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domingo, outubro 23, 2011

Modelo transgênera desfila no Minas Trend Preview
Destaque na revista L'Officiel Brasil deste mês, Carol Marra estreia na semana de moda mineira
Pela primeira vez, uma modelo transgênera estará na passarela do Minas Trend Preview. A mineira Carol Marra está escalada para o desfile de abertura, que tem curadoria do estilista Ronaldo Fraga, na próxima terça-feira (25), e vai abrir as apresentações das marcas Chicletes com Guaraná (dia 27) e Fernando Pires (dia 28).

URGENT: FTM Asylum Seeker Needs Room In Safe House or Donations

Press for Change supporting an FTM asylum seeker, who has left transphobic violence at home to seek safety. Early 40's, Indian, FTM, ex-Lawyer, Social Worker & MBA educated. He has waited 5 months for UK Border Agency, but they are refusing all asylum interviews, meaning he (and many, many others) are not allowed to work or get benefits. Now he has no money left at all.

Samir is Birmingham based but will travel for safety. He has a red cross food parcel for 1 week, and no money.

Was thrown out of last room 3 weeks ago, by landlord in horrible violent sexual attack, so he is currently between floors and most nights are spent walking the streets at great risk. Homeless shelter for men only so refused him on grounds of safety.

He has asked to be put into detention – as he would be housed and fed, but has been refused.

Please Offer a room by mail: or by leaving message on 0161 432 1915, or if no room, please consider making donation at

This time your charity really will make a difference to one person who you can all get to know.

Any surplus money will be placed into a dedicated fund to help other Asylum and Refugee trans people in the UK.

Many, many thanks


Vice-President and Head of Legal Services, Press for Change,

[UK] [Commentary]
Tory MP forgets about Trans folk, to our advantage
I’m mildly amused this morning, having run across this private members bill by Tory MP Philip Davies that’s being debated in parliament today. The bill makes positive discrimination unlawful for most protected groups, and in addition to the seven strands includes nationality and socio-economic status.
But he forgets about Trans people – so by implication, it’s OK to positively discriminate in favor of trans folk.

Moldova: Broaden Anti-Discrimination Bill
The Moldovan government’s draft anti-discrimination law would provide a range of important protections, but it should be broadened to include gender identity, Human Rights Watch said today. The proposed law, which would provide protection on the basis of sexual orientation, is to be discussed in parliament shortly.

For the transgender, there is no place for refuge
Saniya lost her house in the floods and has no place to go for refuge. The 30-year-old transgender is not welcome at any relief camp because other people are not ready to live with her.

Transgenders raise voice against discrimination
Hundreds of transgenders yesterday took out rally in Dhaka yesterday seeking their legal and social recognition as ‘third gender’, and demanded protection of their rights for education and employment.
Transgenders rally in city

Male teen star undergoes sex change, joins gay beauty contest
A finalist of Amazing Philippine Beauties 2011 is creating ripples after it was learned that she was a former male teen star who co-hosted “Master Showman.”
Akiro Verano Sex Change: From Actor To Beauty Queen

Filho de lésbicas faz tratamento para atrasar puberdade para decidir se quer mudar de sexo
Thomas, um menino de 11 anos, filho de um casal lésbico, começou a tomar bloqueadores hormonais, para atrasar a fase de puberdade e decidir se quer mudar de sexo

Chloë Sevigny Has, What Else, More Secrets in a New Television Series
Excerpt: In “Hit and Miss,” a new series that will be shown on the satellite service DirecTV, she portrays a character named Mia who is a hired assassin as well as a pre-op transsexual. When Mia learns she’s had a son by an ex-girlfriend who is dying of cancer, she is forced “to mix her killer instincts with her newly acquired maternal ones” (hey, that’s what it says in the press release).
DirectTV adds 'Hit and Miss' with Chloe Sevigny to its slate
DirecTV gets Brit series about pre-op transsexual killer

High Heel Race turns 25
On the Tuesday before Halloween, Dupont Circle is overrun with drag queens and Oct. 25 will be no different as the 25th annual Drag Queen High Heel Race takes place.

Rahm Emanuel's Budget Dismantles City LGBT Council, Alarms Community Leaders
Though an influential group of 200 lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Chicagoans stood up behind Mayor Rahm Emanuel and endorsed his candidacy earlier this year, many LGBT activists in the Windy City expressed alarmed at the new mayor's latest move: a proposed budget that eviscerates their community's city-sponsored advisory council.

Transgender woman Asia Santana sentenced to prison for 2010 fatal stabbing of boyfriend Eric Nevith in Norristown
Crying as she expressed sorrow over killing her boyfriend in Norristown last year during a heated argument, a 41-year-old transgender woman, Asia Santana, revealed just before sentencing that he had infected her with the HIV virus.
Transgender southeastern Pa. woman gets 14-28 years in prison for stabbing death of boyfriend
Norristown resident gets prison term in death