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quarta-feira, dezembro 07, 2011

Em nova minissérie da Globo, presidente da República terá filho transexual
Nova minissérie da Globo tem personagem transexual entre os protagonistas da trama

Baixada Santista terá curso de formação de drags
Governo paulista financia curso de formação de drag queens na Baixada Santista

Modelo Lea T quer adotar uma criança
A modelo brasileira Lea T declarou, em entrevista a mais recente edição da revista “Contigo!”, que planeja realizar o sonho de ter um filho. Ela revelou que até pensou em ter um biológico, mas percebeu que já existem crianças no mundo precisando de ajuda e carinho.
Lea T. diz que pretende adotar uma criança

Transexual Ariadna desabafa após ser chamada de 'traveco' em vídeo
'Será que algum dia no Brasil vou ser respeitada como uma mulher?', escreveu a transexual no Twitter.

El juez no da amparo a una transexual
La transexual María Jesús Lastra no tendrá el amparo judicial que requería para tratar de salvar la amplia lista de espera que hay en el hospital Carlos Haya, en Málaga, ante el retraso registrado para someterse a una intervención quirúrgica de reasignación de sexo.

Opposition presents motion on justice and home affairs - Franco Debono to support government
Excerpt: Among these issues were those raised in the cases Lorry Gatt vs Malta on the computation of judicial guarantees, Joanne Cassar vs Malta on the rights of transsexuals

[New Zealand]
Hell Pizza sorry for 'misfortune' transgender cookie
Hell Pizza has apologised for including the message "You will marry a transgender" in their "misfortune" cookies.
Hell applauded for response in cookie case
[Commentary] New Zealand's Hell Pizza Catching Hell For Transphobic 'Misfortune' Cookie

Briffa elected Mayor
AFTER months of speculation, infighting and controversy, Cr Tony Briffa was last Friday elected as Hobsons Bay City Council’s new Mayor, with Cr John Hogg his deputy.

Aurora awards $60,000 to community projects
The Aurora Group has announced the recipients of its small grants for 2011-2012 with $25,010 disbursed to projects for transgender teens, foster parents, storytellers, young people and the wider LGBT community.

Policy re: 'transgenders' trumps religious beliefs
Macy's is accused of firing an employee who objected to allowing a cross-dresser to use women's dressing rooms in one of its stores.

Trans Federal Employees: A Guide for Your Workplace Rights
If you are a transgender federal employee, you’ve no doubt heard about the recent victories that make your job more secure and more fair. Today, NCTE released a guide to knowing your rights as a federal employee.

Still no answer on ENDA executive order
White House Press Secretary Jay Carney declined to provide an immediate answer Monday as to why President Obama hasn’t taken administrative action to institute non-discrimination protections for LGBT people in the workplace.

Latino/a Trans Discrimination: New Analysis from the Nat’l Trans Discrimination Survey
Today, NCTE, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, and the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) released new analysis on Latino/a trans people, a supplement to the groundbreaking National Transgender Discrimination Survey.

Brooke Fantelli, California Transgender Woman, Allegedly Tased In The Crotch By Imperial County Desert Rangers (VIDEO)
A California transgender woman is reportedly planning a civil lawsuit after allegedly being tased in the abdomen and in the genital area by officials.
As LGBT Weekly is reporting, Brooke Fantelli, who is apparently a well-known figure in the off-road racing community, was allegedly stopped by a ranger while in the midst of a photo shoot in the Imperial County desert.
[Commentary] EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Ranger’s crotch tazing of trans woman caught on video

Roces por casos de abuso sexual
Transexual fue obligada a practicar sexo oral a un empleado

Evansville city code to include protections for sexual orientation, gender identity
A measure which was passed Monday by an unanimous vote of the city council, amends the Evansville city’s municipal code to include provisions against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.

Howard County passes transgender rights bill
The Howard County Council voted 4 to 1 Monday night to pass legislation that prohibits discrimination based on gender identity and expression in the areas of employment, housing, public accommodations, financing, and health and social services.
Howard council passes gender identity law

CeCe McDonald goes to court — hearing on Miranda rights in Minneapolis
Crishaun (CeCe) McDonald was in court Monday morning (December 5) for an evidentiary hearing. The young, transgender woman is accused of second degree homicide. The hearing focused on a motion to suppress statements she made in an interview with police detectives following her June 5 arrest.
Defendant in Mpls. stabbing death now says it was self-defense

City Council votes to protect gender identity under discrimination policy
When Jessica Orsini walked out of the Columbia City Council meeting Monday night, she dropped to her knees and pumped her fists.
"Yes," she said, standing up and hugging the nearest person. "I've been waiting for this for 11 years."
Columbia Includes Gender Identity Protections

The long, difficult journey of how a man became a woman
Draped in a pale blue surgical gown, her shoulder-length ginger hair feathered delicately across a pillow, Drew Cordes turned on her side in a hospital bed and watched a Bugs Bunny cartoon on her Mac laptop.
Surgery, pain, humor and no turning back

GLBT panel brings issues to forefront
On Dec. 1, Queer Student Union and the College Democrats held a panel discussion in the Student Center to discuss the role that politics plays in the GLBT community, ranging from the importance of youth participation to the need for gender neutral bathrooms at Temple.

PA Prison Investigated
After seven corrections officers were arrested two months ago in Allegheny County, a federal investigation has been launched at a prison in Pittsburgh where LGBT prisoners allege they have been abused and raped. The most serious charges have been brought against one guard – Harry Nicoletti, 59 – who’s been indicted on 92 felony and misdemeanor counts, including 10 counts of rape, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune.

Amnistía Internacional desaprueba cambios al Código Penal
Critica eliminación de agravantes contra minorías por razón de orientación sexual, género y etnia
What's a Hate Crime? In Puerto Rico, They Aren't Sure
Puerto Rico’s lawmakers to exclude LGBTQ persons from hate crime protections
LGBT to be removed from hate crime definition in Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico Lawmakers Seek to Exclude LGBTs from Hate Crimes Law

Transgender Widow to Plead No Contest to Theft Charges
The former transgender spouse of a fallen Wharton firefighter will plead no contest to a theft charge.
Transgender widow of firefighter agrees to plea deal in Rolex theft case
Transgender widow to plead guilty to theft

Va. Beach woman gets two years for embezzlement
A woman who admitted stealing more than a half-million dollars from her employer pleaded for leniency in federal court Monday, citing a long list of emotional difficulties, including her husband leaving her - not for another woman, but to become one.

Trans Inmate in Virginia Appeals Surgery Ruling
A transgender inmate in Virginia is appealing a judge’s dismissal of a lawsuit asking for gender reassignment surgery.
Transgender Va. inmate appeals judge’s decision to toss out lawsuit seeking sex change surgery

[America Latina]
Reportan incremento de crímenes contra personas transexuales en América
En México se registraron 87 casos entre 2007 y 2011
78 por ciento de los crímenes se concentran en seis países de la región

Los travestis y el prejuicio vencido
A los avances en materia de derecho para las personas trans en Argentina se suma el decreto que obliga a respetar la identidad de género adoptada.

“Ser transexual no es una elección”
Adriana (40) tiene disforia de género y será sometida mañana a una operación de 'reasignación de sexo'. Nació con genitales masculinos, pero su identidad sexual es femenina. Es el primer caso mendocino autorizado por la Justicia.