Marvin Geovany Ramos Miranda (23), fue identificado un travesti que el pasado martes fue hallado sin vida, en la habitación de un hotel de la 1 avenida, entre 6 y 7 calles del sampedrano barrio Medina.

Encuentran el arma con que asesinaron a policía gay de 11 puñaladas
El arma blanca, que se sospecha fue utilizada para asesinar de 11 puñaladas al efectivo e integrante de la comunidad homosexual Mario Vega en Chimbas, San Juan, fue hallada semienterrada en un descampado junto a la pistola de la víctima.