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sexta-feira, outubro 28, 2011

Historic vote extends EU asylum standards to transgender people
Today the European Parliament formally adopted a new set of asylum rules for the European Union. The binding rules now include gender identity as a ground of persecution, which EU Member States must take into account. Governments have already agreed to the changes, which are final.

Polícia de Porto Velho procura homem que matou travesti
Porto Velho pode ter maníaco que ataca e mata homossexuais. Polícia procura
A polícia de Porto Velho, capital de Rondônia, está procurando por um homem acusado de ser um maníaco que ataca homossexuais na cidade. Segundo a polícia, somente nos últimos sete dias ele teria cometido pelo menos dois crimes de ódio contra pessoas LGBT.

Entrevista Carla Antonelli: «Hay que tumbar todos los muros de la desinformación»
La diputada transexual habló en la Facultad de Ciencias de la Educación de A Coruña

Channel 4 to broadcast new trans documentary series
Channel 4 have announced plans to broadcast a brand new documentary on gender identity.

Chloé, transsexuelle, veut changer d'état civil et préserver son mariage
Ce jeudi matin, Wilfrid et Marie Avrillon, mariés depuis 14 ans et parents de trois garçons, vont se rendre au tribunal pour demander à rester mariés. Car Wilfrid est devenu Chloé, et souhaite que son changement de sexe soit reconnu par la loi.
Casal de lésbicas francesas tentam reverter veto a casamento igualitário

Pension de réversion: pour le gouvernement, c'est toujours non
Les 17.000 signatures et plus remises à l'Assemblée n'auront pas eu d'effet: le gouvernement a déjà décidé que les pacsés (et donc les couples homos) n'y auront pas droit.

«Théorie du genre»: Les élu-e-s SRC à l’Assemblée nationale boycottent le groupe de travail sur les manuels scolaires
«Ce n’est pas au Parlement de rédiger les manuels scolaires.» L’annonce de la constitution d’un groupe de travail parlementaire sur le contenu et les modalités d’élaboration des manuels scolaires a mis les député-e-s du groupe Socialiste Radical Citoyen (SRC) très en colère.

Trans Human Rights Defenders Were Sentenced to Imprisonment While the Attacker Police Officers Have the Privilege of Impunity!

On 19 June 2010, 3 of the founding members of Pembe Hayat were arrested while they were driving in their car by the police officers of Esat Police Station in Ankara without demonstrating any legal reason. Against the everyday arbitrary actions of the police against the trans community in Turkey, Pembe Hayat members rejected to be arrested stating that this action meant the limitation of their freedom of movement, the rights stated in the Law on Misdemeanors and the Police Duty and Authority Law for the police were misused. Still, they were forcibly taken to the pollice station and were arrested while being used violence against.

While the complaints of the trans victims of police violence against the mentioned police officers were not taken into consideration, the complaints of the police officers against the trans human rights defenders with the allegation of “resisting the police”, “insulting the police” and “destroying the public good” were turned into a case within a short period of time. The Ankara 15th Criminal Court of First Instance decided on 26.10.2011 to rule for imprisonment for the trans human rights defenders because of the crime of “resisting the police” and “insulting the police”.

The Board Chair of Pembe Hayat, Buse Kılıçkaya, was given 5 months of prison sentence with the allegation of “resisting the police”. Vice-Chair of Pembe Hayat, Derya Tunç, was given 6 months of prison sentence with the allegation of “resisting the police. Finally, an active member of Pembe Hayat, Naz Gudumen, was given 1 year and 6 months of prison sentence with the allegation of “resisting the police” and “insulting the police”.

The police, who have been perpetrators of arbitrary fines, arrests, violence and ill-treatment against trans human rights defenders, have an impunity; while the trans human rights defenders are continuously being deterred as regards to their activism through ongoing cases opened against them by the police.

The prison sentences against the well-known and visible trans human rights defenders – Buse Kılıçkaya, Derya Tunç and Naz Gudumen - ruled by the Ankara 15th Criminal Court of First Instance cannot be accepted!

This ruling, which aims to eliminate any kind of trans rights activism, breaches the UN Declaration on the Protection of Human Rights Defenders. At the same time, the arbitrary actions of the police officers, discriminatory attitude of the judicial authorities and the institutional violence against the trans community in Turkey, demonstrate the fact that the Turkish Government and relevant authorities ignore the UN Declaration on Human Rights, European Convention on Human Rights, the case-law of European Court of Human Rights, the Constitution and the relevant national legislation of the Turkey.

The verdict gives a message: “You should silence yourself even if the police uses violence against you. Otherwise, you will be subjected to imprisonment!” The same verdict means the approval of the understanding that became visible when the police officers stated “your crime is that you are a trans” when they arrested the trans activists. This policy is the proof of that basic rights and freedoms and the democratic values in Turkey is partial.

We invite everyone against this injustice both in Turkey and abroad to act against the ruling of the local court for solidarity!.

We will not keep ourselves silent to this injustice!.. We protest the violence targeting the trans community and the unfair trial. We invite all relevant authorities to immediately take action against the court ruling which victimizes trans human rights defenders.

With our best regards,

Pembe Hayat

Public school board creates sexual orientation policy
Public school board’s policy against harassment of LGBTQ students and staff first of its kind in Prairie provinces
Trustees already formed anti-bullying committee last month
Chair says students, staff face increased risk

Black transgender people face startling levels of discrimination, report finds
Black transgender and gender non-conforming people face some of the highest levels of discrimination of all transgender people according to a recently released analysis, "Injustice at Every Turn: A Look at Black Respondents in the National Transgender Discrimination Survey."

To Fox & Friends Gender-Neutral Dorms Are a Joke
The talking heads of Fox & Friends mocked the need for co-ed dormitory rooms by gender-nonconforming students.
Fox & Friends Mocks, Criticizes Gender-Neutral Housing Policy

USAID ‘strongly encourages’ contractors to prohibit LGBT job bias
New policy implemented by the U.S. Agency for International Development “strongly encourages” businesses contracting with the organization to have non-discrimination policies in place for their LGBT workers.

[USA] [Commentary]
Trans Representation in the Media
Last night, I slouched in the center row of a mostly empty theatre while a gaggle of teen queers passed around a fuzzy microphone, reflecting on the importance of the Gay-Straight Alliance at their local high schools.

Debt led to fatal shooting at Hayward motel, according to report
James "Lucie" Parkin was fatally shot in the back as she lay facedown on the floor of a motel room Sept. 20 by an acquaintance who wanted to collect a debt, according to a police report.

Boy who identifies as girl, may be allowed to join Girl Scouts
Bobby Montoya, a 7-year-old boy from Denver, Colo., who identifies as a girl, may be allowed to join the Girl Scouts after initially being told no by a local troop leader.
Colorado Girl Scouts say rejecting boy, 7, was a mistake
Transgender boy's attempt to join Girl Scouts initially rejected because 'he has boy parts'
Girls Scouts say yes to the BOY who wants to join them
Girl Scouts Allows 7-Year-Old Boy to Join
Colorado Girl Scouts Say Boy Welcome to Join

Advocates push for expanded transgender access to public bathrooms
The owner of the New Modern Grill, at Belmont and Halsted, made an exception to her “No Public Restroom” sign – letting a transgender woman who wasn’t a customer use the bathroom.

Kan. community groups to host hate crime forum
Officials with the U.S. Justice Department will join community groups in leading a Wichita forum on hate crimes next week.

Trans and triumphant
Ryan Oliver, 28, can tell you a thing or two about what it really means to be an African American man. Like knowing how to be a "brother to brothers," and showing compassion for other men. And like showing the utmost respect for black women.

Speaker gives personal face to transgendered lives
"I am just one voice out of many," said Ryan Sallans during a speech Tuesday afternoon to a packed crowd at the Milo Bail Student Center Ballroom. "Everybody has a different experience. I share my story because I'm a person just like anyone else."

Qns. woman acquitted of killing hubby says he visited tranny hookers
The Queens woman acquitted in the fatal shooting of her abusive, cross-dressing, diaper-wearing, ex- cop husband says she withheld sex from him for a decade because he patronized transvestite prostitutes.

New Standards of Care could transform trans healthcare
At a presentation at the Houston Transgender Center last Saturday Colt Meier, doctoral candidate at the University of Houston, and Levi Herman presented information on the World Professional Association of Transgender Health’s new Standards of Care 7. The new Standards of Care, released last month, offer a multidisciplinary guide to healthcare professionals working with “transexual, transgender and gender nonconforming” individuals.

Seattle says insurers must finance transgender surgeries
In Seattle, social justice is a prime concern. Council member Bruce Harry had this in mind when he requested that the city council take up the fight for healthcare equality.

La población LGBT y los servicios de salud en México
La semana pasada algunas personas del sindicato de trabajadores de los Servicios de Salud del D.F. que laboran en la Clínica Condesa pretendían dejar de dar servicios a la población transgénero y transexual que se atiende en esa clínica además de querer reducir los servicios que se otorgan en dicho centro. Esta situación puso al descubierto el grado de estigma y desconocimiento que aún existe entre los prestadores de servicios de salud a la población LGBT, incluso aquellos que están más cercanos al trabajo con personas no-heterosexuales o con una identidad sexo-genérica.

Documento relata serias violaciones contra defensores de derechos humanos
Amenazas por teléfono o por terceros, asesinatos selectivos de periodistas, campesinos, personas LGBT y profesores, ataques de guardias privados contra personas o sedes de organizaciones sociales, campañas de desprestigio y procesos penales abusivos.

Spot Contra Transfobia

Jornada Cultural por el Derecho a la Identidad de Genero
La ley de matrimonio para personas del mismo sexo se aprobó hace mas de un año, permitiendo que miles de personas no heterosexuales accedamos a este Derecho democratico elemental, desde entonces en la Argentina se habla de la “igualdad”. Sin embargo aquellxs que vivimos nuestra sexualidad como gays, lesbianas, bisexuales y trans sabemos que esta “igualdad” es sinonimo de Tolerancia, y solo para quienes pueden transitar los teatros glamorosos de la calle Corrientes, modelar marcas reconocidas y constituir jurados de baile en el programa de Tinelli, pero no para las personas de las barriadas pobres que vive apiñada, sin servicios elementales, manejada por los punteros, sin acceso a educación ni trabajo.