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quinta-feira, dezembro 15, 2011

European Union to Address Antigay Moves in Russia
Catherine Ashton, high representative of the European Union for foreign affairs, has promised to deliver a pro–LGBT rights message to Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin.

235 LGBTs assassinados até novembro
Luiz Mott declarou, em nota, os motivos que levaram a sua decisão em não estar presente na Conferência Nacional e deu a triste notícia de que até novembro já tivemos 235 LGBTs assassinados em crimes que envolveram homofobia ou transfobia.

IU Toledo presenta la campaña ‘Que no recorten tu pluma’ para protestar contra los recortes a las políticas de igualdad
El área de Juventud de Izquierda Unida en Toledo ha presentado este miércoles la campaña ‘Que no recorten tu pluma’ para protestar contra los recortes a las políticas de igualdad y de apoyo al movimiento ‘Lesbianas, Gays, Transexuales, Bisexuales y Intersexuales’ (LGTBI).

Cross dressing lawyer from Wood Green ‘pushed under train’
A cross-dressing solicitor died instantly after being pushed by a fellow transsexual under the wheels of a Tube train, a court heard.
Eyewitnesses tell how Sonia Burgess was pushed under train

[UK/Pakistan] [Film/Television]
Pakistan’s Open Secret
CLOVER films with producer and director Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy and senior producer Jamie Doran released their documentary on Channel 4 in UK entitled Transgenders: Pakistan‘s Open Secret. In a never-before-seen side of life in Pakistan, this film follows the stories of three transgender people, each of whom represent a different way of life in the country.

'Laws no bar for LGBTs citizenship'
The Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare today said current citizenship Act and regulations were not against sexual minorities obtaining Nepali citizenship.

A place of their own
Recent state funding means a dedicated centre for transgender Melburnians is a step closer. Michael Magnusson found out just how close.

Lake Worth Residents To Protest Firing Of Transsexual City Manager
Some people in Lake Worth are letting the city know they're not happy about its recent decision to fire the city manager.

Girl Scouts' admitting of boy draws backlash
Girl Scouts USA's recent revelation that its local chapters sometimes induct boys who try to live as girls, considered transgendered, is already having repercussions in Louisiana, where three troops at a Christian school have disbanded in disappointment.

Police trying to curb trangender prostitution
Northern District police plan to use everything from stings to warning letters to stop what they say is a persistent problem of transgender prostitution in south Charles Village.

Transgender woman Chrissy Polis arrested on charges of disorderly conduct
Earlier this year, Chrissy Polis, 23, was attacked in a Baltimore McDonald’s after using the women’s restroom and is now making headlines again for her unrelated Dec. 3 arrest for disorderly conduct.

Rapazes nasceram gémeos, mas um cresceu rapariga
Gémeos idênticos tomaram rumos distintos, será uma forma demasiado simples para explicar o caso que está a captar as atenções nos EUA. Jonas e Wyatt nasceram rapazes, mas, por dentro, apenas o primeiro se mantém como tal. Aos quatro anos de idade, Wyatt quis adoptar o seu interior feminino e, desde então, tem crescido como uma rapariga chamada Nicole.
Vejam a qualidade dos jornalistas do sol - esta rapariga não é transexual nem transgénero mas segundo o magistral asno que nem sequer sabe traduzir uma notícia, é TRANSGÉNICA whatever that means...
Transgender Twin Opens Eyes in Maine Community

School District Mulling Change to Sexual Orientation Policy
Officials for the Anoka-Hennepin school district in Minnesota have announced that they are mulling a change to a controversial policy that bans mention of sexuality in the classroom beyond discussing marriage and child rearing. The policy has seen the district become the subject of a lawsuit and a federal investigation after several teenage suicides and current pupils claiming that the district has failed to protect them from anti-LGBT bullying due to this policy.

Nonprofit Works With Transgender Kids—Long Before Puberty
In all the political and social battles over sex and gender, one thing is clear: Transgender kids have it rough. Over 80 percent of teens who think their gender doesn’t match up with their genitals contemplate suicide.

American Fork residents voice opposition of non-discrimination law for gays
Since Salt Lake City adopted an ordinance that protects gays and transgendered people from being discriminated in the workplace and in housing, American Fork city leaders have proposed such legislation. But on Tuesday night, many residents who showed up at the city hall public meeting said they do not want that.
American Fork tables anti-discrimination ordinances
American Fork tables anti-discrimination housing, employment ordinances focused on gay and transgender population

Hallan travesti muerto en la Plaza de Armas; le desfiguran la cara
Un hombre travesti fue hallado muerto en la Plaza de Armas, cerca de los kioscos de los boleros; tenía el rostro desfigurado por los golpes recibidos.

Grupos de diversidad sexual reclaman justicia ante crímenes de homosexuales
Miembros de los grupos lésbico gays se apostaron ayer frente a las instalaciones del Ministerio Público (MP), en Tegucigalpa, reclamando justicia ante las muertes violentas de homosexuales.

Se hacía llamar “Loba” el travesti asesinado en 5 de Julio
Como Róbert Alejandro Fonseca Fonseca (22) fue identificado el cuerpo del travesti asesinado en el bulevar 5 de Julio el pasado domingo en la madrugada
Travesti asesinado se hacía llamar la “Loba”

Discrimination Undermines AIDS Prevention
"At the clinic we were attended to by a woman who criticised us and only talked to us about religious questions," says Carlos Valdez of Proyecto Unidos, an NGO in Guatemala that fights for access to HIV/AIDS prevention services by homosexuals and sex workers.

Encuentran a travesti muerto de tres disparos
Hay dos detenidos, pero sus dichos son aún contradictorios
La Policía investiga el hallazgo del cuerpo sin vida de un travesti de 49 años, ocurrido en una precaria vivienda, ubicada en un descampado en cercanías al Arroyo Pantanoso.

Hallan cruelmente asesinado a policía gay en San Juan
Mario Vega fue encontrado asesinado en horas de la tarde del martes 13 de diciembre luego de que una llamada anónima advirtiera sobre el hecho.
Brutal asesinato de un policía en San Juan
Amigos y conocidos de Mario Vega le rinden homenaje en Facebook