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sábado, novembro 05, 2011

Jock Talk: Speaking up for intersex inclusion
Hysterical outbursts of ignorance and outrage can generate headlines and sensational news stories, but they seldom do much to advance humanity. Perhaps it was fitting, then, that a document recently released by the Women's Sports Foundation that may have long ranging impact on the inclusiveness of mainstream sports received little media fanfare.

Quem são os "transtornados de gênero"?
O Manual Diagnóstico e Estatístico de Transtornos Mentais (DSM) é uma publicação da Associação Psiquiátrica Norteamericana (APA). Em 1980, na publicação de sua terceira versão, a transexualidade foi incluída e tipificada como um "Transtorno de Identidade de Gênero". Em 1994 o Comitê do DSM-IV substituiu o diagnóstico de "Transexualismo" pelo de "Transtorno de Identidade de Gênero". O Código Internacional de Doenças (CID) também passou a considerar o "transexualismo" como uma enfermidade.

Transexual Felipa Tavares sonha em brilhar nas passarelas
Aos 48 anos, o empresário carioca Sérgio Mattos pode se gabar de ter revelado ao mundo a maioria das supermodelos brasileiras. Isabeli Fontana, Raica Oliveira, Daniella Sarahyba e Fernanda Tavares são algumas divindades desse efêmero pedestal das vaidades que acreditaram na frase mágica do agente: “Você vai ser top”. O dono da agência de modelos carioca 40 Graus nunca havia, no entanto, escalado uma transexual para seu elenco. Há duas semanas, quando ministrava um workshop no Rio de Janeiro, chamou-lhe a atenção a chegada – atrasada – de Felipa Tavares, uma moça de 1,81 metro e 25 anos que, esbaforida, se equilibrava sobre um par de escarpins rosa-shocking. “Pode se sentar”, disse, meio contrariado. “Horário e disciplina são fundamentais nesta profissão.”

'Transgênero pode ter uma profissão digna', diz modelo comparada a Lea T
A modelo Carol Marra chamou a atenção nas passarelas do Minas Trend Preview, em Belo Horizonte. Ela se define transgênera, diz que se sente feminina e evita divulgar o nome de registro. A recente carreira em catálogos e desfiles de grifes é motivo de orgulho. “É uma oportunidade de mostrar que o transgênero pode ter uma profissão digna e não aquela visão que a sociedade tem de marginalidade”, disse.

Detenido tras confesar que mató a un hombre y lo enterró en casa
La víctima del homicidio que perpetró un hombre en Madrid, del que se confesó culpable el pasado miércoles ante la Policía, es un transexual que mantenía contactos con el presunto agresor y que los agentes han encontrado semienterrado en el jardín de la casa de éste, en el barrio de Tetuán.
Prisión provisional y sin fianza para el hombre que mató a una transexual
Prisión sin fianza para el hombre que mató a un transexual
Espanha: Mulher transexual morta a golpes de martelo e navalha

'He gets bullied but he's determined to be a performer': Proud mother tells of 14-year-old son's drag queen ambitions
'I felt so proud, he was wearing false boobs, a blonde wig and high heels', says mother
Tom Adams started cross-dressing at the age of two, as his alter ego Tamara
A proud mother has told how her schoolboy son has become a drag queen at the tender age of 14.
Tom Adams loves dressing in drag and has performed with his dance class dressed in a sparkly dress, blonde wig and full make-up.

Britain's first transgender rabbi?
A peace worker who wants to become Britain's first transgender rabbi is to feature in a new prime-time documentary.

Zambia won’t make pro-gay laws to get money from Britain – minister Lubinda
Zambia will not make laws to recognise homosexuality in order to get money from Britain, government spokesperson Lubinda has said.

I don`t condemn homosexuals: Tsvangirai
Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday dug in on his support for gays and lesbians, saying he would not condemn their unnatural acts as it is their democratic right to engage in same-sex unions.

Tanzania stands firm on aid-gay rights spat with UK
Tanzania has become the latest African government to say it will not legalise homosexuality even if that means it loses substantial financial aid from Britain.

East Africa dares UK on homosexuality
Tanzania, Zanzibar, and other East African states have said they will not accept overtures from United Kingdom to grant legal rights to homosexuality.

Parliament rejects gays
Members of Parliament yesterday condemned homosexuality in no uncertain terms, with a call on the Executive to amend the Criminal Code, Act 29 (1960) to provide for stiffer punishment for those who engage in the practice.
Ghana refuses to grant gays' rights despite aid threat

Sexual minorities still struggling in Bangalore
Lives of sexual minorities aren’t any better than they were when rights movements began in the city.

Police move against Seksualiti Merdeka sparks heated debate between groups
Police have banned Seksualiti Merdeka with immediate effect, sparking a heated debate among supporters and detractors of the movement that fights for freedom of sexual orientation and gender identity.
Fury over ‘sex festival’
[Commentary] Seksualiti Merdeka row: Go after the real monsters
La Policía malasia prohíbe festival homosexual por ir contra el orden social
Police ban gay arts festival as threat to public order in Muslim-majority Malaysia

Americans Understand and Support Transgender People More than Previously Thought
The Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) released a report today concerning Americans’ understanding of transgender people entitled “Strong Majorities of Americans Favor Rights and Legal Protections for Transgender People.” It is often assumed that most Americans are not familiar with transgender people, but these survey results showed a surprising level of understanding and familiarity with transgender people.
Poll shows majority believe trans people should have equal rights
Survey | Strong Majorities of Americans Favor Rights and Legal Protections for Transgender People

IRS Formally Agrees with Historic Court Ruling for Transgender Taxpayers
On Wednesday, the Internal Revenue Service announced its intent to formally agree, termed a "notice of acquiescence," with an historic 2010 decision of the U.S. Tax Court that overturned IRS policy disallowing tax deductions for medical care related to gender transition.

Journey to manhood: a former ‘transsexual’ tells his story
Walt Heyer was a little boy growing up in California in the mid 1940s, interested in cowboys, cars and steel guitars when one day, his grandmother fancied that he wanted to be a girl. She naively made for him a purple chiffon evening dress that he would wear when he visited her.

Hate crimes on the rise, no one knows why
After a rash of violence, claims of inaction and hours of back-and-forth, one thing is clear: D.C. police and the city's transgender community can't agree on a single thing.

A Tale of Two Genders: Transitions caters to 'gender non-conforming' community members
When professors first called his name for attendance, Sam Barrons dreaded being referred to as "she" or by his legal name.
As a transsexual man, Barrons doesn't like to be called by his female-gendered legal name. Explaining his gender identity to professors is a frustrating process, the senior family and individual development major said.

Surgeon Expects to Benefit from Advances in Gender-Change Research
Dr. Loren Schechter is one of less than a handful of doctors in the United States who perform the most delicate surgery in the trans-gender process.

Critics blast anti-bullying law for allowing exceptions based on religion, moral beliefs
The Michigan state Senate on Wednesday passed the “Matt’s Safe School Law,” an anti-bullying bill that contained a last minute addition by senate Republicans that essentially nullified the bill by allowing an exception to the law for “a sincerely held religious belief or moral conviction of a school employee, school volunteer, pupil, or a pupil’s parent or guardian.”

Students Seek Gender-Neutral Bathrooms
The Student Assembly passed a resolution Thursday calling for the conversion of every single-stall bathroom on campus to a gender-neutral facility and prescribing the inclusion of gender-neutral bathrooms in all future University buildings. The resolution passed 26-1.

Gay Rights activist Dan Savage glitterbombed, called ‘transphobe’
The glitterbombing continues, and this time, it’s Dan Savage under heat after his visit to the University of Oregon Tuesday turned sparkly as a representative from the “Dan Savage Welcoming Committee” rushed to the stage to dump a bucket of glitter on the sex columnist, the Huffington Post reports.

LGBT amendment defeated in worker-database bill
The House State Government Committee this week approved a bill that is part of a legislative trend said to stem the tide of illegal immigration, but that lacks protections for LGBTs among its nondiscrimination provisions.

[Latin America & Caribbean]
IGHLRC aplaude a la CIDH para la creación de una unidad para los derechos de las personas LGBTII
Desde IGLHRC queremos dar la bienvenida a esta importante iniciativa de la Comisión Interamericana de Derechos Humanos.
Una iniciativa que amplia en forma exponencial las posibilidades de protección y defensa de los derechos humanos de las personas LGBT en el continente americano.
IGLHRC Applauds the IACHR for Creation of Unit on Rights of LGBTII Persons

[Dominican Republic]
Hallan maniatado cadáver de mujer trans
Un homosexual vestido de mujer fue encontrado muerto con las manos, los pies y el cuello atados, en una laguna del sector Rompe Olas, en Gaspar Hernández.

Aprueban decreto para luchar contra la homofobia y transfobia
El gobierno puso en vigencia el Decreto Supremo 1022 que declara al 17 de mayo como "Día de Lucha Contra la Homofobia y Transfobia" en el Estado Plurinacional. Este norma fue elaborada por organizaciones como la Asociación Civil de Desarrollo Social y Promoción Cultural), Capacitación en Derechos Ciudadanos, a la cabeza del Ministerio de Justicia que alineó a otros ministerios como el de Educación, Culturas y de Autonomías que implementarán y harán cumplir esta norma a partir de su aplicación.

[Chile] (Comunicado)
Para la sesión del Martes 8 de Noviembre las personas TRANS* de Chile:
¡Exigimos a nuestros parlamentarios incluir la categoría Identidad de Género en la Ley que Estable Medidas en Contra la Discriminación!
Las personas TRANS* (Transexuales, Travestis, Transgéneras e Intersex) de Chile necesitamos protección legal y es rol de los Senadores y Senadoras que votarán la ley contra la discriminación resguardar y asegurar este derecho, que como seres humanos altamente vulnerables nos corresponde.