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segunda-feira, outubro 10, 2011

Abraçar os sonhos
Noites turbulentas em que os sonhos transmitem algo de real com a surrealidade dos mesmos. Penso às vezes em como era bom que, apesar de tudo, a minha vida fosse mais parecida com os meus sonhos do que com a realidade.

O desmascarar das verdades do Dr. Reis Marques
Ao fim de 7 meses ... 7 meses sem dar em nada ... quando já ninguém levava a sério o que afirmava o Dr. Reis Marques, o assumir do fracasso da "aventura" em que a sua "patroa Ministra" Ana Jorge o meteu, ... teria sido uma atitude de homem …
Teria sido ... mas infelizmente não foi ... preferiu arrastar na queda toda a sua Equipa.

Ex-BBB Ariadna faz cirurgia para ter rosto mais feminino
Nesta última semana, a ex-BBB e transexual Ariadna passou por uma cirurgia facial que promete deixar seu rosto com contornos mais femininos.

Morir por ser transexual
El asesinato de Sonia, asesinada a golpes por un grupo de neonazis, marcó un hito en la defensa del colectivo - 20 años después, su memoria sigue viva

Trans Woman Murdered by Brother
A transgender woman in the eastern province of Gaziantep, Turkey, was killed on Oct. 7.

In beauty pageants, salons, musicals, and soon a movie, transgenders at home in Manipur
Having won Miss Transgender Manipur five times in a row, 25-year-old Bishesh Huirem is one of the state’s most recognisable faces. Unlike other parts of the country, the valley of Imphal, in the midst of nine hills, has been celebrating and supporting alternative sexuality for years, she says.

[India] [Film]
The third dimension
In real lfe, transvestites live a painfully shunned existence in the outer fringes of society. In reel life, they are used to provide comic relief through their dance and clap routine or exaggerated histrionics. But a brigade of sensitive directors are
now working within the mainstream format to depict the challenges and ridicule the transvestites face.

[Australia] [Commentary]
The facts about the new Australian passports’ X sex field designation policy
THE first person to be granted an X on their passport here in Australia under the new Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade (DFAT) sex field designation policy announcement is a trans person named Norrie May Welby. The second was an intersex person from Organisation Intersex International Australia Limited (OII Australia).

What should your kids be learning about sex in school?
One day last spring, a four-year-old junior kindergarten student named Avea came home from school with a storybook called Mom and Mum Are Getting Married. Her grandfather is under the impression her schoolteacher put the book in the young girl’s backpack; the chairman of the Ontario school board in question said he was under the impression Avea chose the book herself.
Flash points in the sex-ed curricula across Canada

[USA] [Film]
Nicole Kidman pulls out of £10million sex change movie
Nicole Kidman’s movie about the world’s first man to have a sex change has been shelved.
Nicole Kidman's $10 million sex change film The Danish Girl stalls as Rachel Weisz becomes third star to pull out

Grand Valley State switches to 'gender neutral' housing option for gay, transgender students
After months of lobbying by the gay community, Grand Valley State University quietly changed their policy this fall to include a “gender neutral” option for gay or transgender students to check on their housing application.

Attorney for Mpls. transgender murder suspect says new charge is 'retaliation'
Prosecutors have filed an additional and more serious second-degree murder charge against a suspect accused of killing a man outside a Minneapolis bar, while the defendant's advocates say the move by the Hennepin County attorney's office is "retaliation" for refusing to accept a plea deal.