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sexta-feira, novembro 18, 2011

Open letter to the Legislative Assembly of St Petersburg: Don’t limit freedom of expression
The Legislative Assembly of Saint Petersburg is about to adopt a regional law that will ban the ‘propaganda of sodomy, lesbianism, bisexualism and transgenderism, and pedophilia to minors’. The Intergroup wrote to them today, urging them to amend the law and uphold human rights in Russia.

"Menina ou Menino - Meu Sexo Não é Meu Gênero" revela intimidades de homens transexuais
Talvez um dos melhores documentários apresentados nesta 19ª edição do Festival Mix Brasil de Cinema da Diversidade, o longa "Menina ou Menino - Meu Sexo Não é Meu Gênero" retrata a vivência de diferente homens trans em algumas cidades como Paris ou Barcelona.

Délais de prescription: Des amendements pour ajouter l’identité de genre et l’état de santé
Alors que la proposition de loi de Catherine Quéré visant à aligner les délais de prescription applicables en cas d’injures sexistes, homophobes ou liées au handicap sur ceux en vigueur pour les injures racistes doit être discutée à l’Assemblée nationale dans deux jours, jeudi 17 novembre, la Fédération LGBT d’un côté, la députée Martine Billard de l’autre apportent leur soutien au texte, tout en soulignant quelques manques.

Polish government soon to take on gender recognition
On November 16th 2011, the Polish Vice-Minister of Justice Zbigniew Wrona declared that new regulations for transgender people are in need.

Activist slams Russian anti-homosexuality bill
Russia's top gay rights activist on Thursday condemned a bill passed in the country's second largest city that prohibits "propaganda of homosexuality" to minors, warning it could be used to ban gay protest rallies.
St. Pete May Fine Gays Who Are Open
What’s Russian for “Homosexual Propaganda”?

Pakistani transsexuals welcome court decision on voting
Pakistani transsexuals, locally known as hijras, have welcomed a Supreme Court order to the federal government to register them as voters.They have been campaigning for their rights for years but it was only last year that the Supreme Court ordered the government to officially recognise a separate gender for them.

Police support for Transgender Day of Remembrance
Cabramatta local area command will join other organisations and communities around the world to commemorate Transgender Day of Remembrance tomorrow.

Doctor is fighting for transgender community
A doctor who says she is the first transgender to be president of a major hospital medical staff in the world believes the transgender community has to work on its own to have its community accepted.

The gender issue
If you think gender is no longer an issue, that we’ve passed some sort of inequality threshold, think again. In spite of the strides made by social movements, we all continue to be treated differently because of what we do or don’t have between our legs, and the way we choose to express ourselves. And I’m not just talking about who has to pay on dates.

Breaking binaries
It’s not uncommon for expecting parents to be asked whether they’re having a baby boy or girl. As the due date gets closer, friends and family are often eager to have blue things ready for a boy, and pink for a girl.

Halifax youth praise and remember transgender individuals and their allies
There will be a little bit of art and joy spread around this Thursday at the Youth Project.

Americans Get Trans Identity?
A new set of Public Religion Research Institute surveys have found that a majority of Americans from across political and religious divides believe transgender people should be given the same legal protections against discrimination as other Americans. Perhaps even more interestingly for trans rights advocates, respondents in the survey said they had a good level of understanding about transgender identity and issues.

HUD Sec. Becomes First Cabinet Member to Address Transgender Organization
Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan last night became the first sitting US Cabinet Secretary to address a transgender organization when he keynoted the eight annual National Center for Transgender Equality’s (NCTE) award ceremony.
HUD's Shaun Donovan Backs Transgender Rights, Gay Marriage

War of H’wood she-men
Warren Beatty and Annette Bening’s transgender son Stephen Ira, born Kathlyn, blasted Cher’s transgender son Chaz Bono, born Chastity, calling the ex-“Dancing With the Stars” contestant “a misogynist who does not represent us.” In a blog post, Ira rails against Bono for saying that transgenderism is “a birth defect, like a cleft palate,” and that “being male and having breasts is about the worst thing I could imagine.” Ira also attacked Chaz for saying, “I never understood women before . . . but I had a tolerance for women that I don’t have now . . . There is something in testosterone that makes talking and gossiping really grating.”
'This man doesn't represent our community': Warren Beatty's transgender son brands Chaz Bono a misogynist

In Anchorage's gay rights debate, hoping to change minds with data
Following a long and very public debate, the Anchorage Assembly in August 2009 passed an ordinance by a vote of 7-4 that would ban discrimination against people based on sexual orientation and gender identity in issues of housing and employment. Mayor Dan Sullivan vetoed the legislation a week later, citing insufficient evidence that discrimination was occurring against members of Alaska’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and Transgendered (LGBT) community.

Day honors lives lost
As the Bay Area gets ready to observe the 13th annual Transgender Day of Remembrance this weekend, a murdered East Bay transsexual woman will be among those who'll be honored at the Oakland event.
Locals offer insight into transgender life

Man arrested in anti-trans attack released
A man arrested for allegedly attacking a transgender woman in San Francisco's Mission neighborhood is out of custody.

Transgender student's restroom use raises questions on PSD policy
One question is causing a stir at Fort Collins High School: Who has the right to use which restroom?

Transgender Advocate Shares Story
Donna Rose, a transsexual who champions the right of self-expression, spoke Tuesday about her personal experiences and challenged traditional views of gender roles as part of Gender Liberation Week.

Cong. Hastings to Speak at Trans Day of Remembrance
Each November, the worldwide transgender community turns its attention to its family, friends and loved ones lost to violence and prejudice. A tradition inspired by the a vigil for slain transsexual Rita Hester in 1998, this day has become the worldwide rallying point for a community long under siege.

U.S. Court of Appeals to hear arguments in Ga. transgender woman's employment discrimination case
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit will hear arguments in the federal discrimination lawsuit filed by a Georgia transgender woman who was fired from her state job after informing her employer she was transitioning from male to female.

New Berea Commission Addresses Fairness Ordinance
The city of Berea has taken the next step that says discrimination won't be tolerated in the community.

Transgender Equal Rights Now a Reality in Massachusetts
The Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition (MTPC) is proud to announce the passing of the Transgender Equal Rights Bill in the House and the Senate extending civil rights and hate crimes protections to the state’s transgender residents.
Transgender civil rights bill OK’d
Massachusetts Senate OKs transgender rights bill; Governor promises to sign
Transgender Protections Bill Clears Massachusetts Senate; Deval Patrick Will Sign
Transgender Equal Rights Bill passes Legislature
Massachusetts Legislature Passes Transgender Equal Rights Bill; Important Work Remains
Massachusetts Legislature Passes Transgender Equal Rights Bill

Transgender Day of Remembrance
Wednesday, Nov. 16The Lives of Transgender People, 3 p.m. Join Spectrum for a presentation of groundbreaking research on The Lives of Transgender People, presented by Sue Rankin.

Murder silences a 'Treasure'
Her mother called her Treasure, but her killers treated her body like trash - chopping and burning it up before dumping it on the side of the road. The burnt torso of Michelle Moore, also known to friends as Shelly Revlon, 19, was discovered Oct. 23, the morning after she went missing, near 1-94 on the east side. But it was only last week, after stories appeared in the mainstream media, that authorities made the connection and Moore's mother, Lyniece Nelson, was able to identify her daughter by the cherry tattoo that remained on her shoulder.
Trans leaders decry murder coverage in Detroit newspapers

4 female inmates claim they were jailed with man at Riverside
Four female prison inmates have filed a federal suit claiming that each was forced to share a jail cell with an accused pimp and armed robber who clearly had male genitalia.

Trans Woman Denied Documentation Change, Then Arrested For Indecent Exposure
Tennessee resident Andrea Jones effectively demonstrated this week how poorly transgender people can be treated. According to the federal government, Jones is a woman, but Tennessee’s Department of Safety says she doesn’t have enough proof to have her state gender documentation changed.

Wharton Widow Araguz waits for ruling on appeal
The widow of a Wharton, TX firefighter killed in the line of duty has taken her fight to defend the validity of her marriage to a Houston court room. Nikki Araguz, whose husband Capt. Thomas Araguz died in a July 4, 2010 blaze, lost the first round of her legal battle earlier this year when Wharton Judge Randy Clapp ruled that Mrs. Araguz’s marriage invalid because her original birth certificate identified her as male.

Secretaría de Educación Pública sancionará casos de discriminación en escuelas públicas
Denunciaron el rechazo de un niño nacido con ambos sexos en primaria de la Romero Vargas y otros casos de homofobia por parte de maestros.

Michoacán, tercer lugar en crímenes por homofobia
Michoacán se encuentra en el tercer lugar nacional por crímenes de odio por homofobia. En los últimos 15 años se contabilizaron un total de 705 delitos de este tipo en el país de los cuales 77 se perpetuaron en la entidad.