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quinta-feira, outubro 20, 2011

Concentración por una ley integral de apoyo a las personas transexuales y por la eliminación de la transexualidad como enfermedad
El Col·lectiu Lambda de lesbianes, gais, transsexuals i bisexuals, a través de su Grupo de Identidad de Género y Transexualidad, saldrá a la calle este miércoles para reclamar una ley integral que evite la exclusión social de las personas transexuales a través de medidas en los ámbitos educativo, sanitario y laboral, y demandar la eliminación de la transexualidad como transtorno, como viene recogido actualmente en el manual médico internacional DSM IV. Por eso la entidad convoca una concentración para ese día, 19 de octubre, a las 19h, en la plaza de la Virgen de València.

Colectivos transexuales convocan rueda prensa a las puertas del Ministerio Sanidad, Política Social e Igualdad
El motivo de la misma se enmarca dentro de la Jornada Internacional de Lucha por la Despatologización de la Transexualidad. En la rueda de prensa adelantaremos datos del estudio psicosocial sobre las personas transexuales en España realizado por el Departamento de Psicología Social, Trabajo Social y Servicios Sociales en colaboración con la FELGTB.

Entrevista Mar Cambrolle "Las mujeres transexuales vivimos una exclusión laboral"
Sevillana de nacimiento, esta activista por los derechos de las comunidad LGTB, funda la primera organización de Andalucía en defensa de la libertad sexual y del colectivo, en 1976. En su lucha por la igualdad de derechos de las personas transexuales funda, en 2007, la Asociación de Transexuales de Andalucía - Sylvia Rivera (ATA), que preside por decisión unánime de sus integrantes. Además, es coordinadora del área de transexualidad de la Federación Estatal de Lesbianas, Gays, Transexuales y Bisexuales y presidenta de la Federación Coordinadora LGTB Girasol.

"The medico-social characteristics of transgender people infected by HIV" (in French)
The French "National Scientific Research Centre" (CNRS) has just published the results of its 2011 study into "the medico-social characteristics of transgender people infected by HIV"

Poland's First Trans Lawmaker Promises Changes
Times are changing in conservative, Catholic Poland and nothing is more emblematic of that than Anna Grodzka, the nation's first transgender politician.
Por primera vez en la historia de Polonia habrá una diputada transexual en Parlamento, tercera de Europa

Sex-a forbidden topic
ack of sexual education in schools and universities may affect on the sexual life among the youth. This is the idea of head of Sexapathology chair of Yerevan State Medical University Sevada Hakobyan and psychologist Laura Petrosyan.

Trailblazing showgirl set for Hall of Fame
The Hall of Fame recipient for this year’s DIVAs has been announced as the incomparable Christy McNicol.
Born and raised in Sydney, like many transsexuals, Christy knew she was different from a very young age. Having worked for two years in Sydney’s Les Girls Kings Cross stage show, McNicol was asked to go on an Australian casino tour with the prestigious Simone and Monique’s Playgirl Revue, which then took her to Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Dublin, London, Paris, Rome and Scotland.

Was Shelby Tom's Death a Hate Crime?
Shelby Tracy Tom's dead body was found wrapped in a mattress cover and stuffed into a shopping cart behind a dingy motel in North Vancouver in May 2003.
Jatin Patel served a nine-year sentence in prison for killing Tom, a transgender sex worker.

Christians Speak Out Against Blocking Puberty, Letting Boy Choose His Gender
A lesbian couple in California has decided to give their 11-year-old son hormone blockers to prevent the onset of puberty, giving the boy time to decide whether or not he wants to switch his gender.
[Commentary] This gender meddling must stop
[Commentary] Gender Meddling?

Amos Mac and Zackary Drucker Explore One Transwoman's Experience in TRANSLADY FANZINE (PHOTOS)
I recently viewed the San Francisco production of author Jewelle Gomez's play Waiting for Giovanni, an electric look at the wrenching inner struggle of James Baldwin -- a spokesman for the Civil Rights struggle in the brutal wake of Emmett Till -- as to whether he should publish his gorgeous, too real novel Giovanni's Room. His fear was that his faggotry would compromise the movement. Though the play investigates questions of loyalty between identity struggles -- black vs. queer -- the real struggle is even more primal: community vs. self, the pressure of a marginalized artist to produce work for the Cause vs. the desire to produce work that satisfies a deeper, personal inspiration.

Montgomery blocks gay, lesbian websites
Earlier this year, the Internet filter that operates in Montgomery County government offices and public libraries blocked websites about transgender topics, labeling them as pornography.

LBGT goes overseas with new program
For the first time this summer, MSU will be offering study abroad dealing with issues of sexual orientation and gender identity, the first study abroad to focus on these issues in the university’s history.

Coverage Denied
The gender reassignment surgery that Sophia Hawes underwent in May was a life-changing experience. She finally felt complete after years of being caught between identities since she’d started cross-dressing at age 16. After decades of doubt and confusion, lies to herself and her loved ones, a failed marriage and three failed suicide attempts, for the 46-year-old Hawes, waking up from the sex-reassignment surgery was like being reborn.