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quinta-feira, outubro 06, 2011

Metrô de São Paulo quer tirar Valéria e Janete do ar
Quadro da transex Valéria no Zorra Total incita a violência contra a mulher, diz Metrô de SP

Transgender woman tells of street abuse
A transgender woman from Carlisle has told how she was subjected to transphobic abuse as she walked through the city centre.

Real life: My hubby had a sex change but we're staying together
Unpacking after what was supposed to have been a romantic break with her ­husband Neil, Meg Cowie was relieved to be home. The trip hadn’t been as blissful as she’d hoped and Neil seemed stressed the whole time.
But he wasn’t anxious due to ­pressure at work, as she’d thought.
Something that had eaten away at him since he was a child had finally come to a head.

[UK] [Commentary]
EHRC: A review of access to NHS gender reassignment services
The Commission has prepared this England only review in response to concerns expressed by trans advocacy groups and individuals that they experience particular difficulties accessing NHS gender reassignment services. The NHS is subject to the public sector equality duty and to the Human Rights Act and both of those have implications for how the NHS delivers gender reassignment services.
[Commentary] EHRC Trans healthcare report

[Italy] [Commentary]
Michela Balocchi writes on the erasure of intersex in the Italian media and its misreporting of intersex stories
ITALIAN intersex ally Michela Balocchi has written about the response in the Italian mainstream press to Australia’s new intersex-inclusive passport regulations. In effect, as she points out, the media in Italy have erased the word intersex from their reporting and are pretending that this is a purely transgender-oriented reform. They have failed to do any fundamental research whatsoever.

La Trans Marocchina "Noor",un icona della danza orientale nel mondo arabo
Ho sempre sentito parlare di lei, ma la prima volta che lo incontrata, era Dicembre del 2004, nel palazzo “gharanata” di Marrakech: gli occhi non lasciavano la danzatrice del ventre con lunghi capelli corvini ballava in mezzo al pubblico affascinato dei suoi scintillante movimenti sessuale, con finezza ed armonia più femminile di una donna.

Intersex anger over report terminology
Organisation Intersex International (OII) Australia has labelled the World Professional Association of Transgender Health (WPATH) “arrogant” over new standards of care guidelines for sex and gender diverse people.

Toronto Sun will not apologize for transphobic ad
The Toronto Sun will not apologize for running an ad in its Oct 2 edition that activists have called transphobic.
The ad, from the Institute for Canadian Values, is a slightly modified version of a full-page ad that ran in the National Post on Sept 24 and Sept 28. Following a social media outcry, the National Post issued an apology and stated that the proceeds from the ad sale would be donated to a queer charitable organization.
Ontario Tories accused of discrimination after sex-ed flyer labelled ‘hate speech’
Hudak delivers an electoral gift to McGuinty in the form of controversial flyer
McGuinty Liberals: Disagree with sexually-explicit classes? Then you’re ‘homophobic’
Hudak stands by 'homophobic' flyers

New medical rules for US transgender inmates
The US Bureau of Prisons has adopted new rules for the care of transgender inmates.
Settlement Results in Major Change in Transgender Medical Policy for Federal Prisoners

[USA] [Commentary]
After DADT Repeal, Cross-Dressing is Next
Following the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, soldiers who have had sex-change operations want a repeal of a similar ban barring them from serving openly. That "transgendered" designation also encompasses cross-dressers.

San Diego State to offer major in lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender studies
San Diego State University plans to offer an undergraduate degree in lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender studies, university officials announced Tuesday.
SDSU second in nation to offer LGBT major

What Makes A True Crime Against Transgender Women?
Last week the Washington Blade reported on the story of a transgender woman who was upset that the man who shot her in the neck was given a lesser charge to plea to:

SGA Wants Gender Policy Changed
Protection for Florida A&M's LGBT students may happen sooner than anticipated.
On Sept. 28, The Famuan published a story about a transgendered TCC student who claimed she was discriminated against by FACES Modeling Troupe based on her sexual identity.

Don't Ask, Don't Tell excludes transgender students
UI senior Veronica Hamly knew for a long time she was transgender, but fear prevented her from publicly sharing her identity.

Starvation And Humiliation: A Transgender Protester’s Account Of Mistreatment By The NYPD
Justin Adkins found out the hard way that the New York Police Department does not have a protocol for how to treat transgender people when they are arrested. Adkins, who serves as assistant director of the Multicultural Center at Williams College in Massachusetts, was participating in an Occupy Wall Street protest this weekend on the Brooklyn Bridge.
Transgender Male Humiliated and Abused by NYPD Following Occupy Wall Street Arrest
[Commentary] Transgender Wall St. Protester Alleges Abuse By NYC Police

Tennessee Transgender Political Coalition: On the front lines of equality
The movement for full LGBT equality has been a bit of a rollercoaster ride lately: the military's “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, marriage equality in New York, and the inclusive federal hate crimes law “Matthew Shepard & James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act” are some of the highlights.