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quinta-feira, outubro 27, 2011

UN expert urges solitary confinement limits
The U.N. investigator on torture called Tuesday for a global ban on solitary confinement in excess of 15 days.
Juan Mendez also urged a complete ban on solitary confinement for juveniles, people with mental disabilities, and those in pre-trial detention where he said the practice is mainly used to extort confessions or information leading to a prosecution.
UN torture expert: No solitary confinement for people with mental disabilities

European Parliament repeats call for EU-wide anti-discrimination Directive
Twice this week, the European Parliament repeated it wants to outlaw discrimination based on sexual orientation across the EU. The Parliament formally called on EU countries to find an agreement on the draft legislation, proposed over three years ago.

"…And Others!" Argumentation Toolkit for Transgender Inclusion
The toolkit provides arguments and ideas for counter-arguments to inspire advocating for trans* people’s rights. This toolkit looks particularly into the fields of:

La diputada de Igualdad se reúne con Colegas Granada
Leticia Moreno se compromete a apoyar la visibilidad y normalización social del colectivo en todas las comarcas

Pink Embassy Wins Case Against Member Of Albanian Parliament
The Commissioner for Protection against Discrimination recommends to the Albanian Parliamentarian to avoid discriminatory language and statements against the LGBT community in Albania.

In a landmark case the Commissioner against Discrimination in Albania has asked a member of the Parliament to avoid discriminatory language and statements against the LGBT community.

The complaint was brought forward by PINK Embassy/LGBT Pro Albania and Alliance against Discrimination to the Commissioner for protection against Discrimination. The lately reacted with a letter of recommendation sent to Mr. Tritan Shehu, Member of Albanian Parliament and vice-chairman of the Commission for Labor, Social Issues and Health.

On December 2010, PINK Embassy/LGBT Pro Albania filed a complaint to the Commissioner against Discrimination, whereupon it asked measures to be taken towards Mr. Tritan Shehu, who at a hearing session of the Commission for Labor, Social Issues and Health at the Parliament during the International Day Against HIV/AIDS declared that homosexuality is a disease and it should be treated with hormones.

The same Commission did not take into consideration the official request of PINK Embassy/LGBT Pro Albania to organise a hearing session for the LGBT people living with HIV/AIDS, but contrary to that it conducting a meeting in secret and without notifying any of the organisations who requested it.

After our complaint, the Commissioner for Protection against Discrimination, took into consideration the case and followed the necessary procedures. On September 30th 2011 the Office of the Commissioner sent a Recommendation Letter to Mr. Tritan Shehu recommending him with the following:

- Mr. Shehu should avoid discriminatory remarks in the future, which cause an atmosphere of tension and unfriendliness towards the LGBT community in Albania . (In this regard we inform Mr. Shehu that homosexuality has been excluded from the International Classification of Diseases and should not be treated as such.)

- Granting all possible guaranties so that the thoughts, opinions and remarks of the LGBT community are heard, evaluated and taken into consideration, when they are directly involved on specific topics, in order to help the community to enjoy fully its rights and freedoms.

PINK Embassy/LGBT Pro Albania wants to thank the institution of the Commissioner for Protection against Discrimination for the collaboration and the positive conclusion on this specific case while it encourages the Commissioner to continue with its work for protection of citizens against any forms of discrimination.

Tirana / Albania


[Turkey] [Commentary]
Turkey jails trans activists for 'insulting police'
Three transgender activists in Turkey were sentenced to prison yesterday, 25 October for 'resisting the police'.
The three are the founders of the Ankara-based transgender rights organization Pembe Hayat ("Pink Life"). One, Naz Gudumen, was sentenced to 1 year for "insulting the police" and 6 months for "resisting the police".

LGBTs report human rights violations
Lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgender (LGBT) activists have submitted to the United Nations (UN) in Geneva, Switzerland two scathing reports on the violations of the human rights of their community in the Philippines.

Sun News Network sees nothing wrong with ad pulled from print
An ad from the Institute for Canadian Values that activists say is transphobic and misleading, and that appeared in the National Post and Toronto Sun during the Ontario election campaign, has returned on the Sun News Network.

Majority of Heterosexual Americans Believe Job Performance Should Be the Standard for Judging an Employee, Not Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation
Yet Majority of Americans Mistakenly Believe Current Law Prohibits Firing Someone Because they are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender

J. Crew Exec Responsible for Transgender-Promoting Ad Leaving Husband for Lesbian Lover
Remember the J. Crew pink toenail controversy? MRC’s Culture and Media Institute started a firestorm of controversy last spring by drawing attention to an ad in which Jenna Lyons, J. Crew president and creative director, was painting her son’s toenails pink.
The caption in that ad read: “Lucky for me, I ended up with a boy whose favorite color is pink. Toenail painting is way more fun in neon.”
The Daily Mail and Huffington Post reported that Lyons is leaving her husband for her lesbian lover.
J.Crew exec in messy split
Millionaire J Crew boss who painted five-year-old son's toenails pink splits from husband - and moves on with lesbian lover
J Crew chief Jenna Lyons ‘in lesbian relationship’

Time and luck run out for Chaz Bono, a plucky contender on ‘Dancing with the Stars’
Chaz Bono has gotten his walking papers on “Dancing with the Stars.”
Tuesday’s edition of the hit ABC show marked the last dance for Bono. Despite his cheerful, spirited style, he had struggled from the beginning and came in last in the judges’ assessment the night before.

Alabama lawmaker pre-files bill to add sexual orientation to anti-bullying policies
Alabama’s first openly lesbian legislator, state Rep. Patricia Todd, (D-Birmingham), pre-filed legislation last week to expand anti-bullying policies to explicitly prohibit harassment in schools on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.

Thomasson warns of ‘very dangerous’ queer studies ‘infection’
Randy Thomasson of Save California joined Janet Mefferd on Friday to discuss the Queer Studies minor at Cal State Fullerton, and the anti-gay activist called the program an “oxymoron.”
According to Thomasson, a sincere academic discussion of the LGBT community would show that no one is born gay and that people can simply change their sexual orientation and become ex-gays, “but they are dishonest so they are indoctrinating college students to think that homosexuality, bisexuality and transexuality is good and natural, maybe even for them.”

Boy wanting to join Girl Scouts told 'no'
Everyone has their favorite toys, no matter what age they are. For 7-year-old Bobby Montoya, it's Brats, Barbies and Strawberry Shortcake.
"I like girl stuff," Bobby said.
Bobby is a 7-year-old boy. His mother refers to him as a "he," but Bobby dresses and behaves like a girl.

LGBTQ climate lacking at UNC
A report released Monday identifies recommendations for action regarding University policies on sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression to create an inclusive environment.

OKC proposal leaves out trans employees
The Oklahoma City Council is considering a proposal to add sexual orientation — but not gender identity and expression — to the city’s employment nondiscrimination policy. The Oklahoman reports that the council discussed the proposal from Councilman Ed Shadid today but put off a vote until Nov. 15:

Lesbian and Transgender Women Sought for U of M Study
The University of Memphis is looking for people who identify as women, whether they're lesbians or transgender woman, who have found community after moving to or coming out in Memphis.