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quinta-feira, outubro 13, 2011

Grupo Gay da Bahia faz cartilha para segurança de profissionais do sexo
O GGB, Grupo Gay da Bahia lançou nesta sexta-feira uma cartilha com 20 orientações para as/os profissionais do sexo no Estado. O texto traz desde dicas de segurança, como recusar clientes muito alcoolizados e manter distância se um carro o abordar, até orientações básicas sobre prevenção de Doenças Sexualmente Transmissíveis (DSTs), como sempre ter camisinhas à mão e usar o preservativo do início ao fim da relação.

'Honor killing' targets Turkey's LGBTs
On the walls of buildings and along the back alleys of the trendy Tunel neighborhood here in an old part of the city, graffiti art of a ruggedly handsome man with a beard and gentle eyes first began appearing in 2008.

Transgenders lead an alternate life in Lebanon
Even in a cafe at ABC Ashrafieh mall, Tino draws stares and giggles from other diners. “Look at those people,” she says with a tight smile. “They’re laughing at me.
Before, I would have gotten angry and tried to change them. Now, I just ignore it.”
Tino is a transgender female, which means that she was born biologically male but identifies as a female.

TV3 under fire for disparaging talk show
The talk show not only demeans but has also puts fear and hatred towards the transsexual community in Malaysia, says a transgender activist.
Enough of ‘softie’ bashing

[Thailand] [Commentary]
Dubious, but a distinction nonetheless
Before I came to Thailand, I had observed that although most Chinese people have strong interest in what goes on in Thailand, including its political conflicts, they are equally, if not more, interested in the country's ladyboys.

Transgender aims it big as Councillor
Making a strong pitch for their political recognition in the comparatively conservative metropolis, a city-based transgender has thrown her hat in the local body polls, contesting for the Councillor post in Ward 104 – Purasaiwalkam.

Push for trans surgery change
Trans support groups have called on state and territory governments to review gender reassignment laws following a High Court decision to allow two Western Australian trans men to register as males on their birth certificates, without having surgery.

Law needs reform despite trans discrimination victory
A transgender woman who a neighbour threatened to burn her house down, has been awarded $15,000 in compensation for harassment and vilification after the Queensland Civil and Administration Tribunal (QCAT) found that she had been the victim of transphobic discrimination.

Toronto cold cases
Two years after the murder of Christopher Skinner, Toronto police have yet to find his killers, keeping the case on a growing list of cold cases affecting the city’s queer community.

New Federal Prison Rules May Impact Transgender Inmate Suits
Recent revisions in the federal prison health system could signal big changes for a handful of transgender inmates suing states prison facilities for gender reassignment surgery.

California removes surgery requirement for transgender birth certificates
California’s governor Jerry Brown has signed a law to make it easier for transgender people to get a revised birth certificate.

Baptist groups denounce transgender attacks
Three Baptist groups released a joint statement Oct. 11 calling for action to stop a series of shootings and violent attacks targeting transgender victims in Washington, D.C.

Group using sticky notes to change Human Rights Act
In Idaho a group is fighting to get legislation that would protect gay and transgender people from discrimination. Their fight is starting with sticky notes.

Lawrence woman discusses gender identity struggles
Last month, the City of Lawrence added gender identity to its list of protected groups of people. It was a move toward a more equal society, but tonight one transgendered Lawrence woman opens up about her struggles and says the community has a long way to go.

New transgender rights bill sought
In celebration of National Coming Out Day, lawmakers and supporters are renewing calls for a transgendered equal rights bill.

Transgender teen, family to be honored by ACLU of Maine
A transgender teen and her family will be honored Oct. 27 by the American Civil Liberties Union of Maine with the 2011 Roger Baldwin Award.

Michigan Gay and Transgender Groups: If You Come Out at Work, You Can Be Fired
In honor of National Coming Out Day, local advocacy groups launched the “Don’t Change Yourself. Change the Law” campaign today to raise awareness that in Michigan you can still be fired if your employer even thinks you are gay. The Unity Michigan Coalition, a group of six organizations dedicated to ensuring equality for all Michiganders, announced the campaign to urge the Michigan legislature to update the state’s nondiscrimination law, which currently doesn’t protect lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender citizens against discrimination. The campaign message is: DON’T CHANGE YOURSELF. CHANGE THE LAW.

MSU community reacts to proposed LGBT legislation
On Tuesday MSU faculty reacted to three new bills that have the potential to alter their day-to-day lives.
The bills, which are under consideration in the House of Representatives, would allow people within counseling programs to decline treatment to LBGT patients, limit protections LBGT members have against losing their jobs because of their sexual orientation and would prevent same-sex couples from receiving their partner’s benefits from public institutions, such as MSU.

Minnesota Man Convicted of Raping, Robbing Trans Man
A jury in St. Paul, Minnesota, has convicted a man of the rape and aggravated robbery of a transgender man.

Local group benefits LGBTQ inmates
Tranzmission Prison Project, an offshoot of the Asheville Prison Books Project, has been providing lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer inmates with reading materials, resources and pen pals for about five years.

[NC, USA] [Letters to the Editor]
Insurance plan ignores transgender needs
As a transgendered Tar Heel transfer student, I was delighted to learn UNC has an anti-discrimination policy.

Challenges faced by transgender people discussed during National Coming Out Day
The bathroom permission slip that Ryan Cassata passed around to Ocean County College students Tuesday didn’t look like anything out of the ordinary.

Trans Health Care Summit
Basic Rights Oregon is hosting a one-day leadership conference to empower trans Oregonians and our allies in our work to end health insurance discrimination. We’ll develop a shared strategy to win health care, explore how health care discrimination plays out in our community, and build the skills we need to make Oregon the first state to ban trans health care discrimination.

LGBTA Student Resource Center features transsexual speaker
During National Coming Out Day, recognized each year on Oct. 11, LGBTA Student Resource Center featured guest speaker S. Bear Bergman to speak to about 30 students about gender roles.

Seattle Approves Trans-Inclusive Health Benefits for City Employees
The City of Seattle will offer trans-inclusive health care for all city employees beginning next year, according to Seattle Gay News.

Suriname holds first gay rights march
Suriname's first gay rights march in the capital on Tuesday drew a small peaceful crowd to protest, in part, a legislator's insistence that homosexuality "should be completely eradicated".

Hombre que habitaba la calle es encontrado muerto
El cadáver de un hombre, de apariencia indigente, fue hallado este martes en horas de la tarde en la margen derecha del río Tuluá.
El reconocimiento del cuerpo fue realizado por técnicos del CTI de la Fiscalía a la altura de la Carrera 30 con Calle 29, en inmediaciones del Club Colonial.
Según los vecinos del sector, se trata de un transexual de aproximadamernte 40 años, a quien conocían con los apodos de “Melissa” o “Roberta”.