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sexta-feira, outubro 14, 2011

TGEU awarded with two grants!
For some people it may seem like an eternity, but taking into account that TGEU was established only 6 years ago (and first registered in 2007), recent achievements are outstanding. The TGEU Steering Committee is proud to announce that TGEU has been awarded two substantial grants, one from an international foundation and the other from the Government of The Netherlands, securing much-needed support for our operational activities.

Arquiteto é eleito Miss Universe Gay 2011 em Salvador
Concurso de beleza transformista Miss Universe Gay elege a gaúcha Guiga Barbiere

SC seeks reports over steps ensuring eunuchs’ rights
The Supreme Court on Wednesday directed the chief secretaries of all provinces and Commissioner Islamabad Capital Territory to submit reports containing details about steps taken so far for safeguarding the rights of eunuchs across the country till November 16.
SC wants update on property rights for eunuchs

Way opens to eunuchs’ right to inheritance
Eunuchs in the country can hope to get their right to inheritance in general. The Punjab government has traced four properties in which the family deprived its eunuch member of its share.
Eunuchs’ right of inheritance

[Hong Kong/China]
Transsexual challenges Hong Kong law that forbids her marrying
A transsexual is challenging Hong Kong laws which forbid her from marrying her boyfriend in a case at the city's Court of Appeal Thursday.
Lawyers for the woman, who was born a man but underwent a sex-change operation, are appealing against a court ruling last October that upheld a law barring her from marrying her boyfriend.

NOM attacks transgender son of House GOP supporter of DOMA repeal
Brian Brown, President of the National Organization for Marriage, on Wednesday said that Rodrigo Lehtinen, the transgender son of U.S. Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, is the reason his mother became the first Republican co-sponsor of the House bill aimed at repealing the Defense of Marriage Act.
NOM Blames Trans Son for Republican Backing Repeal

Ensuring Workplace Fairness Is Not Expensive
America’s Small Businesses Say ENDA-like Policies Have Minuscule or No Costs

Chaz Bono Honored For Promoting Transgender Visibility
Activist and Dancing With The Stars contestant Chaz Bono has been commended for working since 1995 to make "our movement stronger" and will be honored with the prestigious Board of Directors award by the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center.

California aprueba importantes medidas a favor de las personas transexuales
California, el estado más poblado de Estados Unidos, se une a la cada vez más amplia lista de países o territorios que no exigen a las personas transexuales someterse a cirugía de reasignación para modificar su identidad registral. El Gobernador Jerry Brown, demócrata, acaba de rubricar la ley que lo hace posible. Brown también ha firmado otra ley contra la discriminación de las personas transexuales en áreas como el trabajo, la escuela o la vivienda, entre otras.
10 Laws to Change When Almost Anything is Possible
Brown signs Seth's Law
Calif. Gov. Signs Two Key “Transgender” Laws
Score! A Transgender People’s Victory in the State of California

UCLA Considers Co-Ed Room Sharing
In an idea the school is calling "gender-inclusive housing," the University of California-Los Angeles is considering allowing male and female roommates to share dorm rooms next year.

Transgender Bill Advances
New Haven is on its way to including transgendered people in its non-discrimination laws.
Six aldermen voted Tuesday night to include specific protections in the city’s non-discrimination ordinances relating to gender identity or expression.

Transgender job training program fast-tracked after attacks
A new D.C. program that teaches job-seeking skills to transgender people and then pays some of their salaries for up to six months was fast-tracked by Mayor Vincent Gray after violence against transsexuals escalated this summer.

Transgender Candidate, Donna Milo, For Miami Commissioner in District 2
Milo shares her vision for Miami’s future and clarifies her stance on gay marriage
Former Planning Advisory Board Vice-Chairman and community activist Donna Milo is gaining popularity and setting new standards since she announced her candidacy for City of Miami Commissioner for District 2. The election is set to be held November 1st and I had the opportunity to meet with her recently for a conversation about her aspirations for Miami.

LGBTQ Community Meeting on Trans Equal Rights Bill
All LGBTQ people and allies are invited.

Michigan man wanted for 2004 rape of hearing-impaired, transsexual victim in Pittsburgh
A hearing- and speech-impaired man from Michigan is wanted for kidnapping and raping a similarly disabled victim in Pittsburgh in 2004.
Michigan resident accused in Uptown rape

Van Bramer Honors 13 Year-Old Transgender Student
On October 5, at the City Council Stated Meeting, Councilmember Jimmy Van Bramer honored 13 year-old Rocky Sanabria, a transgender teen who lives in Woodside, and has shown immense bravery, wisdom and leadership at a young age.

Knoxville TGs ask Walmart, "Where is that new non-discrimination policy?"
Employment is a concern for a lot of Transgender people. In Knoxville and the surrounding communities it is often a choice between keeping your job and transitioning. Start transition, lose job, no money or health insurance for transition. Get a job after transition, get "outed" by family or others, lose job, lose insurance, lose home, and so on. Blessed are the well educated, well trained, invaluable employees that can experience some freedom from those fears.

Determined to shed light on a taboo topic
Watching Bermuda’s drag queen performer Mark Anderson strut his stuff in heels and sequinned dresses one would assume he was the most confident gay man around.
But Mr Anderson, also known as ‘Sybil Barrington’, told The Royal Gazette growing up gay in Bermuda was a heart-wrenching and traumatic experience.

Sólo es amor, igualdad social y legal de género e identidad
Ser lesbiana, gay, transexual o bisexual no condiciona la calidad de ser humano de los ciudadanos. Sin embargo, actualmente en Chile no existe una normativa legal que garantice la igualdad de derechos para quienes tienen orientaciones sexuales diferentes a la heterosexualidad.

Bills on sexuality raise stakes of Argentinean presidential race
Archbishop Hector Aguer of La Plata is urging Argentineans to study the positions of political candidates on issues such as IVF and euthanasia before voting in the general election on Oct. 23.

Polémicas declaraciones de un cura sobre Flor de la V y los homosexuales
El padre José Ceschi, de la ciudad de San Lorenzo, usó la anécdota de un niño que llamó "monstruos" a los travestis, en momentos en que hablaba de la conocida actriz. En Cadena 3, Ceschi dijo que para él la homosexualidad es un "misterio".
Un sacerdote encendió la polémica sobre la homosexualidad