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segunda-feira, dezembro 05, 2011

Se conocen planes de OMS para excluir la transexualidad de lista enfermedades mentales
El Congreso Nacional de Psiquiatría que se desarrolló en Oviedo contó con la presencia de un enviado de la Organización Mundial de la Salud (OMS). Greffrey Reed coordina todos los aspectos relacionados con las enfermedades del cerebro en la preparación de la clasificación internacional de enfermedades (CIE 11), que tendrá que estar lista para 2014 y en la que se va a trabajar en Asturias.

Juez de Asturias niega amparo a mujer transexual que quería homologar pruebas CRS con hospital Malaga
La transexual María Jesús Lastra no tendrá el amparo judicial que requería para tratar de salvar la amplia lista de espera que hay en el hospital Carlos Haya, en Málaga, ante el retraso registrado para someterse a una intervención quirúrgica de reasignación de sexo.

Fiscalia del Estado incluye a mujeres transexuales en Ley de Violencia de Genero
La Fiscalía General del Estado realiza una inclusión específica a las mujeres transexuales en la Ley de Violencia de Género para evitar malas interpretaciones, a través de una circular del fiscal general Cándido Conde-Pumpido.

ATA estrenará el próximo 14 de diciembre "TransCabaret" un -proyecto integrador de mujeres transexuales
ATA (Asociación de Transexuales de Andalucía-Silvia Rivera), promueve un proyecto integrador dirigido a Mujeres Transexuales con discriminación múltiple. T R A N S C A B A R E T

Confusion over gender is not incurable: Study
Seventeen-year-old Murtaza (name changed) used to rob his sister’s underwear and wear them. He would often slip on his mother’s high-heeled sandals and walkabout in the house. When his neighbours told his uncles that they had seen him dancing “like a girl” when he was alone at home, Murtaza was beaten up.

Council acts on discrimination
People who will discriminate against others on the basis of disability, age, health, sexual orientation or gender identity, ethnicity, and religion will soon be penalized in Cebu City.

Neil Patrick Harris Apologizes For Transgender Slur On 'Live With Kelly'
Neil Patrick Harris has apologized for using a transgender slur during a guest-hosting stint Friday on Live With Kelly.

Federal appeals court poised to rule in favor of transgender woman fired from state office
Two members of a three judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit on Thursday signaled that U.S. Supreme Court precedents will require them to uphold a district court ruling that a former Georgia state legislative aide who was fired during her gender transition, was the victim of discrimination.

City ordinance takes aim at prejudice, bigotry
At first glance, an amendment of the city's municipal code this week to include provisions against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity, did not appear to have any earth-rattling effects on how the community operates.

City council to consider sewer bill change
Excerpt: A final vote on a measure that would add gender identity to the city’s nondiscrimination rules also is on tomorrow’s agenda. The measure would define gender identity as an individual’s “general-related identity, appearance or mannerisms or other gender-related characteristics” regardless of an individual’s “designated sex at birth.” The changes would prohibit discrimination against transgendered individuals in housing, employment and public accommodations.

Clayton joining Olivette and University City in adding gender protection
The city of Clayton has become the third St. Louis County municipality to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Say Shalom to the ‘Klezmer-Core Punk Band’ Made Up of ’100% Transmasculine Jews’
They’re Jewish, they’re trans, and they make music. Allow me to introduce you to Schmekel, a four-member outfit from New York City that writes pro-trans lyrics like these: “Sarcasm’s a shield that you must learn to carry / Even if your chest’s flat and your chin is hairy / Bigots are stupid but they’re also scary / Don’t want to turn into an obituary.

'Still on the margins'
Holding tea lights and bowing their heads in silent prayer inside a darkened sanctuary, one person at a time passed a microphone around in a circle, read a name and shared personal details about 20 transgender people murdered in hate crimes reported in 2011.
A glossary of transgender terms
Transgender: by the numbers
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Therapists help transgender patients with psychological issues
Learning how to talk, all over again

Going from Kenny to Kym was no easy road
Kym Dorsey churned up Madison Avenue, rounded a corner and teetered slightly as she negotiated the cracked sidewalk in 4-inch stiletto heels.
'My wife and I used to go shopping together for outfits'
'I felt fraudulent living as a woman'
'I like my fluid identity'
'My parents wouldn't accept me as a boy'
'Why don't I have equal rights?'
'I hid it in the Air Force'
'I'm as much of a man as anyone'
'The biggest issue was the bathroom'
'My fear is that we'll end up homeless'
'I am still Al most of the time'
'People just know me as Pat'
Transgender: Alison Laing
Transgender: Drew Cordes
Transgender: Jenna Belle-Winter

El Congreso de Argentina aprueba Ley Identidad para las personas transexuales, que ira al Senado
La Ley ahora tiene que regresar al Senado donde se le aplicaran enmiendas, el tema que más se discutirá será muy posiblemente el del acceso a las personas transexuales menores de edad. Luego la Ley vera su luz definitiva hacia mediados del 2012.