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domingo, dezembro 11, 2011

UK Government Launches Plan for Trans Equality
The UK government has launched its first ever action plan to advance trans equality.

Born in the wrong body: how gender-identity issues affect children
AN IRISH ORGANISATION dealing with gender-identity issues has seen a sudden rise in the number of families wanting to talk about transgender children. An increasing number of Irish parents of children with gender-identity issues are coming out on behalf of their kids.

Pune YCMOU’s course for transgenders hits roadblock
The proposed course on basic literacy for transgender community by Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University (YCMOU) seems to have hit a roadblock as the community itself feels ‘too debased’ for any redemption.

Transgender attacker appeals jail sentence
A MOTHER-of-two has lodged an appeal after she was jailed yesterday for her part in an unprovoked attack on a disabled transgender woman.

Intersex Mayor Elected in Australia
The city of Melbourne has elected Australia’s first intersex mayor.

Gay equality the rule among many of the nation's airlines and hotels
Released yesterday, the Human Rights Campaign's 2012 Corporate Equality Index chronicles the remarkable advances that have taken place on behalf of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality in the workplace since 2002.

Campaign aims at Macy's open-door dressing room policy
A campaign has been launched by the non-profit legal advocacy group Liberty Counsel that encourages customers to contact Macy's officials to express concern over the company's open-door policy for dressing rooms.
[Commentary] “Macy’s has essentially opened women’s dressing rooms to every man.”

New Laws Show Momentum for Gender Identity Protections
In the last few weeks, we have seen a wave of new protections against gender identity discrimination become the law of the land. Recently, the State of Massachusetts and a number of municipal jurisdictions passed significant protections. The Massachusetts Transgender Equal Rights Bill prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender identity in employment, insurance, housing, lending, credit and education. City and county ordinances, generally prohibiting discrimination in employment, housing, and public accommodations, have passed in Columbia, MO, Evansvillie, IN, Whitemarsh and Jenkinstown, PA and Howard County, MD, adding to strong momentum for full equality and full protection under the law for all people.

Mesa police arrest woman who tried to pass man's ID, claiming to having a sex-change operation
Mesa police have arrested a woman after she allegedly tried passing off a man's ID as her own by saying she had a sex-change operation.
Arrested woman tells Mesa police she had sex-change operation

Transgender person appears in court after being tased by BLM ranger
A transgender person, arrested after she was tased by a Bureau of Land Management ranger, appeared in court for a hearing this past Tuesday in Imperial County.

Crossdresser sought in hit and run, sheriff's office says
Hillsborough detectives say they are looking for a crossdresser who ran over a pedestrian and left the scene back in August.

Federal Appeals Court Panel Rules Anti-Sex-Discrimination Laws Protect Georgia Transgender Woman
When Vandy Beth Glenn announced her desire to live full-time as a woman, the state of Georgia fired her from her job as a legislative editor.
Georgia Trans Employee Wins for All the Right Reasons

Lawsuit Filed Against Airport Restaurant by Fired Transgender Employee
The Midway Airport is being sued by a transgender server for wrongful termination and employment discrimination according to the Windy City Media Group. A former server from Harry Caray’s Seventh Inning Stretch, Hamed Khan, is alleging that the supervisors at the restaurant ignored transphobic remarks made by other workers at the establishment. The suit also alleges that Khan was subjected to unfair treatment and was terminated because Khan had called attention to the discrimination from the other workers.

Debate Fierce Over Protections for Transgendered People
Readers took their opinions to Howard County Patch sites this week, flocking most to stories about a ‘historic’ bill passed by the Howard County Council protecting transgendered people from discrimination.

Suspect arrested in Shelly Moore murder
Detroit Police confirm that an arrest has been made in the murder of Michelle "Shelly" Moore, a transgender woman whose torso was found on the east side of Detroit near I-94 on Oct. 23. Moore was last seen at around 1 a.m. on the morning of the 23rd, when a cab driver she used frequently dropped her off at a house in Detroit where three men were waiting outside. Just minutes after, Moore called the driver again saying she felt uncomfortable and asking that he return. But the phone went dead mid-call and by the time he made it back to the house there was no sign of her.

School bans tuxedos and dresses from future yearbook photos to avoid LGBT requests
A school in the United States has banned traditional tuxedos and dresses from its future yearbook photos after a public spat over LGBT rights.

Susquehanna Township bans sexual orientation-based discrimination
Susquehanna Twp. on Thursday night became the first midstate municipality outside Harrisburg, York, and Lancaster to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.
UPDATE: Reaction on Susq. Twp's new, controversial gay rights ordinance
Susquehanna Township passes ordinance for LGBT rights
Pa. Township Adopts Rights Law; TV Station Gets Prurient

Puerto Rico Hate Crime Law Would Exclude LGBTs Despite High Number Of Gay Murders
Two years ago, on a desolate street in central Puerto Rico, a gay 19-year-old named Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado was savagely killed: decapitated, dismembered, and burned. As of last month, his murder had still not been investigated as a hate crime -- a fact LGBT activists say reflects the failure of Puerto Rico's justice system to protect its gay citizens.

International Gay and Lesbian Leadership Conference Draws Hundreds to Houston
Mayor Janice Daniels apologized earlier this week for anti-gay comments that she posted on her Facebook page. An incident like this may have gone unnoticed less than a decade ago, but it drew national attention after the Detroit Free-Press referred to it as "unacceptable prejudice" in an editorial that called for her resignation.

Declaración del Observatorio Cubano de los Derechos LGBT sobre los Derechos Humanos y la diversidad afectivo sexual
La orientación sexual y la identidad de género son características inherentes a todos los seres humanos. El derecho a vivir libre y responsablemente la orientación sexual o la identidad de género y expresarlas abiertamente, sin ataduras, son derechos humanos que deben ser respetados por todas y todos.
Lamentablemente, a pesar de que el gobierno de Cuba se ha comprometido ante los diferentes organismos internacionales a proteger los derechos humanos de sus ciudadanos, sin discriminación, aún se sigue privando a los diferentes colectivos de la sociedad civil (entre ellos el colectivo de lesbianas, gays, bisexuales y transgéneros) de derechos tan fundamentales como el derecho a la no discriminación, a la seguridad y a la igualdad ante la ley.

You can be male, female, or “other gender,” M/Ed manual tells Belize’s schoolchildren
Minister of Education Patrick Faber was not in office today to tell us why his ministry has allowed teachers in upper primary schools to use a manual sponsored by the US Embassy and Peace Corps, which teaches genders apart from male and female, and suggests that children have the right to choose what gender they want to be from an early age.

Dignidad trans: una posibilidad real
La Argentina se encamina a tener una de las mejores políticas públicas reparadoras en derechos humanos en relación con el derecho a la identidad de género. En parte ello se debe a la propuesta articuladora que implicó el trabajo político jurídico del Frente Nacional por la Ley de Identidad de Género mediante su propuesta parlamentaria 8126. En aquella oportunidad, el Frente fijó sus cuatro criterios ideológicos: la despatologización de las identidades trans*; la desjudicialización de los mecanismos de reconocimiento; la descriminalización y la desestigmatización, asumiendo como prioritario la necesidad de contar no sólo con el derecho al nombre propio sino la garantía a la salud integral para los casos de quienes deseen intervenirse quirúrgicamente para la reasignación genital total o parcial como la aplicación de hormonas. Por otro lado, el proyecto focalizó su mirada sobre la infancia y la adolescencia trans*, postulando la necesidad de que el Estado asumiera un papel activo en la protección y garantía de sus derechos.

Destrabemos el arte, destrabemos la cultura
Siendo coherentes con el avance y la visibilidad de la comunidad trans en nuestro país, el próximo 12 de diciembre se hará la apertura del Tercer Encuentro de Arte Trans de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires.