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sexta-feira, dezembro 02, 2011

7 Discriminatory (or Deadly) Countries for LGBT People
A quick glance at Wikipedia or this ILGA report is enough to tell you that there are a LOT of countries where it’s dangerous or deadly to be (or even to be perceived as) lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT).

Horizon 2014: What LGBT Rights in the EU?
On Thursday 8th December, we will hold a public roundtable on LGBT rights in the EU between now and 2014. If you are in Brussels, you are welcome to attend the discussion. Please register online by Sunday 4th December.

Have your say! Cross-border prescriptions in the EU
Your input needed! consultation on cross-border prescriptions in the European Union

Crossing over: Transsexual model Lea T. lands first commercial magazine cover
The transsexual featured on the runway for the first time and was interviewed by Oprah Winfrey.
And it looks as though the rising's star's hard work paid off - as she has landed her first mainstream magazine cover.
Lea T. arrasa na capa da Elle Brasil; veja fotos
Lea T. é capa da revista Elle de dezembro
Lea T. Covers Elle Brazil In Givenchy (PHOTO)

Preso ex-policial acusado de matar travesti em São Paulo
Ex-policial que matou três travestis em SP volta a ser preso por mais uma morte

Excluídas do mercado de trabalho, travestis encontram sustento e aceitação na prostituição
Estariam as travestis condenadas à prostituição? Pode ser exagero dizer que sim. Mas pode não ser. Antes de qualquer julgamento, reflita: quantas travestis você tem como colegas de trabalho? Seja chefe ou funcionária. E fazendo faxina na sua casa? Na loja onde você compra roupas, talvez? Abastecendo o seu carro ou te atendendo no “por quilo” onde você almoça diariamente? A verdade é que o mercado de trabalho é duro com esse grupo de pessoas que, muito frequentemente, encontra na prostituição o sustento e, principalmente, acolhimento. E se você ainda duvida que elas tenham poucas opções, responda para si mesmo, honestamente, se você contrataria uma.

The Tranny Who 'Posed As Jordan'
A TRANSSEXUAL Jordan fan posed as the glamour model to buy a top-of-the range sports car with the star’s cash, a court heard.

From Jack to Jackie: ‘Why I had sex change at 16’
From the age of four Jackie Green knew she was a girl trapped in a boy’s body. Rod McPhee meets the courageous Leeds woman who, on her 16th birthday, became the youngest person in the world to have a sex change.
IT’S a subject which can prompt a response ranging from intrigue to derision, but it’s increasingly accepted that some people are born with the physical appearance of one sex and the mind of another.
From Jack to Jackie (part 2): ‘I thank my bullies’ INTERVIEW

Transgender Awareness - talk by Vanessa Lacey
Ms Vanessa Lacey of the Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI) presented a seminar on Transgender Awareness in Ireland in Dublin City University on the 29 November 2011. While this talk was given as part of the BSc in Psychology module Sexuality and Society, it was open to all member of the DCU community. The presentation focussed on many aspects of transgenderism, which is an umbrella term. She detailed the different identities under this umbrella, and covered some historical aspects, explaining that transgender identities featured all through history and was not a new phenomena. Some of the challenges facing 'trans' people were also discussed, with lively participation from the audience.

[Uganda - Kenya]
The gray area of gay refugees
The two tender, soft-spoken Ugandans shared a circle of good friends back in their hometown of Kampala. They were close with their families and they started a restaurant together. Life was good.

[South Africa]
Fighting a double stigma
It’s about doing nice things for people at risk, says Dr Kevin Rebe with a smile.
An infectious diseases expert, Rebe heads a unique service that is looking after people who would otherwise either delay seeking health care until it is too late or not go in search of help at all – men who have sex with men and transgender women.

Transgender succumbs to injuries
A transgender who was allegedly stabbed on October 20, succumbed to injuries at Victoria Hospital in the city.

Equality is a tricky concept
Existing in a state of duality within themselves; transgenders in our society have emerged as victims of an unjust and selfish paradigm. Intolerance has indeed taken on a whole new meaning today. The battle of identity assertion is nothing but the aftermath of oppression and discrimination against these individuals. “The whole concept of an identity arises only when we are accepted as a part of the society. Until and unless that happens this debate is meaningless. When it comes to transgenders, we are constantly segregated from the collective consciousness of society at large,” said Akai, a transgender from Bangalore. As a part of the slut walk series, City Express sets forth on a journey of reality with transgenders.

Slain Sonia wanted sex change operation: Ahmedabad police
On Wednesday, the Karanj police continued their investigation of eunuch leader Sonia De's murder. The cops are still on the look-out for reliable leads for the motive, and the person/s behind the killing. However, the police have found evidence that suggests Sonia was supposed to travel outside the country to get a sex change operation.

The Truth About HIV/AIDS Among Trans People
As we move into World AIDS Day tomorrow, NCTE’s Mara Keisling said:

[USA] [Press Release]
Lambda Legal Urges Federal Court to Grant Asylum to Mexican Transgender Woman Living With HIV/AIDS
“Karolina Lopez Berera suffered horrific abuse at the hands of her family and police because of her transgender identity. Her forced removal, in light of rampant HIV persecution, amounts to nothing less than an indirect death sentence.”

Documenting Lives of Transgender Immigrants
A new documentary, Crossing Over, will focus on the lives of three transgender women, all undocumented immigrants from Mexico. According to the Connecticut paper The Daily Stamford, the women — Francis Murillo, Brenda Gonzalez, and Abigail Madariaga — all fled rural Mexico seeking asylum after suffering physical and sexual abuse at the hands of family, community members, and even police, because they are transgender.

Transgender Man Wins Right to a Marital Divorce
As difficult as it can be for lesbian or gay same-sex couples to get married in most states these days -- let alone get divorced when their relationships go awry -- the marriage and divorce obstacles facing transgender men and women are even greater.

Woman Says Fla. “Doctor” Caused Facial Damage
One of the people who says she underwent an illegal cosmetic procedure at the hands of a Florida transgender woman posing as a doctor now has grossly misshapen facial features.

Court appears ready to hand legal victory to transgender woman
The federal appeals court in Atlanta appears ready to grant a legal victory to Vandy Beth Glenn, a transgender woman who was fired as a legislative editor at the General Assembly after she disclosed she was going to make the transition from man to woman.

Despite outcry, Michigan passes weak bullying bill
Though a Senate sponsor agreed to language changes to a bullying bill that provided an exemption for those expressing “sincerely held” religious beliefs, Matt’s Safe Schools law passed the Michigan House of Representatives this week, and now heads to Gov. Rick Snyder for signature, without reporting mandates or LGBT protections.
Michigan Senate passes anti-bullying bill without religious exemptions

Transmasculine punkers are the new Judaism
Not too long ago, when the New York Times Sunday Magazine ran a supportive profile of a sex-positive sex-ed teacher, Rod Dreher wrote about the magazine’s obsession “with sex and sexuality, and of course always, always, always from a progressive point of view.” He listed some of the “sexual-liberationist” stories they’d done this year.

Vigil, City Hall ceremony mark Transgender Day of Remembrance
The city’s LGBT community commemorated the Transgender Day of Remembrance on November 18 with a vigil at the Free Stamp, a march into City Hall and a program remembering the dead, and honoring those who work to end violence against transgender people.

"Without 19 Action News, they probably never...": Action News gets Action for transgender
19 Action News broke the story of a woman attacked at an RTA stop last week and now we're getting action.
There has been some progress in the case, but are you safe?
Though still sore from being beaten and robbed, Alison Lancaster returned to the scene of the crime, the RTA station at W. 65th and Madison.

[República Dominicana]
Se suma una víctima más a la lista de Trans asesinadas vilmente
El pasado lunes 28 en horas de la noche fue herido de balas el joven travesti Wilmer Madera (Yuliper), según fuentes, el chico se encontraba con dos amigas trans y una jeepeta paso por el área del monumento frente al restaurant Moctezuma, dicho vehículo estaba conducido por una mujer rubia quien se hacía acompañar por un hombre, este intento montar a la fuerza a Yiliper y esta se rehusó siendo herido de balas en la garganta.
La víctima se desangro hasta que pasada las dos horas llego la policía y lo traslado al Hospital Cabral y Báez, allí el joven lucho contra la muerte, fue intervenido quirúrgicamente en la mañana y por falta de sangre no se le practico de inmediato una segunda intervención quirúrgica, jóvenes gays y trans compañeros y amigos de la víctima se ofrecieron a donar sangre, pero, por ser homosexuales y sostener relaciones sexuales con otros hombres se les negó el derecho de ayudar a su amigo.
Policía investiga la muerte de un homosexual
Rechazaron sangre de joven porque es homosexual

Capturada la "Doctora Muerte"
La mujer, dueña de un centro de embellecimiento y estética se encontraba en libertad condicional, luego de causar lesiones en los glúteos a un transexual.

Claudia Llosa lanza corto sobre comunidad transexual
La directora peruana se unió al Proyecto Fronteras de TNT, ciclo en el que presentará su cortometraje llamado “Loxoro”.

La Cámara de Diputados aprobó la ley de identidad de género y ahora pasará al Senado
La norma fue respaldada en el recinto por 167 legisladores, mientras que 17 votaron en contra y otros 7 se abstuvieron. La nueva legislación privilegia la “vivencia interna e individual del género tal como cada persona la siente”, que puede corresponder o no con el sexo asignado al momento del nacimiento.
Argentine Chamber of Deputies approves Gender Identity Law
In Argentina, gender identity law makes progress
Media sanción al proyecto de identidad de género
Lower House passes Gender Identity, 'Dignified Death' bills

Argentina widens rights for transsexual police
Argentina's Security Ministry is allowing transsexual members of federal police and security forces to be recognized under the gender that they've adopted.
Los transexuales podrán usar uniforme femenino en la Policía
Travestis de las fuerzas de seguridad podrán usar el uniforme femenino
Cambio en las fuerzas de seguridad: los travestis podrán usar uniforme femenino
Comunidad homosexual pondero resolucion de ministra Garre
La FALGBT celebró una resolución del Ministerio de Seguridad para respetar la identidad de género

Flor de la V emocionó a Susana y la defendió en la polémica con las lesbianas
Flor hizo referencia a la carta documento que recibió Giménez de la Federación Argentina de Lesbianas, Gays, Bisexuales y Trans (Falgbt) tras decir en una charla con La Abuela de Antonio Gasalla.
Florencia de la V visitó a Susana Giménez

Discriminación, desarraigo e intolerancia: Estigmas visibles de una comunidad oculta
Diputados de la Nación se apresta a dar media sanción al proyecto de Ley de Identidad de Género con el cual se reconocen derechos hasta ahora denegados para la población trans del país. Características de la situación afrontada por dicha franja social en la provincia. Prostitución, vínculos familiares rotos y violencia.