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terça-feira, dezembro 06, 2011

Modelo Lea T é recheio Elle brasileira de dezembro
Lea T é a estrela da capa de dezembro da revista Elle brasileira. Com cliques assinados por Fábio Bartelt, a musa de Riccardo Tisci também aparece no recheio da publicação com looks sugestivos para as festas de fim de ano.
Já viu as fotos da Lea T. para Elle Brasil? E o vídeo?

SP: Campanha quer combater preconceito contra travestis
Travestis são foco de nova campanha do Governo do Estado de São Paulo

Hull man jailed for hate crimes after assaulting woman
A MAN has been jailed for hate crimes after he assaulted a woman in Hull.
Ben Matthew Firth, 32, targeted transsexual Samantha Marks as she used Hull Central Library.

Social worker is Scotland’s first transgender election candidate
A transgender social worker has become Scotland’s first transgender election candidate.
Carol Mapley, 53, will be running for the Castle Douglas and Glenkens seat in next year’s council elections, according to the Dumfries & Galloway Standard.

[South Africa]
South Africa: LGBT Rights in Name Only?
Black lesbians and transgender men in South African townships and rural areas face an overwhelming climate of discrimination and violence despite protections promised them in the country’s constitution, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today.
Rights group: South African lesbians face abuse

Man banks sperm for IVF after sex change
In a one-of-its-kind case, a youth has banked his semen with a fertility clinic in the city to have his own child from it later after undergoing sex change.
In vitro fertilisation is no longer confined to infertile couples as this technology is now also being used by single men and women, divorcees, single mothers and transgenders, say doctors.

[New Zealand]
Hell Pizza sorry for 'transgender' cookies
Hell Pizza is apologising for its new "misfortune cookies", which sparked accusations the company is bigoted.
One misfortune, reading "you will marry a transgender", has led to a backlash against the company.
Hell Pizza customer Tamsyn Clemerson told NZ Newswire she was shocked when she opened a cookie and read the fortune on Friday.
"It's implying that to be associated with somebody who is trans is a misfortune, and that is so awful - trans people in New Zealand and worldwide have a really difficult time as it is."
Hell Pizza admits "sense of humour failure"

'Top Model' finalist Isis King in Manila to shoot film
Isis King, known as the first transgender contestant on "America's Next Top Model," is in Manila to shoot a film.

Vic Govt funds trans project
Victoria's Zoe Belle Gender Centre (ZBGC) has received funding from the Victorian Government for a Youth Suicide Prevention project.
It is believed this is the first-ever funding for a trans organisation in Victoria.

Intersex councillor Tony Briffa elected as Hobsons Bay Mayor
City councillor and advocate for the LGBTI community Tony Briffa has been elected Mayor of Hobsons Bay.
Briffa, who was born with an intersex condition, was widely tipped as the frontrunner for the position.

Homosexuality: Canadian government advises FG
Says all Nigerians should enjoy equal basic rights regardless of their sexual orientation

US concerned over Nigerian bid to crack down on gay rights
The United States expressed concern on Friday over legislation in Nigeria that seeks to outlaw gay marriage and organisations as well as ban public displays of affection between homosexual couples.

Gay actor Neil Patrick Harris apologises for “tranny” comment
Neil Patrick Harris has apologised publicly for using the term “tranny” on television.

Ob-gyns told to welcome transgender patients
ACOG encourages obstetrician-gynecologists to offer them routine care and more specialized procedures such as hormone replacement therapy.

[USA] [Commentary]
Have You Heard About CeCe McDonald?
CeCe McDonald is a young African-American trans woman who is being charged with murder after an attack which began when she was verbally and physically assaulted outside a bar in Minneapolis.

LGBTQ community combats hate, focuses on anti-bullying legislation
Throughout the semester, the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community continued its fight for tolerance and equality.
On Sept. 20, a panel of federal and local law enforcement officials and attorneys discussed hate crimes and possible legislation to combat them. The main focus of the forum was to have a complex conversation to define the meaning of hate crimes and what classifies a victim.

Transgender Jews seek wider acceptance, understanding
Transgender and transsexual Jews face significant challenges in gaining acceptance from the Jewish community and in navigating through life in general.

Denuncian eliminación de agravantes contra autores de crímenes de odio
El senador Eduardo Bhatia y el representante Héctor Ferrer denunciaron hoy la aprobación en el Senado de un proyecto de leyes que elimina varios agravantes contra aquellos que cometen crímenes de odio contra ciertos grupos.
Indignados líderes comunitarios con cambios a Código Penal
Gutiérrez arremete contra la eliminación de crímenes de odio como delito grave
Puerto Rico Lawmakers Move to Remove LGBTs from Hate Crimes Law
ACLU rechaza la enmienda para eliminar los agravantes en crímenes de odio en Puerto Rico
Exigen restaurar protecciones a minorías en el nuevo Código Penal

Transgender leaders talk “Trans 101″ in Houston
The “T” in LGBT easily rolls off the tongue, but do all LGBT advocates understand how to be effective allies for transgender and gender non-conforming people? That was the topic of discussion at a breakfast on Day 3 of the 27th International Gay & Lesbian Leadership Conference, taking place this weekend in Houston, Texas.

Matan homosexual de varias puñaladas
Un travesti fue encontrado sin vida, esta mañana, en la colonia Inestroza, la que colinda con Las Torres de Comayagüela.
El homosexual fue ultimado de una puñalada en el tórax y fue hallado en una calle de la colonia de ese sector de la capital. La víctima es Carlos Porfirio Juárez Quiroz (25), originario y residente en esa zona.

Trans-formando las políticas públicas
En una reciente sentencia, la Corte Constitucional reconoce la discriminación generalizada que sufren las personas trans y ordena una política pública nacional LGBTI.

Olmedo quiere un cupo del 10% para candidatos para lesbianas, travestis, transexuales y gays
Consultado por El Intransigente sobre la cuestión, el legislador aclaró que "no es que cambié de opinión. Mis ideas respecto a la homosexualidad siguen siendo las mismas", adelantó