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quarta-feira, novembro 23, 2011

No dia 25 de Novembro, Dia Internacional para a Eliminação da Violência contra as Mulheres, a UMAR organiza pela primeira vez uma Marcha pelo Fim da Violência Contra as Mulheres com o objectivo de sensibilizar a sociedadepara os crimes cometidos contra as mulheres. Com 46 organizações apoiantes, a marcha desfila pelas mulheres que continuam a ser sujeitas a violência de género, conjugal e doméstica sem que a Justiça se revele eficaz na sua proteção e punição destes actos criminosos.

Assim, aqui fica o apelo a todos e a todas para que saiam à rua para dizer que “a violência contra as mulheres não faz o nosso género e que não somos cúmplices nem indiferentes! Nem mais uma... estamos vigilantes!”

The Word on Women - Mapping transgender rights to counter global discrimination
The 13th International Transgender Day of Remembrance, held on Sunday, was a recurrence raising public awareness of hate crimes against trans people which far too often result in deaths.

Denúncia da violência contra mulheres desfila em Lisboa na sexta-feira
Pela primeira vez em Portugal, a denúncia da violência contra as mulheres tomará a forma de uma marcha de rua, que vai acontecer na sexta-feira, em Lisboa, juntando 60 entidades.

Uma bailarina transexual chega a Valongo
Depois de ter estado em cena no Teatro A Barraca, em Lisboa, “A Bailarina vai às compras” ruma a Valongo.

Felipa Tavares: "Se for só beijinho, não falo que sou transexual"
Modelo descoberta pelo agente Sérgio Mattos sonha em seguir os passos da top internacional Lea T.
Confira fotos da modela transexual Felipa Tavares

Justiça condena travesti e namorado a 25 anos de prisão por morte em MT
Acusados mataram empresário de Cuiabá para roubar caminhonete.
Dinheiro da venda do veículo seria usado para pagar próteses de silicone.

Travesti é agredida em Vila Velha no ES
Homem vai parar na delegacia acusado de agredir uma travesti.
Agressor já tem passagem pela polícia.

Após descobrir que a mãe é trans, Raimundo tenta interditá-la em "Vidas em Jogo"
Como o A Capa adiantou, foi revelado na semana passada o segredo de Augusta (Denise Del Vecchio) na novela "Vidas em Jogo" da Record.

El Servicio de Atención a Homosexuales y Transexuales de la Comunidad efectúa casi 35.000 actuaciones
La Comunidad de Madrid ha efectuado casi 35.000 actuaciones de acogida, información y atención social, psicológica y jurídica a través de su Servicio de Atención a Homosexuales y Transexuales, según ha informado el Gobierno regional en un comunicado.

160 personas han solicitado indemnizaciones por ir a la cárcel por ser homosexual o transexual durante el franquismo
La Comunidad Valenciana es la tercera con más peticiones tras Andalucía y Madrid

St Petersburg passes “gay propaganda” law
The city of St Petersburg has passed a law which puts in place fines for people who promote the LGBT community to minors.

Nigeria moves to ban, criminalize gay marriage
When a gang of men ambushed Rashidi Williams and a male friend earlier this year, the 25-year-old gay Nigerian was too afraid to report the attack to police or even to his family.

MNS MLA ups fight against transgender flesh trade
It’s not only politics which the MNS MLA Ram Kadam is worried about. On Friday, Kadam approached the police and lodged a complaint against transgenders and gays allegedly that they indulge in flesh business. He urged the police to take strict action against them.

Fire Claims 13 Lives at Transgender Event in India
More than 40 people were injured in a massive fire that killed 13 people Sunday at a transgender gathering in New Delhi, CNN reports.

Transgender victims remembered
NSW Police marked the Transgender Day of Remembrance on Friday, November 18, a day to remember transgender people who have been murdered and those who have been victims of violence.

[Australia] [Commentary]
Including intersex in anti-discrimination law
Intersex look forward to legislative inclusion as a result of a number of Government initiatives that are LGBTI-inclusive.

Vigil commemorates trans murder victims
Flickering candles at the Human Rights Monument on Sunday night marked the 13th International Transgender Day of Remembrance.
Transphobic Reality
About 100 turn out for Vancouver Transgender Day of Remembrance

At Google, a Transgender "Gold Standard"
In a move predicted by one advocate to become the gold standard for LGBT health, Google has significantly increased coverage of transgender health care for its U.S. employees, and other companies are expected to follow suit.

Remembering transgender murder victims
The West Hollywood Transgender Advisory Board (TAB), the only official government agency in the country designed to address the needs of transgenders, held its annual Day of Remembrance Sunday, just three days after the Hollywood killing of Cassidy Nathan Vickers and the assault on another TG woman in WeHo.
Sorrowful ceremony honors transgender people who died in past year
Day of Remembrance Honors Victims of Transgender Violence
Transgender Day of Remembrance respects and reflects

McInerney admits second degree murder charge for gay school shooting
Brandon McInerney has pleaded guilty to the second-degree murder of gay classmate Larry King, and faces 21 years in prison for lesser charges as part of a plea deal.
In plea deal, youth gets 21 years for killing gay teen
McInerney Pleads Guilty to Second-Degree Murder
21 años a joven que mató a compañero homosexual

Transgender Police Officer Still Fighting For Equality
All Dana Peterson wanted was to be a K-9 handler, a canine cop. Years ago, the Hartford police lieutenant began paying for animal training at her own expense. The list of conferences and classes she's attended runs for pages, and her training has put her in contact with every species — from chickens to beluga whales. Her dog training education, in particular, includes — but is not limited to — obedience, scent work, protection, attack training, tracking, tricks, and behaviorial problems.

Announcing our 2011 Trans Town Hall Meeting
We’re tremendously excited to announce our annual town hall forum, complete with tasty lunch!

Trans community, allies observe Day of Remembrance
More than 150 people turned out Sunday night at D.C.’s Metropolitan Community Church for the 12th Annual Transgender Day of Remembrance, an international event that recognizes transgender people who have lost their lives to anti-trans violence.

Cosmetic Procedure Botched; Trans Woman Arrested
A Florida transgender woman is accused of injecting another woman with a near-deadly mix of cement, mineral oil, tire sealant, and Super Glue in an attempted buttocks augmentation procedure.
Possible Victims Come Forward in Bad Butt Injections Case: Officials

BAD BEHAVIOR: Witnesses claim Des Moines employees harassed transgender woman at a bar
Witnesses at a Des Moines bar claim a group of city employees targeted a transgender woman last Friday.
Video from inside Z's Bar & Grill shows a man walk up and rip a wig off someone's head. The person wearing the wig is a transgender female.
City officials investigate harassment allegations against two D.M. employees

Transgender Day of Remembrance Memorializes Victims of Violence, Discrimination
A crowd of Boise’s transgender community, friends and allies gathered on Sunday, Nov. 20, at the Anne Frank Memorial to remember the victims of anti-transgender violence during International Transgender Day of Remembrance.

Mass. Legislature Passes Transgender Rights Bill Compromised by Transphobia
After six years of lobbying, the Massachusetts state legislature passed a bill protecting transgender people from discrimination in housing, education, and employment. But the bill does not guarantee transgender Massachusetts residents access to proper public accommodations like hotels, restrooms, and restaurants—failing to fulfill what trans advocates say is a critical need.

County Weighs Antidiscrimination Bill After State Fails to Protect
Since the state of Maryland was unable to pass a law prohibiting discrimination on the basis of gender identity, legislators in Howard County are looking to do so.
Transgender citizens, families testify for Howard Co. anti-discrimination bill
Gender identity bill poised for council approval

Supporters of Chrishaun McDonald rally outside Hennepin County Attorney's office
Community members, family, friends, and supporters of Chrishaun “CeCe” McDonald held a boisterous rally outside the office of Hennepin County Attorney Michael Freeman, demanding that he drop the charges against McDonald.

Man jailed for transgendered rape
A man in St. Paul, Minneapolis has been sentenced to at least 27 years in prison for raping a transgendered man who he thought was “a dude”.

City may add gender identity to nondiscrimination rules
A measure that would change the city of Columbia’s nondiscrimination rules to make gender identity a protected category will be brought before the Columbia City Council tonight.

Community gathers for trans remembrance
Event remembers transgender murder, hate crime victims
Asheville observes Transgender Day of Remembrance with candles, reading of names

Transgender Murders In Puerto Rico Under Reported
Transgender advocates in Puerto Rico claim murders in the U.S. territory are severely under reported.

Transexualidad: ¿Ciencia vs. Derecho?
Introducción La identidad personal La identidad sexual y el transexualismo. Respuesta de la ciencia médica Respuesta del derecho Cuba Conclusiones Bibliografía Monografías Artículos, revistas especializadas y tesis varias Sitios en Internet:

Impulsan ley para registrar la identidad de género
El colectivo que agrupa a mujeres travestis, transgéneros y transexuales demanda el derecho de cambiar su nombre e identidad sexual en documentos como el carnet de identidad o el certificado de nacimiento.

Más de 40 mil personas dieron vida a Gay Parade Chile en paseo Bulnes
En la ocasión fue lanzada la campaña “Dilo sin miedo, sin vergüenza y con fuerza”, que insta a los convivientes a reconocer su unión en el Censo 2012 y que tiene como uno de sus rostros a Jordi Castell.

Irmãs transexuais abrem restaurante contra o preconceito
O restaurante das irmãs Carla e Mar Morales, no bairro de Barracas, em Buenos Aires, seria apenas mais um restaurante da capital argentina, sem distinção em relação aos demais, não fosse o facto das duas proprietárias serem transexuais.

La ley de identidad de género con fecha de tratamiento: 30 de noviembre
Tras reunirse con referentes de diversos espacios políticos, y ser recibidos por el presidente del Bloque del Frente para la Victoria Agustín Rossi, la FALGBT, ATTTA y la Mesa Nacional por la Igualdad confirmaron el tratamiento del proyecto que garantiza el derecho a la identidad y acceso a la salud para personas trans el miércoles 30 de noviembre. Se espera una amplia mayoría favorable al dictamen emitido por el plenario de Comisiones.