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sábado, outubro 29, 2011

Servidora travesti e transexual pode adotar nome social em MG
As servidoras travestis e transexuais do Executivo de Minas Gerais terão crachá, ficha funcional e folha de pagamento com o nome social. A mesma resolução assegura esse direito também e trans mulheres para homens, desde o último dia 14 no governo Mineiro.

Transexual fala da importância do nome civil ao jornal Sul 21
O Jornal Sul 21 publicou uma excelente entrevista feita pela jornalista Rachel Duarte com a professora estadual Marina Reidel, transexual e coordenadora da Região Sul, da ANTRA - Associação Nacional de Travestis e Transexuais. Confira a entrevista, abaixo:

Michelle had guts to become who she was
Michelle was born a male but now considers herself female.
Change for the 60-year-old has been an extremely tough 10 year-long process.
Michelle wears make-up and feminine clothes just like almost any other woman.
But to reach this point she has endured major physical surgery, the loss of her family and career, and had to face the ridicule of others.
Michelle knows all the issues because she has faced them.

'I take you to be my man ... and wife'
A pair of transsexual lesbians have told of their joy at becoming "man and wife" AND "wife and wife" on the same day — after one had a sex-change.
Two men who divorced their wives, came out as gay, became transgender lesbians, now marry after one has a sex change
Transgender lesbians marry after sex change
They're 'Wife And Wife'

Mariage et transsexualité: Un précédent en France
En février, une transsexuelle a déjà obtenu le changement de son état civil alors qu'elle était mariée à une femme...
Sex change couple may be able to stay married
French sex change couple test gay marriage ban

The x-th generation [GOOGLE TRANSLATION]
An estimated 10,000 people living in Germany who are medically referred to as "intersex" because their genitals or their sex chromosomes do not meet the standard.

Mugabe cornered to embrace homosexuals
Mr Tsvangirai this week told BBC’s Newsnight programme that gay rights were a “human right” that Zimbabwe must strive to respect in the constitution that is being re-written.

Anti-gay Ugandan group against death penalty for homosexuals
The National Coalition Against Homosexuality and Sexual Abuse in Uganda (NCAHSA) says the "Bill is unrealistic and also diversionary."

SC verdict implemention sought
Transvestites have demanded the government to implement the Supreme Court’s judgment in its true spirit to give basic rights to their community. The demand was made in a resolution adopted at the end of annual festival of the transvestites at a hotel late Wednesday night.

Contestants from 17 countries compete for Miss International Queen Nov. 4
More than 20 transvestites from 17 countries will vie for the title of “Miss International Queen” at the Tiffany Theater Nov. 4.

Despite Medical Need, Transgender Students Find Procedures Uninsured
University of Iowa graduate student stef shuster’s health insurance covers many needs, but not the $10,000 they spent on chest surgery. shuster is transgender, and as a result their healthcare policy—purchased through the university—does not cover what is considered by healthcare professionals to be a medical necessity.

Trans Woman Killed Over Debt
A transgender woman was shot and killed in Northern California over a debt, say police.

Chris Bruce, Transgender Bodybuilder, Competes As A Woman 20 Years After Doing It As A Man
A transgender bodybuilder who competed as a man 20 years ago is now coming back to the sport as a woman.

Girl Scouts ‘humiliate’ transgender child as family waits for apology
A transgender child and her mother are waiting for an apology from the Girl Scouts of Colorado after the quintessential girls club refused to accept the child because he had “boy parts.”

County Council aims to make gender identity a protected class
Move would allow transgender persons to have legal recourse against discrimination

Family wins ACLU award for work on transgender issues in Maine
Wayne Maines never imagined standing before a meeting of the American Civil Liberties Union, let alone accepting an award from the Maine branch of the organization.

Jenkintown Borough Council to consider anti-discrimination ordinance
Jenkintown resident Mary Mulderrig said the borough has changed a lot from her perspective. As a gay resident, she has heard slurs hurled at her.
“It certainly does not serve to make me feel welcome in my own neighborhood,” she said.

Trans woman sentenced for boyfriend’s murder
A transgender woman from Philadelphia will face prison time for the stabbing death of her boyfriend.

P.A.C. seeks DA’s interviews with Morris officers
Confidential interviews with three police officers and a sergeant involved in the Nizah Morris incident are among a batch of records the Police Advisory Commission is seeking from the District Attorney’s office.

Trans health facility to launch
The name Nizah Morris has long conjured feelings of frustration and anger from members of the LGBT community dismayed with the local transwoman’s unsolved murder. However, the name will soon also encourage ideas of health and hope, thanks to an innovative city initiative.

A message for Bo & Jim: Bullying and beating up trans children is no joking matter
I drive about 60 miles round trip in my daily commute to and from work, and I almost always have the radio on. The past couple of mornings, while flipping from station to station to find something I wanted to listen to, I have ended up on Lone Star 92.5 FM, the classic rock station, which features Bo and Jim as its morning show DJs.

Transphobia is still a concern for the queer community
As she walked into her Las Vegas real estate office in a pair of pumps, a short, tight black skirt that showed all the right curves and a low-cut, black blouse, Amy Johanson was determined to show her colleagues that she was a strong and powerful woman. She cleaned out her desk and attracted stares from everyone.

Trans community fights unemployment, health care battles
Coming out of the closet can be a difficult and traumatic experience. The confusion, questions and disappointment from friends and family is often palpable. But after coming out of the closet twice, once as a lesbian and once as a transgender man, Dayne Law is now an expert.

La Universidad Nacional del Litoral ya reconoce la identidad de género de sus alumnos trans
La resolución permitirá que todos los trámites que los alumnos transexuales y travestis realicen en la universidad, desde dar el presente hasta rendir un examen, se consignen con el nombre autopercibido o identitario.

Palabras que matan
¿No será hora de que los medios se pregunten hasta qué punto contribuyen a la violencia y a la muerte con su lenguaje sin respeto a las personas trans?

Salud promueve los derechos de las personas transexuales, travestis y transgéneros
El Ministerio de Salud iniciará mañana un ciclo de actividades en toda la provincia a los efectos de promover el derecho a la salud de las personas trans (transexuales, travestis y transgéneros). Las mismas son organizadas por el Foro de Diversidades de la cartera sanitaria, que coordina la Dirección por la Salud en la Niñez, Adolescencia y Salud Sexual y Reproductiva, y miembros del Gabinete Joven.

Maiamar Abrodos: Volver a vivir / Una ley necesaria
Dijeron que era espeluznante, que quería “enajenarse a sí mismo como ser humano”, y le negaron en abril de este año su pedido de modificación de sexo y DNI. Maiamar Abrodos, actriz y docente del IUNA y de la EMAD, luego de haber superado esa condena, vuelve a ser lo que era: recupera la silueta perdida por tanta angustia y se luce en Luminare.