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quarta-feira, novembro 16, 2011

O GRIT - Grupo de Reflexão e Intervenção sobre Transexualidade da Associação ILGA Portugal, em colaboração com a rede ex aequo - associação de jovens lésbicas, gays, bissexuais, transgéneros e simpatizantes, apresenta nos próximos dias 17, 18 e 19 de Novembro, no Centro LGBT (Rua de S. Lázaro, 88, Lisboa), o ciclo "Dias da Memória Trans".

O International Transgender Day of Remembrance é assinalado todos os anos em Novembro, em homenagem a Rita Hester, mulher transgénero assassinada em 28 de Novembro de 1998 nos EUA, e em memória de todos aqueles que perdem a vida, ano após ano, vítimas do ódio e da transfobia.

Porque elas e eles também eram pessoas, relembramos as suas mortes com a projeção de dois filmes de temática Trans, e encerramos o ciclo com uma tertúlia a partir de diferentes testemunhos e experiências de vida - afirmando que sim!, somos todos Pessoas!

Quinta-feira, 17 de Novembro, 21h
Filme: Soldier's Girl
(Frank R. Pierson, EUA, 2003)

Sexta-feira, 18 de Novembro, 21h
Filme: Southern Comfort
(Kate Davis, EUA, 2001)

Sábado, 19 de Novembro, 21h
Tertúlia: Sim, Somos Pessoas!
(Testemunhos e experiências de vida)

Contamos com a tua presença!

El Supremo desestima una demanda contra Jordi Pujol por tratar de 'señor' a una transexual
El tribunal ve "un simple malentendido" de quien escribió la carta remitida por el Albert Manent a la presidenta del Colectivo de Transexuales de Catalunya

Cornwall transgender support group is formed
A new support group has been set up in Cornwall to encourage the transgender community to come together.

Nantes: Décès d’une trans’ après une injection de silicone
Le site du quotidien Ouest France rapporte la mort d’une trans’ israélienne de 27 ans, des suites d’une infiltration «sans doute de silicone» dans les fesses. La jeune femme avait fait un malaise après cette opération clandestine et était arrivée en urgence le 20 octobre au CHU de Nantes. Elle est décédée à l’hôpital.
Un transsexuel est mort à Nantes après une injection illégale de silicone

City of Vienna Ceases Transsexuals’ Forced Outing
The City of Vienna issues marriage certificates for transsexuals different then proscribed by the Minister of Interior and thereby ceases forced outing of transsexuals. Rechtskomitee LAMBDA (RKL), Austria’s LGBT civil rights organisation, expresses delight and thanks the City of Vienna for its exemplary administration.

NADRA starts issuance of CNICs to eunuchs
National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) issued computerized national identity cards to eunuchs as per the instructions of Supreme Court, while the authority extending registration facilities to the third gender has deployed mobile registration vans (MRVs) to facilitate eunuchs in far flung and remote areas.
Enfranchising the fringe: SC orders registering eunuchs for 2013 polls
Eunuchs get on voters` list

Transgender Remembrance Day set for Sunday, events make memories while petition pledges hope
Transgender Remembrance Day set for Sunday, events make memories while petition pledges hope

GLAAD Highlights the 13th Annual Transgender Day of Remembrance
This coming Sunday, November 20, marks the 13th annual Transgender Day of Remembrance, a time to honor the memory of those whose lives were lost due to anti-transgender violence.

FBI Releases Annual Hate Crime Statistics Publication for 2010
Today, the Federal Bureau of Investigation released its annual Hate Crime Statistics publication for the year 2010. The report, which details hate crimes reported by states, municipalities and universities, provides a partial snapshot of the number of hate crimes committed on a range of categories, including sexual orientation. The report concludes that 19.3% of all hate crimes, or 1,528 incidents, were the result of sexual orientation bias.

CSUN Transgender Awareness Week kicks off today
Workshops, panels and a variety of educational entertainment advocating transgender awareness will be held this week. The movement is lead by students in collaboration with the Gender and Women’s Studies, Queer Studies and Women’s Research and Resource Center is the first of its kind on campus.

Intersections Week kicks off with trans actress Q&A
Transgender actress Aneesh Sheth, the first South Asian trans woman to appear on television, spoke to students Monday evening at one of the first events of “Intersections,” a weeklong series organized by Stanford Students for Queer Liberation (SSQL).

Trans Awareness Week 2011
This week we’re raising awareness about trans rights, demanding justice for all trans people, and remembering those we’ve lost to anti-trans violence. Here’s how you can take part:

Transgender Activists Plan MPD Protests
After months of meetings both private and public with Metropolitan Police Chief Cathy Lanier and other high-ranking police department officials, members of the transgender community will launch highly visible protests this week to underscore their dissatisfaction with how the MPD handles crimes against transgender people.

PHOTO OF THE DAY: Transgender Day of Remembrance
The was a display in Tate Plaza today for Transgender Day of Remembrance. Body outlines were taped to the ground to represent transgender individuals who have been killed in 2011 because of their gender identity.

Stevenson observes Transgender Remembrance Week
One Stevenson High School student was born a girl but identifies as a guy.
Another is a boy, but wears a dress and goes by a female name.

Transgender Equal Rights Bill to see House vote this week
The proposed Transgender Equal Rights Bill will see a vote this week, according to Rep. Eugene O’Flaherty (D-Chelsea).
Transgender bill on the move, chairman sees house vote this week
Transgender rights bill headed for crucial votes in Mass. Legislature
Mass. transgender rights bill could head to vote
Mass. State House scheduled to vote on transgender legislation before winter recess
Transgender rights bill timing attacked

Transgender teen’s remains identified, Detroit church to hold vigil Friday
A Detroit church is planning a candle light vigil on Friday to remember a transgender teen whose remains were identified by police last week.

Silveira inspires during performance for Transgender Awareness
Lucas Silveira, frontman of the alternative rock band The Cliks, performed in Stotler Lounge on Tuesday.
Following his performance, Silveira answered questions from the audience. The event was a part of MU's Transgender Awareness, designed to spread awareness of transgender issues.

UM considers name, gender options
Senior Tristyn Keller had to wait nearly a year until he could afford the $160 court fee to legally change his name before the University of Montana would recognize it.

Pens of Pride: Trans* Week Announcement
With Trans* Awareness Week fast approaching (November 14-November 20th), Identity would like to dedicate this week to help educate the St. Rose community about transgender community and pressing issues facing trans* people. This week will feature events and educational opportunities.

Penn increases number of gender-neutral bathrooms
For transgender students, deciding between male and female designated bathrooms is not always a simple choice.

Lobbyist minimized gay issue in fight to overturn anti-bias policy
The chief lobbyist for a state law that invalidated Metro protections for gay and transgendered individuals feared his moral thoughts on the measure would become public and distract from the economic argument he used to sell the bill, documents reveal.

Morristown transgendered woman says she went topless to make a statement
A local transgender woman arrested for indecent exposure in the Morristown Driver's License Office parking lot says she took her shirt off to fight for her rights.
Andrea Jones says she is a woman, but the state won't change her sex from male to female on her driver's license.

Transgender widow appeals judge’s decision on her marriage
A transgender widow of a Wharton County firefighter appealed a judge’s ruling today that invalidated her marriage, making her ineligible for her husband’s $600,000 in death benefits, according to a KHOU story.
Transgender widow of Wharton Co. firefighter appeals decision that marriage was invalid

Utah Moms Voice Support for Their Children
A panel of 5 moms shared their stories of supporting their transgender and intersex children at the 3rd annual TransAction Gender Conference hosted by the Utah Pride Center in Salt Lake City this Saturday.

A loving obituary tells the troubled story of a dual life
The obituary for Albert Edward Turner Jr., 88, in Sunday's paper was interesting to my friend Larry Carr for two reasons.
Turner was an old friend and mentor of Larry's, so Larry was sad to see he had died.
But Larry also had no idea his old friend had become a woman.

Trans Week highlights need for education, support
As part of a nationwide movement this week to raise awareness of transgender issues, the University of Wisconsin’s Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transexual Campus Center is kicking off a number of events throughout the week to support the transgender community and educate the city and campus on transgender issues.

Consejo de la Diversidad en Catamarca
El Consejo Municipal de la Diversidad Afectiva, Sexual y de Género se lanzó ayer oficialmente en la ciudad de San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca, en un acto que se realizó en el Salón Calchaquí.

[Argentina] (Comunicado)
La FALGBT y ATTTA reclaman precisiones sobre tratamiento de la Ley de Identidad
Tras lograr dictámen de mayoría en el plenario de comisiones de Legislación General y Justicia, el proyecto que garantiza el derecho a la identidad y acceso a la salud para personas trans aún no cuenta con fecha concreta para ser tratado en el recinto. La FALGBT y ATTTA reclaman precisiones al respecto