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segunda-feira, novembro 14, 2011

Résolution du Parlement européen du 28 septembre 2011 sur les droits de l'homme, l'orientation sexuelle et l'identité de genre aux Nations unies
Le Parlement européen ,
– vu la Déclaration universelle des droits de l'homme, la Convention européenne des droits de l'homme et la Charte des droits fondamentaux de l'Union européenne,
– vu la résolution A/RES/60/251 de l'Assemblée générale des Nations unies instituant le Conseil des droits de l'homme (CDH) des Nations unies,
– vu la déclaration sur l'instauration...

Ex-candidata travesti à Câmara faz comércio ambulante na Parada LGBT
A ex-candidata à Câmara de Curitiba Andrielle Vogue aproveitou a Parada LGBT em Curitiba, neste domingo (13), para vender adereços e conseguir uma renda extra. Ela disse que ainda volta à política. "Eu não me deito", garantiu. Vogue tem uma longa trajetória pública na cidade

Sex swap at 69: Meet the oldest person in Britain to have full sex change
As she natters over cups of tea with other ladies in the village, Donna Smith looks just like any other ­pensioner.
But until five years ago, Donna, 74, was a man called Donald.
Then in 2006, at the age of 69, she became the oldest person in the UK to undergo a full sex-change operation.

Eye-watering ops and bad wigs on rather sweet transsexual series
HCOME on, we were all thinking it. I’m glad that Sarah (pictured) was the one who said: “I look like a crap tranny in a bad wig.”

Helplines to the aid of those struggling with sexual identity
Ramesh*, usually clad in shirt and trousers, changes into a sari for the few hours he spends at the Sahodaran office and feels entirely at ease. “Cross-dressers are people who desire to dress like the opposite sex, but due to societal and familial pressure cannot do so. The few hours they spend in the NGO is the only time they can be themselves,” says K. Sundar, counsellor, Project Pehchan, an HIV prevention programme.

Bigg Boss 5: Celebrity transgender Laxmi evicted from house
Celebrity transgender Laxmi Narayan Tripathi became the sixth and latest contestant to be shown the door of the Bigg Boss house on Saturday.
Celebrity transgender Laxmi evicted from Bigg Boss 5
Skys a fake guy: Laxmi Tripathi

Police Will Wrap Up Probe Into 'Seksualiti Merdeka' Programme Soon - Deputy IGP
The police are in the process of calling up several witnesses to testify regarding the "Seksualiti Merdeka 2011" programme and will wrap up the investigation soon, said
Deputy Inspector-General of Police Datuk Seri Khalid Abu Bakar.

[USA] [Books]
The Lives of Transgender People
Responding to a critical need for greater perspectives on transgender life in the United States, Genny Beemyn and Susan (Sue) Rankin apply their extensive expertise to a groundbreaking survey—one of the largest ever conducted in the U.S.—on gender development and identity-making among transsexual women, transsexual men, crossdressers, and genderqueer individuals. With nearly 3,500 participants, the survey is remarkably diverse, and with more than 400 follow-up interviews, the data offers limitless opportunities for research and interpretation.

Michigan House strips exceptions from anti-bullying bill, sends it back to Senate
The Michigan House of Representative this week passed its own version of the anti-bullying bill, removing the controversial language inserted by Senate Republicans that allowed for exceptions to the law for “a sincerely held religious belief or moral conviction.”

Detroit transgender missing teen body was in morgue for weeks unclaimed
When the news broke that the missing transgender teen body was found, it had been lying in the morgue for weeks unclaimed. Police announced that Henry “Shelly” Hilliard 19, the missing transgender teen from Detroit had been missing since the morning of October 23, 2011 from the area of Woodward and Longfellow, on Detroit’s Westside.
Transgender teen burned to death in Detroit was remembered on Friday

Transformation accompanies transition
For the first time in a long time, Pete Klicker is planning for the future.
He cannot wait to turn 50 in January; a grin breaks out every time he talks about it.

Who I am: Life beyond gender
Matty Pond wants to travel and experience different cultures. China and Europe are her top choices.
She is a regular on, a website with travel guides. She researches locations around the world like she would a college term paper.

The courage to continue
Bemidji — Gina Marie Bernard loaded the shotgun and sat down next to the prescription bottle that held Percocet tablets.
She had called the school to say she was sick and wouldn’t be in that day.

Utah moms stand strong for their transgender kids
Regardless of what his anatomy, pink bedroom and society told him, Grayson knew for years he really wasn’t a girl. He wore his hair closely cropped since the age of 11, while his heart and his former name did not match up.

La ley antidiscriminación: hito político para la diversidad sexual
No obstante sus deficiencias, el proyecto de ley que establece medidas contra la discriminación —conocido como “ley antidiscriminación”—, aprobado este martes 8 de noviembre en la sala del Senado, constituye un hito político de gran trascendencia para Chile.