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segunda-feira, outubro 17, 2011

Milhares de indignados gritaram em Lisboa por justiça em tempos de crise
O encontro estava marcado para as 15h em vários pontos do país, mas só mais tarde é que as manifestações portuguesas começaram a ganhar força. A organização aponta para 100 mil pessoas na manifestação de Lisboa, o jornal espanhol El País baixa a estimativa para 30 mil. Ainda não há resultados à vista, mas já há uma nova manifestação agendada: 26 de Novembro.
Duas dezenas de “indignados” continuam em frente à Assembleia da República
Indignados marcam nova concentração no dia de aprovação do OE

[UK] [Commentary]
Getting trans people elected….
The UK is supposed to have one of the most trans-friendly legal systems in the world these days, yet we seem to be a long way behind the rest of the world in terms of having trans people elected.

"The Therapeutic Shield": Details and Limitations of a legitimising tool
French speakers may be interested in the below paper, published today.
It outlines historical elements and developments concerning the "therapeutic shield" invented by the (illegal) cartel of French psychiatrists in order to refuse access to gender-recognition related health care to the majority of those who request it as well as pathologizing those to whom they eventually grant access to healthcare.

Emerging LGBT-Activism in Italy (Part One: Facing life senza paura)
Italian singer Ornella Vanoni recently released a song, Senza Paura, in English, Without Fear and deals with facing life’s uncertainties unafraid. Last May, SFGN had the pleasure of meeting with four gay activists from Tuscany, in town for the International Gay and Lesbian Tourist Association convention.
Emerging Italian Activists Part two: Forza Torre del Lago, Stonewall a la Italia!

Sex-change inmate Leslie 'Krista' Richard pleads 'let me wear women's clothes'
Transsexual inmate fighting to wear women's clothes
Says authorties are being "hypocritical and unreasonable"
Prisoner is also fighting to be moved to women's jail

[Australia] [Commentary]
World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) is asking for feedback on its Standards of Care 7 (SOC 7) – opportunity for intersex to object to our unasked-for inclusion in SOC 7
WE have received information from someone who took part in the World Professional Association for Transgender Health’s (WPATH) deliberations on including intersex people without consulting with intersex people and organizations first. It appears that the door is currently ajar for comments to be sent to the WPATH about this and about why this unasked-for act of WPATH’s has so upset us and other intersex people, intersex organizations and allies.

Occupy Wall St. comes to Canada
One of the first arrivals early this morning at Bay and King, the financial district launch spot for today’s Occupy Toronto demonstration, was a transgendered woman named Stephanie who parked her silver Dodge Dakota SLT pickup truck on the southwest corner, erected a hefty P.A. system, a microphone and stand, and began blasting dated top-40 hits at high volume into the gathering crowd. At one point, Robert Palmer’s “Simply Irresistible”, from 1988, welcomes the arrival of young people in Guy Fawkes masks and skinny jeans.

N.C. trans prisoner settles federal suit
A settlement has been reached in the case of Vanessa Adams, a Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) inmate at FMC Butner, who has gender identity disorder (GID). Adams sued BOP in order to receive appropriate treatment for her GID.

[USA] [Commentary]
Occupy Equality
Subtitle: The majority of Americans (including small business owners) support ENDA
How high does the percentage of Americans who believe that GLBT people should have legal protection from discrimination in the workplace have to be before this country will act on the will of the people?

[USA] [Commentary]
Post Op Transgender Woman Megan Stabler becomes Man Again to Marry
Megan Stabler Switchs from Ms to Mr to Marry Steals Keisling's Quisling Crown.
[Commentary] Trans Activist/HRC Board Member Meghan Stabler And Marriage Equality

UCLA Plans to Accommodate Transgenders With Coed Dorms
University of California Los Angeles is the latest college to consider adding coed dorm rooms to the campus housing mix in a move intended to better accommodate transgender students, school officials said.

Workshop: Implementing and Enforcing the Transgender Non-Discrimination Law in Connecticut
A workshop about the new legal protections provided by the addition this year of gender identity and expression to Connecticut's non-discrimination law.