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sexta-feira, novembro 25, 2011

São José do Rio Preto sedia 2º Encontro Nacional de Jovens Gays e Travestis
De 25 a 28 de novembro de 2011, a cidade de São José do Rio Preto, localizada no interior de São Paulo, sedia o 2º Encontro Nacional de Jovens Gays, outros HSH e Travestis. Organizado pela Associação de Populações Vulneráveis, com o apoio do Departamento Nacional de DST/AIDS e Hepatites Virais e Programa Estadual de DST/AIDS de São Paulo, o encontro reunirá nesses quatro dias dezenas de jovens de todo o país para discutir saúde e políticas públicas.

Personagem trans de novela da Record pode morrer assassinada
Em Vidas em Jogo, transexual Augusta pode ser morta a tiros por vilã Regina

Memorial Travestis e Trans de BH - parte 1 de 2
Vídeos produzidos para a homenagem "Lembranças, Respeito e Dignidade: Travestis e Transexuais", em Belo Horizonte. Depoimentos que contam a trajetória de travestis e transexuais que fizeram e fazem a sua história em Belo Horizonte. Um mosaico de vidas e sonhos que lança luz sobre realidades desconhecidas e nem sequer imaginadas pelo grande público.

Memorial Travestis e Trans de BH parte 2 de 2

Sex change social worker in running for council elections
A social worker from the region has become Scotland’s first transgender election candidate.
Trans woman will be first to stand for Scottish council elections

St. Petersburg parliament temporarily postpones anti-gay law
St. Petersburg’s parliament on Wednesday said it would review a controversial bill banning so-called “gay propaganda that targets children.”

Mugabe calls David Cameron 'satanic' for backing gay rights
Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe has condemned as "satanic" a suggestion by Prime Minister David Cameron that Britain could cut aid money to countries that do not respect gay rights.
Mugabe llama "satánico" a Cameron por querer supeditar ayuda a homosexualidad
We’ll punish gay people: Mugabe
Gay debate moves to Zimbabwe's parliament

Transgender leader Sonia Masi shot dead in Ahmedabad
Sonia Masi aka Imran Ajmeri, who had emerged as the face of the transgender community in Gujarat, was shot dead near Rupali cinema by unidentified assailants on Thursday night.
Sonia was better known for contesting in the general elections against BJP leader LK Advani. She was on her way to have refreshments near Rupali cinema when some men in a car shot six rounds at her.
Sonia Masi Killed: Eunuch Leader Sonia Masi Shot Dead In Ahmedabad
Gujarat Eunuch personality Sonia Masi shot dead

Born this way: Breaking gender stereotypes
In light of Trans* Awareness Week, Features Editor Bree Rody-Mantha profiles one Laurier student living the trans experience. She shares her insights on labels, discrimination and why she doesn’t feel fully safe to be “out”

HUD secretary first cabinet member to address transgender event
U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Shaun Donovan became the first U.S. cabinet secretary to address a transgender event when he gave the keynote speech Nov. 15 at the eighth anniversary celebration of the National Center for Transgender Equality.

Open transsexuals more happy at work
A new study reveals transsexuals who share their gender identity with coworkers are happier and more productive workers than those who are not open.

'Trans-parency' in the workplace
Study finds that transsexuals who are open about their gender identity have greater job satisfaction and commitment

Limbaugh Blames School’s Gay “Agenda” for King’s Death
In rhetoric that goes even beyond blaming the victim, Rush Limbaugh is saying teachers and administrators at Lawrence King’s school bear responsibility for his death because they encouraged him to express his sexual identity.
Fischer: ‘Flamboyant homosexual’ Lawrence King’s murderer is the real victim

Google Praised For Its New Transgender Health Care Benefits
Search giant Google is being praised for significantly increasing the health care benefits of its transgender employees in the United States.

Johnny ‘Jayieh’ Saelua of American Samoa becomes first trans World Cup soccer player
American Samoa scored its first international victory ever today, beating Tonga, 2-1.
For American Samoa, a Win Ignites a World Cup Dream

Queen of the Universe 2012
It's been just a few weeks since the newest Queen of the Universe was crowned, and even though there's no new official currency printed with the monarch's face on it, and no multi-day, multi-network telecast of the grand coronation, with a title as broad-spanning and all-inclusive as "Queen of the Universe," you'd think you'd at least have gotten some sort of memo by now or something.

Vigil Honors Lost Transgender Lives
Community marks 10th annual Transgender Day of Remembrance
Activists Picket MPD and Prosecutors

Second person arrested in ‘toxic tush’ case
More women have stepped forward to say they were victimized by the buttocks-enhancement scam that left several disfigured after injections with decidedly nonmedical substances.
More Arrests for Bad Butt Injections As Second Alleged Victim Comes Forward

Des Moines City Council adds gender identity protection
The city of Des Moines has banned discrimination based on gender identity.

Trans Woman Harassed in Des Moines Bar
In an incident that was caught on tape, a transgender woman was allegedly harassed by city of Des Moines employees in a crowded bar Friday night.
Des Moines Public Works employee punished over transgender harassment incident

Chicago Transgender Activist Dies
Lois Bates, a longtime transgender activist in Chicago, died on November 17, according to a report from the AIDS Foundation of Chicago ( Bates was the transgender health manager at the Howard Brown Health Center. Her life was one of varied experience—in addition to being an HIV activist, she was also a Navy sailor, a cosmetologist, a postal worker, and a security guard. But she'll likely be most remembered for her advocacy work on transgender issues.

Topeka adds groups to anti-discrimination policy
The Topeka school district has expanded its anti-discrimination policy to include homosexual and transgender students and staff.

Mass. Gov. Patrick signs transgender rights bill
Gov. Deval Patrick has signed a bill designed to protect transgender people from discrimination in Massachusetts.
Gov. Patrick signs transgender rights bill
Patrick signs Trans Equal Rights Bill
Advocates Applaud Gov. Deval Patrick’s Signing of Transgender Equal Rights Bill
Mass. bishops decry rushed through transgender bil

Howard County weighs gender identity bill
Twenty advocates of a bill to ban discrimination based on gender identity in Howard County testified before the County Council on Nov. 21. The bill, CB-54, was introduced on Oct. 27 and was sponsored by four of the five Council members, all Democrats: Chairman Calvin Ball, Mary Kay Sigaty, Jennifer Terrasa and Courtney Watson. The fifth member, Greg Fox, a Republican did not sign on.

Mothers make this year's Transgender Day of Remembrance especially moving
More than 150 people came out to historic Central United Methodist Church Friday to commemorate the 11th annual Transgender Day of Remembrance. The names of 270 transgender individuals from across the world who were murdered over the past year were read aloud and a candle lit for each.

Blaine man guilty of murdering transgender victim
A Blaine man was convicted of murder on Tuesday in the January slaying of Christopher "Krissy" Bates, a crime that outraged the Twin Cities transgender community.

Hate crime victims are remembered
It was a simple ceremony, highlighted by the extinguishing of candles in memory of those transgender individuals who have been murdered on streets from New York City to Washington, DC, to as far away as Guadalajara, Mexico, and Istanbul, Turkey.

Transgender Day of Remembrance in Austin
As we gather with friends and family during the holiday season, we realize that their presence is often taken for granted. But imagine someone you love being taken away from you faster than any scream could ever be heard.

Una madre acusa a una escuela de expulsar a su hijo por "ambigüedad genital"
Un niño de 12 años de edad, que padece la ambigüedad de genitales, fue expulsado de una escuela pública de la ciudad mexicana de Puebla (centro) cuando los directivos se enteraron de su condición, denunció el martes la madre del menor.

[Argentina] [Opinion]
Las mentiritas de monseñor Aguer sobre la ley de identidad
Está circulando en el Congreso un email en cadena contra la ley de identidad de género que pide a los/as diputados/as que, antes de votarla, presten atención a la historia de John Money. Dice el email: