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quarta-feira, outubro 12, 2011

Seminário de transexualidade em SP recebe inscrições
São Paulo recebe no dia 23 debate sobre Transexualidade e Saúde Pública.
No dia 23 de outubro, às 14h, o seminário “Transexualidade e Saúde Pública no Brasil – Um olhar para o diagnóstico das identidades trans” vai ocupar o Teatro da Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de São Paulo (USP), na capital paulista.

Salvador realiza concurso de beleza transformista na véspera de feriado
Miss Universe Gay 2011 rola em Salvador na noite desta terça-feira, 11 de outubro.
Todo o brilho e luxo dos figurinos das transformistas vão invadir a cidade de Salvador nesta véspera de feriado, 11 de outubro, na noite que vai eleger a Miss Universe Gay 2011. O evento começa às 21h, no teatro Jorge Amado, e promete reunir um grande elenco de artistas trans e suas torcidas.

Peça no Satyros vai arrecadar dinheiro para financiar mudançade sexo de transexual
Transexual vai protagonizar peça-reality sobre sua adequação sexual
O Tatro dos Satyros, de São Paulo, vai mosntar um espetáculo sobre a a transformação real de uma mulher transexual em um homem. O projeto chamado “Lou-Leo” fará parte da peça “Cabaret Extravaganza”. A peça tem o obetivo de levantar fundos para as cirurgias necessárias para a readequação.

ATA celebra la nueva denominación de la Unidad de Identidad de Género del Hospital Carlos Haya
ATA (Asociación de Transexuales de Andalucía-Sylvia Rivera) celebra la nueva denominación, que queda enmarcada en el compromiso de esta Asociación por la despatologización de la transexualidad.
Transexuales Andalucía celebran cambio nombre UTIG Málaga "Unidad de Transexualidad e identidad de Genero"

Se cumplen veinte años de la muerte de Sonia, la mujer transexual asesinada en Barcelona por un grupo de ultraderechistas
Veinte años han pasado ya desde que el 6 de octubre de 1991, Sonia, una mujer transexual, fuera asesinada en el Parque de la Ciutadella de Barcelona por un grupo de seis skinheads de ideología ultraderechista. Sonia y otra compañera, Dori, dormían al raso cuando el grupo de jóvenes fascistas decidió “tocar el tambor”, como llamaban al hecho de golpear brutalmente la cabeza de alguien con sus botas. Sonia murió, mientras que Dori sufrió graves heridas.
"Morir por ser transexual" A los 20 años del primer asesinato juzgado por Transfóbia en España; Sonia Rescalbo

Britain’s Politically Correct Passports
British citizens will soon be able to identify “parent one” and “parent two” instead of their father and mother, and decline to identify themselves as male or female on their passports.

‘I feel betrayed by people I thought that I could trust’
A transgender woman is livid with how she has been portrayed nationally and feels betrayed by people she trusted.
Kirsty Cass, 49, from Crawley was born a male and has gender dysphoria, a feeling of belonging to the wrong gender.
She feels her story has been sensationalised by the national and international media.

Chesham transgender appeals for people to 'understand' and not 'judge'
Transgender Mandi Gordon speaks exclusively to reporter CAMILLA GOODMAN about her journey from being born a boy to becoming a woman, the discrimination she has faced and how she has found the strength to rise above it...

Transgender: I never felt like a boy -- but now I've been set free
Dressed in a red jumper and a vibrant blue scarf, Vanessa Lacey (47) stands at the gates of the school in Waterford waiting for her little boy to emerge.
Scanning the crowd, she is like any other parent watching for a familiar face to appear. Yet, for Vanessa things are a bit different. This is because four years ago, people would have just seen an ordinary father standing outside the gates.
Vanessa talks through her journey as a transgender woman in Ireland.

Transgender woman set to become Polish MP
A transgender woman is expected to become the first trans person in Poland to be elected as an MP.
Poland Poised to Elect Its First Transsexual Parliamentarian
First transgender person may serve in Poland’s Parliament
Poland's first transsexual MP says on a mission
Polish parliament could have world's only transsexual MP
Polish transwoman following Beyer's footsteps
Anna Grodzka to become Poland's first transsexual lawmaker

[Commentary] Poland: Parliamentary elections look set to return woman MP
Transgender Europe congratulates Poland on its political success
Por primera vez en la historia de Polonia habrá una diputada transexual en Parlamento, tercera de Europa

Police nab 2 young men dressed as women
Police arrested two young men for cross-dressing in Hawalli area. Police patrols on routine duty grew suspicious of two ‘girls’ and on inspection, came to know that they were actually men wearing women’s clothing and make up. The cross-dressers were referred to authorities for further action.

Tasmanians in same-sex push
Five Tasmanians will join supporters of same-sex marriage in Canberra tomorrow to push for changes to federal legislation.

Transphobia costs neighbour $15k
A Queensland man has been ordered to pay $15,000 in damages to his transgender neighbour as a result of ongoing ‘vilification’ and transphobic ‘harassment’.

UCLA Housing, ORL looking into possible gender-inclusive housing option
Patrick Malkoun wanted to share a dorm room with a girl.
His roommate was evicted just one week into fall quarter and most of his friends already lived off campus. He had to find someone else to live with him. Fast.

California Governor Signs Several LGBT Bills
California Governor Jerry Brown signed a series of bills last week that got props from LGBT organizations around the country. Those bills included Seth’s Law, an anti-bullying measure named after 13-year-old student Seth Walsh who hanged himself after he had been hounded at school by classmates who perceived him to be gay. A federal investigation later concluded that the Tehachapi Unified School District failed to properly respond to the teen's ongoing harassment. According to On Top magazine, the new law mandates that schools post anti-bullying policies throughout campuses, provide complaint forms on their websites, and give schools a timeline to investigate and resolve complaints.
California governor signs ‘Seth’s Law’ anti-bullying measure, two transgender rights bills
Transgender Protections Bill Signed By Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown
Choosing your Gender? California Passes 'Gender Equality' Laws, Promotes Cultural Revolution
Governor Brown Signs Bill Streamlining Process for Transgender Californians to Obtain an Updated Birth Certificate
Governor Brown Signs Bill Strengthening Employment, Housing, & Other Nondiscrimination Laws

[Commentary] What The Gender Nondiscrimination Act (AB 887) Does For California’s Trans People

Transgendered student raising money for surgery
Charlie Poulson has began selling homemade bracelets this month to raise money for chest reconstruction surgery.

Idaho group launches new push to win GLBT rights
A group that unsuccessfully pushed Idaho lawmakers in 2011 to hear a bill that would ban workplace and housing discrimination against people who are gay, lesbian or transgender has resumed those efforts with a new campaign.
Effort to win civil rights protections for GLBT in Idaho begins Tuesday

Man is convicted of robbing, raping transgender person in St. Paul
A Ramsey County jury returned guilty verdicts Monday on charges of rape and aggravated robbery in the case of a St. Paul man who attacked a transgender person.

Transgender speaker pushes student buttons
Ohio University students filled the main room of United Campus Ministry Wednesday night to watch and listen to Midwest GenderQueer, also known as JAC Stringer, self-described as a "transgenderqueer femme radical activist and performance artist.

Seattle adds Transgender health care to employee benefits
The Seattle Office for Civil Rights announced Oct. 7 that for the first time, healthcare benefits offered to City employees will cover procedures for Transgender workers.

Torturan, asesinan y queman a una joven transexual en Lima, Peru
Los crímenes de odio no cesan en Lima. De nuevo una joven transexual, perteneciente al grupo más vulnerado del colectivo de lesbianas, gays y transexuales.