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domingo, outubro 09, 2011

Transgender prejudice squaddie back in court for resisting arrest
A SOLDIER who became the first person in Scotland to be convicted of transgender prejudice last month was back in court yesterday – for resisting arrest.

One transsexual, one woman killed by family in Turkey
A transexual man and a woman were killed in separate attacks by their relatives on Oct. 7 in the eastern province of Gaziantep and the western province of Manisa, respectively.

[South Africa] [Commentary]
Tremendous tackiness
In the early days of the gay and lesbian Pride parade in the early 1990s, there was much argument about drag queens. Some felt that they should not have the prominence they were given by reports on the march -- newspapers always placed pictures of the most outrageous drags on their front pages.

Dr. Richard Wagner, Ph.D., Professor of Human Sexuality Interviews Transgender Author Toni Newman
Dr. Richard Wagner, Ph.D., Professor of Human Sexuality Interviews Trangender Author Toni Newman about Her New Book I Rise and What Is It Really Like Being African American and Transgender in America. The Discussion is Candid and Very Open.

[USA] [Commentary]
Op-ed: On Trans Kids, It’s Us Who Are Confused
The creative gender cases of Storm, Chaz, Tammy and Mario revealed our society’s knee-jerk and crushing reaction to nonconformity.

[USA] [Commentary]
A word about our healthcare
Recently the World Professional Association for Transgender Health released new guidelines for transition related medical care and therapeutic assistance for transgender and gender nonconforming people at a health symposium at Emory University in Atlanta. This is version 7. Version one was written in 1979 by Dr. Harry Benjamin. One of the main changes is its title. Called the Standards Of Care For Gender Identity Disorders in the last version (February, 2001) and all previous versions (1979, 1980, 1981, 1990, and 1998), it is now called the Standards of Care for the Health of Transsexual, Transgender, and Gender Nonconforming People.

[USA] [Commentary]
Before Stonewall, There Was The Cooper’s Donuts And Compton’s Cafeteria Riots
October is LGBT History Month. All throughout the month we’ll revisit stories that shed light on lesser-known moments in LGBT history.

[USA] [Commentary]
Apparently, Trans And Intersex People Exist Because Of “The Fall”
Just this week, the Australia’s Supreme Court ruled that trans people don’t need surgery for changing identity documents. From the National Center for Transgender Equality’s (NCTE’s) blog Advancing Transgender Equality:

[CA, USA] [Letters to the Editor]
Sex changes for criminals?
The article on the transgender medical expenses that California will pay for prisoners (Oct. 4, Page B-7) was the main topic of our whole office that day.

Cross-Dressing Now Legal in Hillary’s Hometown
If you’re a man who wants to dress as famous Park Ridge, Ill., natives Hillary Clinton or Karen Black this Halloween, you can now do so legally in their hometown.

[KS, USA] [Commentary]
A Sinful Decision Made in Lawrence, Kansas
City officials have just passed the most liberal pro-homosexual bill in Kansas history, well almost. In reality, they are the second city to pass an anti-discrimination ordinance that makes individuals with gender-identity issues part of a protected class. The city of Manhattan, Kansas, recently passed a very similar ordinance on a liberal 3-2 vote in the City’s Council. Despite heavy citizen opposition, the Manhattan ordinance went into effect, and it took an election that put Tea Party conservative candidates in office for that ordinance to be repealed. Lawrence, Kansas will now go down a similar road, and reap the negative whirlwind that Manhattan, Kansas, narrowly avoided.

Diagnóstico participativo Trans en Ciudad de México
Rocío Suárez y Mara Sofía Mondragón charlan sobre el Diagnóstico Comunitario Participativo Trans en Código Diverso de Código DF.

Realizan VII Festival de la Diversidad Sexual y de Género
Bajo el lema “Lima Diversa, una Lima para todas y todos”, la Red Peruana de Trans, Lesbianas, Gays y Bisexuales (Red Peruana TLGB) realizará este sábado el VII Festival de la Diversidad Sexual y de Género.

Ser carne transexual en Chile
Desde que me he abocado a la inclusión de Identidad de Género en la ley antidiscriminatoria, he escuchado y leído una gran cantidad de aseveraciones ignorantes y satánicas al respecto. Desde cometer el grave error de decir que si incluyen GÉNERO en la ley, las personas transexuales estamos incluidas, hasta que estamos en pecado por querer cambiar nuestros cuerpos e ir contra la naturaleza de DIOS.