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quarta-feira, novembro 02, 2011

15th anniversary of the ILGA-Europe Annual Conference concludes in Turin
Nearly 343 lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender activists and allies concluded the 15th annual ILGA-Europe’s Annual Conference in Turin, Italy on Oct. 30. The event served as the largest LGBT event occurring on an annual basis in Europe’s history.

Alexandre Frota perde a cabeça com humorista Zé Americo após piada sobre a travesti Bianca
O ator e hoje diretor do SBT, Alexandre Frota, parece ter se cansado de levar as piadas sobre sua sexualidade na esportiva. Durante gravação do programa "Você Tem Que Ver", que iria ao ar hoje (1/11) no SBT, Zé Americo ironizou sobre um filme adulto que ele protagonizou com a travesti Bianca. A piadinha deixou Frota extremamente irritado, a ponto de chutar a bancada do estúdio.

Sex change footage of former policeman becoming a woman 'inappropriate' to show on TV
Girls Will Be Boys And Boys Will Be Girls to air on Channel 4 next month
Graphic footage of a former policeman undergoing a sex change operation may be too unpleasant for some television viewers, a watchdog has warned.

Uganda fury at David Cameron aid threat over gay rights
The UK is showing a "bullying mentality" by threatening to cut aid to countries where homosexuality is illegal, a Ugandan official says.

Website developer shrugs off threats
A Bahrain resident who set up an online portal to support lesbians, gays, people who are bi-sexual and transsexuals has vowed to carry on despite threats to have it closed down.

Bid to bring Hijras into mainstream
Several organisations have taken out a procession in the city to motivate people to pull Hijras (transgender minority) to the main stream of society.

'Pregnant Man' done having kids
An Oregon female-to-male transsexual who became known as the "Pregnant Man" said his third child was his last.

[USA] [Commentary]
Some Of The 7 Billion Earthlings Are Trans
Nations around the planet celebrated the arrival of the symbolic 7 billionth child being born after midnight today. China and India account for a third of that population growth with over a billion people each and the United States being third with 313 million.

Trans Student Kicked Out of Baptist University
A young woman was booted from California Baptist University in Riverside after she came out as transgender on the MTV program True Life.
[Commentary] Cal Baptist expels transgender student

Crossdressing 7-year-old boy allowed to join Girl Scouts
Girl Scouts of Colorado has announced that 7-year-old Bobby Montoya, who was initially turned away from a local Girl Scout chapter on the grounds that he is not a girl, will be allowed to join since he “identifies” as a girl.
Gender-Confused Boy Welcomed Into Girl Scouts
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[Commentary] NCTE And The FRC On A Trans Youth Joining The Girl Scouts

Creativity, pride mark Miss Guahan 2011: Transgendered beauty queens rock the stage
When the storytelling group Ginen i Hila' i Maga'taotao Siha Association decided to host its biggest event ever, members braced themselves for everything but a night of beauty and talent beyond measure. On Oct. 6, more than 700 people took their seats to watch 10 contestants compete for the crown at the first-ever Miss Guåhan 2011 Beauty Pageant, held at the University of Guam Field House.

Living by her rules: Crimsona talks life, love and family as a woman
It was 1982, and a tall model from Guam had just hit the big time. Crimsona Amistad Kaiser has the honor of being Guam's first international model after a 10-year run on the European circuits, modeling the latest clothes and accessories, and making big bucks. She jumped from country to country and could fly on a moment's notice.

En Monclova, guardan a un homosexual ebrio
Un homosexual fue sorprendido alterando el orden público en estado de ebriedad, por lo que los oficiales de la Policía Preventiva lo pusieron bajo arresto y lo llevaron a Seguridad Pública para ponerlo a disposición del juez calificador en turno.