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quarta-feira, outubro 19, 2011

Former British Empire countries to consider abolishing laws outlawing homosexuality
Leaders of former British Empire countries that continue to outlaw homosexuality will be asked next week to reverse their bans in a bid to reduce their disproportionately high HIV infection rates, an official said Tuesday.

Novela Aquele Beijo, que acaba de estrear na Globo, conta com personagem travesti
Nova novelada Globo, Aquele Beijo conta com personagem travesti policamente incorreta
Estreou na noite desta segunda-feira, 17 de outubro, a novela "Aquele Beijo", na Globo. Escrita por Miguel Falabella, a novela substituiu "Morde e Assopra" no horário das 19h.
Luís Salem interpreta travesti Ana Girafa na novela "Aquele Beijo"

Travesti é morta a tiros na Paraíba; mãe suspeita de homofobia
O corpo de uma travesti foi encontrado no último domingo (16), em Patos, na Paraíba, próximo a estação ferroviária da cidade.

Ariadna aparece com máscara no rosto após cirurgia; assista
No mês passado, a ex-BBB Ariadna anunciou que faria uma cirurgia plástica no rosto para adquirir, digamos, um “ar mais feminino”. E ela fez. A transexual passou por uma operação que consiste em eliminar a protuberância óssea da região das sobrancelhas.

Anna Grodzka, primeira transexual no parlamento
Eleitores da Polónia elegeram a primeira transexual para o parlamento - Anna Grodzka, de 57 anos, é uma activista e produtora de filmes que se diz preparada para lutar pelas uniões civis de casais do mesmo sexo e pelo financiamento estatal para as cirurgias de correcção de sexo.
Deputada da Polônia, promete lutar por cirurgias de troca de sexo gratuitas
Poland’s first transgender MP will fight for equal rights
AP Interview: Poland’s first transsexual lawmaker to campaign for
minority rights

First transsexual lawmaker in Poland to push for minority rights

[Australia] [Commentary]
Miss Banks 2 U: On transgender suicide prevention
In 1993 a study was done at the University of Sydney into suicide and its causes in the GLBTI community at large; at that stage transgender community suicide rates were as high as 43%, an unacceptable figure in anyone’s standards. Thankfully the percentage rates have reduced since then, due solely to a burgeoning support base created during the 1990s and beyond via organisations, internet resources and networking.

Learning centres planning gender-neutral washrooms
Manitoba's colleges and universities could soon be flush with gender-neutral washrooms.
There are already a few on local campuses, with talk of more to come.
"It's definitely something that's being discussed within the LGBTT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, two-spirited) community," said Camilla Tapp, president of the University of Manitoba Students Union.
[Commentary] Gender-neutral washrooms not so strange

Black and Transgender: A Double Burden
A recent report confirms that they face extreme discrimination and poverty.

[USA] [Commentary]
Transgender Texan Two-Steps Gender Reassignment To Marry Lesbian Partner
Megan Stabler, who is the lone trans board member for the Human Rights Campaign, has married her female partner in Texas by exploiting the fine print. Stabler, who was born male, simply would have to produce a birth certificate stating her assignment as a male in order to get hitched with her partner.

UCLA Ponders Co-ed Dorm Rooms for “Transgenders”
In an effort to "better accommodate transgender students," the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) is flirting with a new campus experiment to accept co-ed dorm room assignments from students who would prefer to live with members of the opposite sex. If approved, the "gender-inclusive housing" policy could go into effect as early as next year, allowing students to request co-ed roommates for the 2012 academic year.

What Went Wrong In McInerney Trial?
Did gay panic or bad planning help Lawrence King’s killer escape justice?

California Pre-Teen Transgender Patient's Hormone Treatment Questioned
A lesbian couple in California who say their 11-year-old son Tommy wants to be a girl named Tammy are giving their child hormone blockers that delay the onset of puberty, so that he can have more time to decide if he wants to change his gender.
Controversial Therapy for Pre-Teen Transgender Patient Raises Questions

Born to survive in the “Real World”
Katelynn is a very rambunctious young lady. Well, lady is kind of a stretch. She is a badass, foul-mouthed, transgender female from South Florida and she will cut a bitch. Comprende?

Union encourages progress on gender-neutral housing
In a senate meeting on Monday night, members of the Boston University Student Union unanimously voted to continue development of a proposal to university administration for gender-neutral housing.

Trannies as 6G thieving bagmen
Two plus-sized transvestites shoplifted $6,000 in Chanel bags from a boutique on the Lower East Side Thursday, despite having the full attention of the gawking shop staff.
Cross-dressing Bandits Shoplift Chanel Bags

TransActive Education & Advocacy 4th Annual Silent Auction
Since 2008, TransActive Education & Advocacy's "Superheroes for Superkids" Silent Auction has been their highlight community event of the year and 2011 promises to be the biggest and best yet with the addition of Janet Mock as keynote speaker.

Philly to Open Transgender Homeless Shelter
In September, Jaden Hensley was turned away from a city-funded homeless shelter for being transgendered.
Philly establishing transgender shelter

Local Woman Starts Support Group for Transgender Women
A Lynchburg transgender woman has started a local group to teach acceptance.
Lori Wright started the Free Women Society. Right now members are meeting in homes, mostly in Roanoke and Richmond, but Wright is hoping to soon hold meetings in Lynchburg.

Un crimen pasional el asesinato de travesti
Tras la pista del sádico asesino se encuentra la Policía Ministerial, las investigaciones que se realizan desde la tarde del homicidio señalan que al parecer se trató de un crimen pasional, la apuñalada le cercenó el corazón.
El asesino de homosexual es aprehendido

La lucha de esta activista transexual, historiadora y ex RN
Desde el año 2008 que Valentina Verbal decidió dar un vuelco en su vida y asumir su condición de mujer, vistiéndose como tal, maquillándose, aunque no escandalosamente y cambiando su nombre social, aunque todavía no modifica su carné. La decisión trajo consigo incomodidades, como ser llamada señora en un banco y luego escuchar cómo la gente se da vuelta cuando la cajera la trata de caballero al mostrar su carné. Pero entre la suma y la resta, se queda con saldo a favor.

A los 14 años eligió ser Aldana y hoy quiere cambiar su DNI
Es una de las miles de personas trans que esperan que se apruebe la Ley de Identidad de Género. Con 20 años, ella y su familia todavía deben afrontar situaciones de discriminación