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quinta-feira, dezembro 08, 2011

MEPs endorse EU-wide protection rules for crime victims
Crime victims who are granted protection in one EU Member State will be able to get similar protection if they move to another, under new European Protection Order rules endorsed by the Civil Liberties and the Women's Rights Committees on Monday. Protection would be available to, for instance, victims of gender violence, harassment, abduction, stalking or attempted murder.

Lea T quer adotar um bebê, diz revista
‘Os homens me odeiam! Eu não faço a linha gostosa. Sou moleca’, diz modelo.

Travesti e cliente brigam por causa de pagamento em Uberlândia
Cliente se recusou a pagar pelos serviços prestados.
Envolvidos foram encaminhados à Delegacia de Polícia Civil.

An Interview with Anna Grodzka
“My election proves that people are ready for change"
It’s easy to feel you are in a time warp walking the history-steeped streets of Krakow. The masses of dowdy pensioners, students clinging to battered leather satchels and the many young monks and nuns give the impression of a city guided by tradition and, more importantly, by the cloth.

US will use foreign aid to defend gay rights abroad, Clinton, Obama declare: culture no excuse
The Obama administration’s declaration that it plans to use foreign assistance, international diplomacy and political asylum to promote gay rights abroad is a momentous step that could dangerously backfire if not pursued with delicacy and an appreciation of how the challenges faced by gays and lesbians vary by nation, human rights activists said.
Obama pledges aid and asylum support for overseas gay rights
Hillary Clinton: Being gay is not ‘a western invention, but a human reality’

Maryland, Missouri Municipalities Protect Gender Identity
Possibly in response to inaction at the state and national levels, a Maryland county and a Missouri city moved to protect its transgender citizens from discrimination.

New analysis shows startling levels of discrimination against Latino/a transgender people
Latino and Latina transgender and gender non-conforming people face some of the highest levels of discrimination of all transgender people according to a new analysis released today, Injustice at Every Turn: A Look at Latino/a Respondents in the National Transgender Discrimination Survey (also available for download in Spanish).
Nuevo estudio presenta dramáticos niveles de discriminación en contra de las personas transgéneros latinas

Transsexual City Manager Fired In Lake Worth
Lake Worth is looking for a new city manager.
Susan Stanton was fired during Tuesday night's city commission meeting in a 3-2 vote.

US appeals court rules in favor of transgender woman who was fired as Georgia legislative aide
A federal appeals court in Atlanta has ruled in favor of a former Georgia state legislative aide who was fired after revealing plans for a sex change.
Appeals court panel rules for Ga. trans woman in job discrimination case
Court rules in favor of transgender editor at Legislature
Federal Appeals Court Rules Firing of Transgender State Worker Violates U.S. Constitution

Victim of transgender assault at Rosedale McDonald's charged with disorderly conduct
The 23-year-old transgendered woman whose videotaped beating in a Rosedale McDonald's went viral over the Internet is facing a disorderly conduct charge after an argument with a police officer in Baltimore County.

Laurel delegate's fight for transgender anti-discrimination legislation to continue in 2012 session
Laurel Del. Joseline Peña-Melnyk sponsored transgender anti-discrimination legislation in the 2011 General Assembly session, pushing the bill through the House of Delegates and all the way to the Senate floor, but her efforts weren't enough.

For Drew, nothing is written
Drew Cordes lowered herself into an easy chair in her parents' living room in a slow-motion descent and emitted a sharp grunt after completing the simple act of sitting down.

2nd inmate says Pa. guard forced him to have sex
Prosecutors filed new forcible sexual assault charges against a suspended state prison guard after additional assault allegations surfaced Wednesday during testimony from two inmates in the first day of the guard's preliminary hearing.

El Código llega a medios gay en EEUU: Reseñan el repudio a las enmiendas al Código Penal que eliminan agravantes en crímenes de odio
Miembros de la comunidad Lésbica, Gay, Bisexual y Transgénero (LGBT) repudiaron hoy el proyecto del Senado de Puerto Rico que busca enmendar el Código Penal para eliminar los agravantes en crímenes de odio o por prejuicio contra minorías.
Albita Rivera cataloga de homofóbico, hipócrita y prepotente a Rivera Schatz
Vistas públicas para crear nuevo Código Penal
Citan al Secretario de Justicia a vistas sobre Código Penal
Liza Fernández dice que el Senado erró al eliminar los agravantes en delitos contra minorías
Activista Pedro Julio Serrano se expresa contra cambios al Código Penal
Amnistía Internacional Puerto Rico desaprueba cambios al Código Penal

Macy's clerk fired for booting man from women's dressing room
The non-profit legal advocacy group Liberty Counsel plans to confront Macy's because the retailer dismissed a clerk who intervened when a man headed for the women's dressing room.
Clerk Natalie Johnson, according to Liberty Counsel, reported that she saw a man walking out of the fitting room reserved for women at the San Antonio, Texas, Macy's and "politely told him that he could not go back in because it was for women only."
Macy's Fires Employee For Refusing To Let Transgender Customer Use The Women' Dressing Room
Clerk Claims Religious Bias in Incident With Trans Woman
Right wingers call Macy’s transgender policy ‘theater of the absurd’

Transgender Individuals Struggle to Find Church Home, Religious Institutions Struggle to Understand
After months of searching and bouncing from church-to-church Clarissa finally found a spiritual home. She found a religious community that accepted her for who she was. For Clarissa, finding a church home was not about worship style, preaching, social activism or even theological stances on progressive issues such as the environment or acceptance of homosexuals. For Clarissa it was about being accepted as a woman.