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sábado, dezembro 03, 2011

‘Why should I hide, I’m proud of myself’: Teen who had world’s youngest sex change op at 16 reveals she has a boyfriend
Facing life as a man was so unbearable for Jackie Green she tried to commit suicide four times and even attempted to slice off her own genitals.
But now Jackie, who became one of the youngest people in the world to have a sex change at the age of 16, is embracing her new life as a woman and has revealed she has a boyfriend.
The teenager, now 18, was born Jack, but since she was a toddler she acted like a female, wearing girls' clothes and playing with girls' toys.

Des complications pour près de la moitié des transsexuels opérés dans des hôpitaux français
Les études épidémiologiques concernant les transsexuels (ou plutôt transgenres) sont rares à ce jour. Cependant, grâce à l’engagement militant de certaines associations, une lente évolution tend à se faire jour. Témoin de cette volonté des instances sanitaires officielles de mieux connaître les enjeux de santé associés à cette population, l’enquête menée par une équipe de l’INSERM et publiée la semaine dernière par le Bulletin épidémiologique hebdomadaire (BEH). Afin de mieux déterminer les « caractéristiques sociodémographiques (…) le parcours de transition médicopsychologiques et le statut VIH » des trans, différentes données ont en effet pu être tirées des réponses à un questionnaire auto-administré, transmis par le biais d’associations, de quatre équipes hospitalières et d’une cinquantaine de praticiens.

No easy 'cure' for gender disorder
Suicidal thoughts, then counseling, mastectomy, job

Hobsons Bay could get the state's first intersex mayor
A local councillor could become Victoria's first mayor who identifies as being both male and female.

‘Mom, I Just Can’t Take the Crying’
When my nephew was about four or five, his best friend was a little girl of the same age. My sister and the girl’s mother were friends, so the two kids grew up together.

Federal appeals court considers case of transgender woman fired as Georgia legislative aide
A former Georgia state legislative aide who was fired amid her sex change said she was encouraged Thursday after several federal appeals court judges suggested they could rule in her favor.
Transgender discrimination suit on appeal
Atlanta trans woman appeals Gold Dome sacking
Anti-gay Judge Bill Pryor warms to trans women

[Video] Federal appeals court offers hope in Ga. transgender woman's job bias lawsuit
Court appears ready to hand legal victory to transgender woman

INTERSEX CHICAGO - New Group at Center on Halsted
The Center on Halsted now serves Chicago’s intersex people as well as its LGBT community. “Intersex Chicago” will meet at Center on Halsted on the first Tuesday of every month from 6:30pm to 9pm. The following slide show gives more information.

Chicago LGBT Activist Lois Bates Dead at 41
Advocate Lois Bates, a beloved figure in Chicago's LGBT community, died November 17 after a long illness. She was 41.

JP activists secure transgender rights
With plenty of help from Jamaica Plain politicians and advocates—a new state law protecting transgender peoples’ rights was passed this month.

Howard County Council Weighs Gender Identity Bill
Twenty advocates of a bill to ban discrimination based on gender identity in Howard County testified before the County Council on November 21. The bill, CB-54, was introduced on October 27 and was sponsored by four of the five council members—all Democrats: Chairman Calvin Ball, Mary Kay Sigaty, Jennifer Terrasa and Courtney Watson. The fifth member, Greg Fox, a Republican did not sign on.

Town Hall Meeting at the TDoR
For thirteen years, the Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR) has been commemorated both to honor those who have died at the hands of anti-trans hatred and to bring visibility to lives that are so often forgotten. On November 20, Baltimore gathered in memorial for TDOR.

KICK Tackles Tough Issues in Weekly Discussion Series
Transgender sex workers and Detroit's Red Light District was the topic of discussion at Live and Learn, a weekly discussion group hosted by KICK.

Clayton adopts anti-discrimination law
The city of Clayton has become the fifth Missouri community to pass a law barring discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in employment, housing and public accommodations.

International Transgender Days commemorates and celebrates
Thursday Nov. 17 through Sunday Nov. 20 Geneseo's Pride Alliance and Womyn's Action Coalition teamed up to sponsor a string of programs in support of the International Transgender Days of Remembrance.

Ex-jail guard gets almost 12 years in prison for 2 sexual assaults
A former guard at the Cleveland House of Corrections was sentenced Wednesday to 11½ years in prison for sexual assaults on a transgender inmate at the jail and a woman he met on an Internet dating site.

Pennsylvania Prisoner Abuse Scandal Triggers Federal Probe
A Pennsylvania state prison where a group of corrections officers stand accused of tormenting and brutalizing inmates will face a federal civil investigation into alleged systematic civil rights abuses, the Justice Department said Thursday.
Feds investigating Cresson prison

PA wins 25th LGBT ordinance
Pennsylvania hit a mile marker this week with the adoption of the state’s 25th LGBT-inclusive nondiscrimination ordinance.

Jenkintown Creates New Anti-Discrimination Law for LGBT
In a unanimous vote on Nov. 28 the Jenkintown Borough Council passed a new anti-discrimination bill for Jenkintown residents.

Senate lets veto stand, passes GLBT legislation
In a meeting that began with a senator reading an original, beatnik-era poem followed by an impassioned speech by another dressed as Old Saint Nick, the Student Senate made decisions on two important pieces of legislation Wednesday night.

Trans man wins first round in divorce battle
When Rebecca Louise Robertson and James Allan Scott married in Dallas in 1998, Robertson was well aware and fully supportive of Scott’s status as a transgender man, court records indicate.

Área Transexual del Movilh rechaza dichos de Presidente del Colegio de Profesores
Jaime Gajardo calificó de “travesti mal maquillado” propuesta del Gobierno en Educación.

Mamá, soy transexual
¿Qué haría si a los 4 años su hija le dice que ella quiere ser un niño? ¿Y si a los 14 empieza a usar ropa masculina porque no se siente mujer, sino hombre? Los transexuales son personas cuyo sexo biológico no coincide con su sexo sicológico. El conflicto comienza en la infancia, y se intensifica en la adolescencia. Hoy, en EE.UU. y Europa, se debate qué hacer cuando un menor de edad, diagnosticado como transexual, pide cambiar de sexo. En Chile, la discusión recién comienza.

Argentina adopts first gender recognition law worldwide without diagnosis requirement
Yesterday on 30 Nov 2011, by 167 votes against 17 and 7 abstentions, the Argentinian Lower House passed a gender identity bill. Under this law, trans people will be able not only to have access to gender recognition by a simple administrative procedure, without any kind of requirement, but also to hormonal and surgical treatments within the public health system with the only requirement of informed consent.