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sexta-feira, outubro 07, 2011

Another Trans Woman Murdered In Turkey
A transwoman was shot to death in Gaziantep (one of the southern cities of Turkey) today at around 18.45. The murderer is her brother and here is the details of the case:
A transwoman was under treatment in one of the hospitals of Gaziantep as she was injured after she fell down from the stairs accidentally on 4 October 2011. She had serious problems with her family as they overtly used violence against the victim and their relationship was bad. After her brother heard about her situation in the hospital, he went to the hospital and shot the transwoman to death in front of the eyes of other patients!..
Immediately after the murder, he went to the police point of the hospital calmly and said "I killed my -brother ?- as he was a transvestite. I cleaned my honour!"
6th reported trans murder in 2011!

What's in being a man or a woman?
Now it is the turn of sexual minorities to achieve freedom and equality, feels Rose, world’s first transgender person to direct, produce and anchor a TV show. Writer Hema Vijay captures her inspiring life as multi-talented Rose is rearing to take on the world.

Australian transgender men win legal recognition
Two transgender men in Australia have won the right to be legally recognised as men without undergoing sex reassignment surgery.
Australia's transsexuals no longer have to undergo surgery to swap genders
Transsexuals win WA high court battle
High Court rules in trans favour
Transgenders win fight to be considered male
Court rules transsexuals do not require gender reassignment to become men
Australia court in transgender ruling
Transgender Australians win legal recognition as men despite incomplete sex change surgeries
Men don't have to be all man, court rules
Transsexuals win green light on birth certificates

[Commentary] Two Western Australian men win High Court appeal in struggle for legal recognition

New city sex-work report raises concerns
A sex worker activist says the city’s report and proposed action plan to address sexual exploitation and sex work places too much emphasis on enforcement and the exiting of sex workers from the trade.

UPDATE: Petition demands Hudak apologize for homophobic flyers
Queer activist Jon Hazell, who writes at the blog, has launched an online petition to ask PC Leader Tim Hudak to apologize for an ad campaign Hazell says is full of "bold-faced lies."
[Commentary] Something brewing beneath transphobic ads in Ontario

The Melancholy Sadness
Renée Richards changed the world -- and paid a price

[USA] [Commentary]
Transgender People, Transitioning and Those Darn Standards of Care
Before I sought gender transition, I had never heard of the Standards of Care (SOC), so I’m going to guess that most of you are in the same boat I was in. The SOC is a very important document in the trans world and in the field of trans healthcare. They are nonbinding (aka not mandated) protocols from the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) outlining how clinicians in the fields of psychology, psychiatry, medicine (both primary care and endocrinologists, aka hormones), and surgery should best treat transgender patients.

San Diego State Offers LGBT Major — 2nd in Nation
San Diego State University, which has been called one of the 20 best colleges in the country for LGBT students by Campus Pride, just got a little more popular with LGBT students.

McInerney to Face Jury Again in Retrial
The teenager who shot and killed his gay classmate Lawrence King in 2008 will be retried for murder in Ventura County, Calif., weeks after a jury could not conclusively decide his degree of guilt.
No second trial in murdered gay teen case, gay rights group urges
Calif. teen to be retried in gay classmate killing

Boston City Council Recognizes the MTPC’s 10 Years of Service
Boston City Councilor At-Large Felix G. Arroyo issued an official resolution celebrating the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition’s 10-year anniversary today.

GVSU offers gender neutral housing
After a student-led push, Grand Valley State University now offers gender neutral housing in its campus dorms.

NY Fire Dept. Welcomes Trans Firefighter
There’s little that unnerves the heroes of the New York City Fire Department--and a trans colleague, reportedly the first transgender firefighter in the nation, is not set to cause much anxiety, either.

Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act: Transgender New Yorkers Still Waiting For Equality
Nine years ago gay and lesbian activists made a decision. To get a non-discrimination bill they desperately wanted past New York's state legislature, they cut out protections for their transgender allies. The law passed, but a bitter rift in the state's LGBT community was born -- one that is still being mended.

Panel talks about transgender challenges at OU
Kris Grey: he may be more recognizable by his show name, Justin Credible, or as the "Ask a Tranny" person. Yet, whatever name he goes by, he is genderqueer — a relatively new term for someone who does not identify completely as a man or a woman — and says he's "proud to represent" the greater genderqueer and transgender community.

Movilh y Fundación Progresa lanzarán este jueves encuesta sobre la diversidad sexual en Chile
El Movimiento de Integración y Liberación Homosexual (Movilh) y la Fundación Progresa lanzarán este jueves 6 de octubre las 10:00 horas los resultados de una encuesta aplicada a lesbianas, gays, bisexuales y transexuales (LGBT).

El 52,7% de los gays y transexuales ha sufrido discriminación y evita denunciar
El Movimiento de Integración y Liberación Homosexual (Movilh) entregaron hoy jueves los resultados de la encuesta sobre derechos y discriminación aplicada a lesbianas, gays, bisexuales y transexuales (LGBT), la que arrojó que el 52,7 por ciento ha sufrido algún tipo de discriminación directa y evita denunciar.

[Dominican Republic]
Hallan homosexual asesinado
Un travesti fue asesinado a puñaladas la madrugada de ayer en la avenida San Martín próximo a la Ortega y Gasset, donde ejercía la prostitución.
José Manuel Concepción (Tierrita) fue encontrado en estado agónico por otros homexuales, quienes lo llevaron al hospital Francisco Moscoso Puello, donde falleció.

Torturan, asesinan y queman a joven trans en Lima
Los crímenes de odio continúan en la ciudad de Lima, la cual es cada día más insegura para las personas LGTB, la madrugada del pasado lunes 3 de octubre en el Puente Atocongo que une al sector sur de Lima, fue encontrado el cadáver de una joven trans, visiblemente torturada, acuchillada y quemada.