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domingo, novembro 13, 2011

Trans buscam a ambulatório em SP para tirar silicone e adequação de sexo
Em pouco mais de dois meses de funcionamento, o primeiro ambulatório médico para travestis e transexuais teve 400 atendimentos. As principais procuras são por retirada de silicone industrial (20%) e cirurgia de adequação de sexo (40%).

Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool transformed into ‘Tranny Hotel’ for the weekend
Liverpool’s Adelphi Hotel will this weekend be rebranded the ‘Tranny Hotel’.
Dozens of transgender artists from across the globe will perform at the iconic city centre hotel.

Gorgeous Georgie, shy GI, who said “hej hej” to being a guy
From the time he was small, he knew he was different from all the other boys. After years of struggle, George finally found happiness and success as a woman in Denmark

Breakthrough on Transgender Rights in…Kyrgyzstan
Global Fund for Women reports that an LGBT group in Kyrgyzstan have achieved a breakthrough on transgender rights which still eludes many Western nations.
Kyrgyzstan is a landlocked and mountainous formerly Soviet state in Central Asia. In the last year, it has suffered major ethnic rioting and a change of government. It hosts the only US military base remaining in Central Asia.
Kyrgyzstan has passed new gender marker legislation which does not require a formal document to be issued by a medical institution showing a medical intervention. The new law solves the problem of there being no such process for medical professionals to follow and no relevant government document necessary.

Malaysian states consider new penalties for gays
Two Malaysian states are considering a change in their Islamic laws so that it is more likely that gay Muslims will suffer under federal and local state laws.

Nova Scotia mulls legal name-change rules
For Madison Goldston, buying cigarettes is a daily reminder that Nova Scotia does not recognize her identity.

In the Wrong Body, Documentary About the First to Get Sex Change in Cuba, Screens Saturday
And you thought Chaz Bono had it tough. Imagine trying to get sexual reassignment surgery in a closed country like Cuba.
Mavi Susel was the first transgender person to do so.
Now, a new documentary screening in Long Beach Satrurday afternoon shares her moving story.

Boulder police say 3 suspects targeted illegal immigrants in document scam
Boulder police are looking for two men and a woman suspected of aiding in a scam that targeted undocumented immigrants trying to obtain illegal drivers licenses.
Transsexual sought in cash-for-ID scam targeting illegal immigrants

UConn policies to protect gender expression
Connecticut’s flagship university has updated its policies to prohibit discrimination against people who choose to live as the sex in which they were not born, or who have changed genders.

Police Appeal For Leads In Transgender Victim's Death
Baltimore police are looking for new clues in a 9-month-old investigation.
Anthony Trent, a transgendered woman who went by the name, Tyra, was strangled in February, police said.

Body of Missing Trans Teen Identified in Detroit
The identity of a Detroit teenager, missing since October 23, has been linked to a burned torso discovered near a road on the city’s east side.
Mom waits for answers in transgender teen's deaths

Dysphoria: A medical condition within
It’s not a choice for transgenders.
Those whose gender identities differ from their birth sex experience gender dysphoria, one of the classifications of gender distress that includes conditions such as hating one’s sexual organs.

Resources are few in Minnesota
People who want to change their gender in Minnesota have few choices for help.

The search for acceptance
Almost every week, Lukkas Ferguson climbs into his old red truck and drives the 30-mile trek from his home in Milaca to St. Cloud.

The ties that bind
The Internet was down, so Chloe Shields typed out the most important letter of her life, made several copies and mailed it to her aunts, uncles and cousins.

Transgender Day of Remembrance
Each November 20th, Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR) is observed by the Trans and allied community around the world who gather in memory of those lost to violence and hate during the previous year.

Raleigh: Regular trans events slated, Logo contest begun
Originally slated to be a one-time event on the Transgender Day of Remembrance observance on Nov. 20 at Fullstream Brewery, 726 Rigsbee Ave. in Durham, a number of transgender community members have now decided to get together on a regular basis to exchange clothing.

Trans remembrance vigils slated
The Transgender Day of Remembrance will be held on Nov. 20 across the globe. The annual celebration allows the community to pay respects to those who have lost their lives to bigotry and hatred. It was spearheaded by Gwen Smith and is in its 13th year.

[OR, USA] TRANS DAY OF REMEMBRANCE: Tragedies And Triumphs
Every November 20, communities across the nation observe Trans Day of Remembrance, memorializing those who have died in the previous year as a result of transphobic violence. But out of that 14-year tradition has grown a month-long focus on both remembering the trans community’s dead and celebrating its living.

Annual Gender Conference: Beyond the Binary
The conference will include a keynote speech by Yoseñio V Lewis, an activist for over 40 years, health educator, speaker, writer, performer, trainer, facilitator, and a member of the National Advisory Board of the Center of Excellence for Transgender Health and board of the All Gender Health Online Study. Additionally, other national and local leaders will lecture, and offer workshops and panels. The conference will be held from 8:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m. in the Gore School of Business at Westminster College

[Dominican Republic]
Dominican hookers, gays, citizens weigh in on bill to create red light district
The bill aimed at creating Dominican Republic’s first “zones of sexual tolerance” or red light districts again spurred heated debate among representatives of sexual workers and conservative groups present in the Chamber of Deputies’ public hearing Friday.