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quinta-feira, dezembro 01, 2011

Más de 600 personas transexuales han sido asesinadas en 50 países desde el pasado año 2008
La organización europea Transgender Europe ha dado a conocer que en los últimos tres años han sido investigadas en 50 países un total de 681 asesinatos contra la población transexual, siendo una cifra que demuestra la preocupante transfobia existente pero que no la refleja en su totalidad dados los cientos de asesinatos contra dicho colectivo que no son reportados.

SP: polícia investiga 'matador de travestis' por mais mortes
A Polícia Civil de São Paulo informou na tarde desta terça-feira que investiga outras possíveis mortes do ex-policial militar Cirineu Carlos Letang da Silva, 47 anos. Ele estava em liberdade após 18 anos de prisão quando foi preso nesta manhã por suposta participação em mais um caso. Ele negou as acusações em depoimento à polícia.

"Terças Trans" realiza festa de um ano; veja fotos
Aconteceu na noite de ontem (30), às 21h, no clube Planet G, a festa de um ano do evento "Terças Trans". Além de realizar vários shows com transex, também sorteou três cirurgias plásticas. A "Terças..." é um projeto idealizado pela trans Paty Deli.

Sleaford transsexual accused of posing as glamour model Jordan to buy sports car
A transsexual Jordan fan from Sleaford accused of stealing the identity of the glamour model faced new charges when she appeared in court.
Kerry Marshall, 18, who previously went by the name Tyler Meadows, is now accused of impersonating Katie Price to buy a sports car.

Schoolboy’s skirt equality fight
A SCOTS schoolboy has taken his demand for the right of boys to wear a skirt as uniform to the Scottish Parliament.
Luca Scarabello, 13, is a Green supporter from Camelon near Falkirk, who has previously petitioned to end faith schools.

Russia to U.S. on St. Petersburg Antigay Bill: Butt Out
The U.S. State Department is condemning a sweeping antigay law proposed in St. Petersburg, Russia's second-largest city. But the Russians have a message for the Americans: mind your business.

Eunuchs get SEC nod for civic elections
Hundreds of eunuchs residing in the city have been permitted by the State Election Commission (SEC) to enter the fray in the civic elections as per their gender listed in voters' list or in the open category.

Wife, daughter accept man's sex change; she feels OK, too
Cross-dressing led to awareness, study of gender identity disorder

[New Zealand]
Importance of standing together highlighted
A desire to see even more solidarity throughout the glbti community has emerged from a moving tribute to the many transgender people who have been victims of violence across the globe.

[New Zealand]
Kevin Hague upbeat on chances of progress
Kevin Hague is taking an optimistic approach to the possibility of glbti issues being advanced in Parliament over the next term, and has the plight of youth, adoption and transgender equality in his sights as three key areas where change is needed.

Australia accused of sex discrimination
A 36-year-old transsexual woman has lodged a sex discrimination complaint against Australia with the United Nations. Lawyers acting on behalf of the woman (known as Ms XY) lodged the complaint on November 28.

Trans day recognised
The Senate has acknowledged transgender victims of violent crime and called on the Government to recognise the rights of transgender people thanks to a motion by Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young (pictured) and Labor Senator Louise Pratt.

Gay activists attack Sun Media
Sun Media is fuming as it reacts to "the developing story" that the gay community is stepping up its attacks on the Sun News Network.

Transgender Workers Benefit From Being ‘Out’ At Work
According to a study published in this month’s issue of the Journal of Vocational Behavior, employees who disclose their transgender status are happier at work.

San Francisco youth commissioner battles old foe: LGBT youth homelessness
Mia Tu Mutch, a 20-year-old transgender female in San Francisco, spends many of her days assisting LGBTQ youth, and facing an former foe of her own — homelessness.

New ‘toxic tush’ victim tries to undo the damage
The misshapen chin, lumpy cheeks and ballooning upper lip are still visible on Rajee Narinesingh’s face more than two years after, she says, she received a backroom cosmetic procedure from the man police say performed numerous, botched, unlicensed procedures.
New Victim Reveals Fake Doc's Alleged Work
Phony US doctor accused of using cement in surgery
Injections gave woman facial deformities
Attorney: Second Suspect Not Guilty in Bad Injections Case

Former Augusta State University student's lawsuit alleging rights violation is heard in federal court
An attorney for a graduate school counseling student told federal judges in Atlanta on Tuesday that the student’s First Amendment rights were violated when professors at Augusta State University sought to punish her for her biblical views on gay rights.

RPS offers transgender, coed housing opportunities
Each incoming freshman is guaranteed housing at IU. But for some new students, finding the right housing can be more of a challenge.

Evansville adds sexual orientation to nondiscrimination ordinance | PDF
Local gay advocates say the Evansville City Council’s amendment of the city’s municipal code this week to include provisions against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity will make the community more diverse and attractive to business.

Massachusetts passes Transgender Equal Rights Bill
Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick on Nov. 23 signed into law a bill which will protect transgender individuals from discrimination in education, housing, employment and credit. The bill also modified the state's hate crime laws to protect transgender individuals.
[Commentary] Editorial | Transgender rights bill should have gone further

Topeka Council Votes Against Domestic Registry
There will not be a domestic registry in Topeka anytime soon. Topeka council members voted against the registry Tuesday night.
The registry would have allowed bi, gay, and transgendered couples the ability to obtain paperwork, proving that they are in a long-term relationship, so they could obtain the benefits married couples receive from their employers.

Jenkintown Bans Discrimination
As of today, a new non-discrimination ordinance is on the books in the Jenkintown Borough of Montgomery County.
Anti-discrimination ordinance established by Jenkintown Borough Council

Bullying Behind Bars: PA's Juvenile Detention Centers Fail to Protect LGBT Youth
This summer, Pennsylvania was forced to come to terms with some of its failing juvenile justice systems. In August, Judge Mark Ciavarella Jr. was sentenced to 28 years for his role in the Luzerne County “Kids for Cash” scandal, in which he sentenced thousands of youth to private, for-profit juvenile detention centers in exchange for payment. Later that month, Philadelphia’s Department of Human Services (DHS) settled with a young transgender female for discrimination and abuse she suffered during her time in the city’s juvenile detention facility, the Youth Study Center, as a result of her gender identity.

Cámara de Diputados aprueba ley de Identidad de Género en Argentina
La Cámara de Diputados de Argentina aprobó este jueves por amplia mayoría una ley de Identidad de Género, que autoriza a travestis y transexuales a registrar sus datos con el sexo elegido, que ahora deberá ser tratada en el Senado.

Fuerzas de seguridad argentinas admiten a transexuales
Los transexuales que integren las fuerzas policiales y de seguridad federales de Argentina tienen derecho a ser reconocidos por sus pares, vestir uniformes y utilizar instalaciones de acuerdo a la identidad de género adoptada u autopercibida.