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domingo, dezembro 04, 2011

European Parliament urges Croatia to protect gay citizens before joining EU
The European Parliament has adopted a resolution which reminds Croatia of its obligation to protect gay citizens from homophobia and homophobic violence before it joins the EU in 2013.
European Parliament calls on Croatia to adopt national action plan for LGBT rights

UN to Iran: There Are No Excuses for Denying LGBT People Their Human Rights
"In Iran, we don't have homosexuals," Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad boldly declared to a public gathering in 2007. He continued his disparagement in September 2011 when he told a group of American journalists that homosexuality is a "despicable act ... dirty and harmful to humanity."

Russian minister’s call for national version of St Petersburg’s anti-gay law was “only about paedophilia”
A press spokesman for the Russian deputy Prime Minister Dimitry Kozak has said his comments earlier today calling for a national law similar to the one being proposed in St Petersburg were misinterpreted.
Russian gays plead for letup in Kremlin crackdown

Filipino gays march against discrimination
More than 1,000 gays, lesbians and transgenders have marched in the Philippine capital to demand equal rights and an end to discrimination, and more support for an AIDS program.

Neil Patrick Harris Apologizes for 'Live!' Tranny-Wreck
You just know that Regis Philbin would never find himself in this kind of mess -- mainly because he probably doesn't know what a "tranny" is.

Transgender Woman Sues for Assault
Khloe Kardashian is being sued by a transgender woman who claims Khloe beat the crap out of her outside a Hollywood nightclub.

Anti-violence program gets $100,000 grant to develop GLBT youth leadership crew
The Colorado Anti-Violence Program has been awarded $100,000 for a project to prevent sexual and dating violence by creating a base of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered youth leaders to support violence-prevention and social justice efforts.

Pass the Mic: Transgender Women in Chocolate City Tell Their Stories
This year was a bloody one for transgender women of color in Washington, D.C. In late July, Lashai McLean was shot to death 10 blocks away from the office of Transgender Health Empowerment in Northeast D.C. Just 11 days later—and one block away from the scene of McLean’s slaying—Tonya Harrell was shot at but escaped. And in April, Chloe Alexander Moore was physically assaulted by an off-duty police officer.

Remembering Lois Bates, Beloved Minister and Transgender Advocate
On November 17, Chicago’s LGBT community lost a beloved leader when Lois Bates passed away at age 41, following a long illness.

Judge Rules Texas Transgender Man's Marriage Valid
A Dallas County judge has declined to void the marriage of a transgender man to a woman — an outcome far different, and more positive for trans people, from that in some high-profile Texas cases.

Câmara baixa aprova primeira Lei de Identidade de Género despatologizada
No dia 30 de Novembro de 2011, por 167 votos a favor, 17 contra e 7 abstenções, a Câmara Baixa Argentina aprovou uma proposta de Lei de Identidade de Género. A nova legislação não exige requisitos específicos, salvo requerimento do interessado, e não são necessários diagnósticos médicos, psiquiátricos ou cirurgias, dando assim prioridade à "experiência interna e individual do género como cada pessoa o sente", que pode ou não corresponder ao sexo atribuído à nascença.
La Cámara de Diputados argentina da su visto bueno a un avanzado proyecto de ley de identidad de género