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quinta-feira, novembro 10, 2011

Grupo Gay da Bahia quer banheiro para transexuais garantidos em lei
Câmara de Vereadores de Salvador recebe proposta para garantir que banheiro feminino seja usado por transexuais
GGB quer lei para transexuais usarem banheiro feminino

Ximbica faz versão de música da Rihanna após ser vítima de homofobia
A cantora Ximbica, Rainha da Parada de Santo André foi agredida na madrugada do dia 29 para o dia 30 ao chegar em sua residência na Zona Sul de São Paulo, por volta das 4:30h da manhã, chamada de travesti, a cantora levou varias ovadas.

Man, I feel like a woman: Transgender student reveals bullies could force her out of Borders
SHE was born a male but has regarded herself as female for much of her life.
Now Lucinda Ferguson, of Langlee, Galashiels, is awaiting a sex change operation on the National Health Service.
Despite being an open cross-dresser throughout her first marriage, the 45-year-old former industrial roofer, originally from Fort William, revealed she only began living as a woman when she moved to the Borders to start a new life around a decade ago.

Sittingbourne family's fury at NHS plan to fund killer's sex change
Relatives of a disabled man who was beaten to death in a sickening attack are fighting to stop his killer getting a taxpayer-funded sex change in prison.

'My Transsexual Summer' Review: Educational Documentary Or Gratuitous Reality Show?
Channel 4's latest docu-reality show tells the story of seven Brits who have decided to change gender. The programme follows them as they 'transition' and sees the group come together every weekend at a country retreat to share their experiences.
My Transexual Summer: Britain's First Transgender Rabbi
My Transsexual Summer is a tongue-in-cheek look into sex change

Nigerian, Ghanaian homosexuals clamour for recognition
One of the world's prevalent issues is no doubt the controversy on the legalisation of gay and lesbianism as the homosexual community grows daily in different parts of the world. And it has been argued for and against, at different quarters, why homosexuality should and should not be allowed in certain countries across the globe.

HRW califica de homófoba la prohibición de un festival gay en Malasia
Human Rights Watch (HRW) criticó hoy la prohibición de un festival homosexual en Malasia y achacó la decisión a la "agenda discriminatoria y homófoba" que defiende una parte del Gobierno de este país de mayoría musulmana.

Miss International Queen crown returns to Thailand in pageant devoted to flood relief
The Miss International Queen crown returned to Thailand as a Bangkok communications student won Pattaya’s annual transvestite beauty pageant which, this year, served as a vehicle not only to raise hopes of equality for the transgendered, but relief for the kingdom’s flood-ravaged citizens.

Joint Commission releases historic LGBT health guide
Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people may receive better, more comprehensive healthcare in wake of the Joint Commission’s release of its historic LGBT health guide, Advancing Effective Communication, Cultural Competence, and Patient-and Family-Centered Care for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Community: A Field Guide.
New Resource for Hospitals on Welcoming LGBT Patients and Families

Transgender man who gave birth to 3 kids discusses relocation to Ariz.
Plastic dinosaurs, cheese puffs and puzzle pieces were scattered in the living room of the Beatie household, along with Dad's favorite picture book, "Mr. Seahorse." The book represented what makes an otherwise typical Valley family very different.

Transgender Equal Rights Coalition Releases Video Cataloguing Lies of Transgender Equal Rights Bill Opponents
Today, the Transgender Equal Rights Coalition released a video showing that opponents of the Transgender Equal Rights Bill are relying on lies to generate opposition to the bill. Video footage comes from testimony given by leading opponents of the Transgender Equal Rights Bill during a June 8 hearing on the bill before the Joint Committee on the Judiciary.
[Commentary] Should Bathroom Fears Hold Up Transgender Equal Rights Bill?

Family of murdered transgender woman wants answers
Sundra Trent takes a lot comfort these days in her garden.
When she moved here 14 years ago with her two sons she never intended to do a lot of yard work.

Traverse City voters keep LGBT inclusive non-discrimination ordinance
In an overwhelming victory, Traverse City voters on Tuesday chose to keep the city’s local non-discrimination ordinance on the books. The ordinance, passed last year by the City Commission, prohibits discrimination against gay and transgender residents in employment and housing.
Traverse City, Mich. Votes to Keep Nondiscrimination Law
'Yes' wins big in TC non-discrimination vote
Traverse City Voters Uphold Gay Rights Ordinance, Elect Estes Mayor

Detroit police search for teen missing for 2 weeks
Detroit Police investigators are searching for a transgender teen who has been missing for two weeks.

Anti-Gay/Anti-Trans Christian Groups Scripted Tennessee Discrimination Bill
In May, the Tennessee legislature passed a bill dubbed the “Special Access to Discrimination” (SAD) Act that prohibits municipalities from creating non-discrimination protections for the LGBT community. Conservatives advanced the legislation after Nashville passed such protections earlier this year, effectively overriding them.

Spokane Transit Apologizes After Trans Youth Kicked Off Bus
After three transgender youths were booted off a bus because their were discussing bisexuality, the Spokane Transit Authority in Washington State acknowledged the driver's actions were wrong and apologized for them.

Se cumplió tercera marcha gay en Fiestas de la Independencia de Cartagena
Más de dos mil personas pertenecientes a la población LGBT (lesbianas, gays, bisexuales y transgeneristas) de Cartagena marcharon este martes en el marco de las Fiestas de la Independencia 2011. "Derechos, respeto y diversidad serán las palabras que más se repitieron en esta marcha cultural", le expresó a Ajá Cartagena, Wilson Castañeda, de la Corporación Caribe Afirmativo.
Cartagena acompañó la Marcha por el Reconocimiento a la Diversidad Sexual

Sujetos mataron una dama que se hacía pasar por hombre
Sujetos desconocidos dieron fin a la vida de una lesbiana, cuando se encontraba conversando en la acera de conocida barriada guanareña con joven dama.
El hecho se produjo en el barrio 24 de Junio de la ciudad de Guanare, cuando unos individuos a bordo de una moto, sin mediar palabras le dispararon al travesti, dejándolo en el sitio e hiriendo a la dama que se encontraba con la víctima fatal.

Senado aprueba ley contra la discriminación
El Proyecto de Ley que Establece Medidas contra la Discriminación aprobado hoy en el Senado, es muy distinto a la propuesta inicial, por lo que se trabajará en Comisión Mixta para recuperar su espítiru original. A continuación puede conocerse la iniciativa completa votada hoy.
Senado aprueba Ley Antidiscriminación en medio de graves incidentes
Senado aprobó el proyecto antidiscriminación con apoyo transversal
Evangélicos lamentan aprobación de ley antidiscriminación

Avanza en Argentina un proyecto de ley para permitir el cambio de sexo
Un proyecto de ley para permitir el cambio de sexo sin una autorización judicial previa recibió hoy el dictamen favorable de dos comisiones del Parlamento argentino, un paso que es considerado "histórico" por el colectivo homosexual en el país suramericano.
Gender Identity Law bill moves forward
Otra victoria gay en Diputados: tiene dictamen la ley de identidad de género
Avanza en Diputados el proyecto de ley de Identidad de género
Diputados avanzó con el dictamen de la ley de identidad de género
El proyecto de identidad de género obtuvo votos de todos los sectores
Un paso hacia la identidad de género
Un paso más hacia el reconocimiento de derechos para transexuales

[Opinion] DNI para tod@s

Comienzá el primer estudio nacional sobre la situación de las personas trans
Con una prueba sobre 200 casos de La Matanza, este mes comenzará a realizarse el primer estudio nacional sobre la situación de las personas trans, gracias a un convenio de cooperación entre el Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Censos (Indec) y el Instituto Nacional contra la Discriminación (Inadi), en consulta con organizaciones de la diversidad. La iniciativa buscará dar cuenta de los perfiles y los datos de la vida cotidiana de travestis, transexuales y transgéneros.