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domingo, dezembro 18, 2011

LGBT violence worse than other hate crimes - UN
The United Nations (UN) on Friday (Philippine time) released a report on the situation of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people around the world, saying that governments have “too often overlooked” assaults on people rooted on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Suicide fear after sex swap ‘bullying’
A SEX swap police worker claims she was so badly bullied by colleagues that she was put on suicide watch.

Sex-change traffic warden in tribunal fight with police
A TRAFFIC warden who had a sex change has begun a constructive dismissal case against her former bosses at a police force.

Govt still coy over 3rd gender in citizenship
When Rina Tamang, a transgender, asked for a citizenship certificate identifying her as third gender, the district office in Itahari provided her with the document that marked her as ´male´.

Transgenders push for welfare board
People from transgender community in Gujarat gathered for a “public hearing on transgender and hijra community issues” on Friday and pushed for a Transgender Welfare Board in the state along with several other aspects which can safeguard the rights of the transgender.

Filipinos hail UN gay rights report
Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) human rights activists praised the United Nations report that seeks to end legal discrimination and the death penalty for same sex relations worldwide.

[New Zealand]
Hard times for transsexual ex-mayor
Former Labour MP Georgina Beyer, who was the world's first openly transsexual mayor, is broke and unemployed.
Former Labour MP broke and unable to find a job

Flaws in name change process acknowledged
The consensus among opponents and supporters of the Sydney Mardi Gras’ name change at today’s information and feedback session was that Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras (SGLMG) should have consulted more explicitly with members about their intentions before making the changes – something the organisation has now acknowledged.

Xtra editor's Facebook post sparks controversy
Xtra found itself at the centre of a controversy when assignment editor Danny Glenwright posted the birth name of a trans person on his Facebook wall when linking to a story about her on on Dec 12.

Three stories: trans people in legal custody
Justin Adkins was among hundreds arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge as part of Occupy Wall Street. But there was something that set him apart from his fellow protestors who were arrested: he is transgender. Aware of the increased danger that trans people often face when in police custody, he announced his transgender status to a legal observer as he was being arrested. What followed was 10 hours of humiliation.

Twin Boy Becomes Transgender Girl; Bullying Forces Family Move
According to, Wyatt Maines has always wanted to become a girl. Since age four, he would ask his mother, "When do I get to be a girl?" the site reports. According to reports he would also tell his father how much he hated his penis.
Right-Wing Websites Blast Paper’s Coverage of Teen’s Sex Change

New ABC comedy spurs transgender backlash: LGBT groups protesting 'Work It'
The upcoming ABC sitcom "Work It" has sparked a growing backlash from various advocacy groups representing the LGBT community.
Groups slam ABC cross-dressing comedy 'Work It'
Is Sitcom Work It Insulting to Trans People?

[Commentary] Why ABC's New Sitcom Work It Hurts the Transgender Community

Hollywood vigil for slain transgender woman set for Saturday
A vigil is planned Saturday for an apparently transgender woman who was shot to death in Hollywood.

Glenn v. Brumby: Major Victory for Trans Rights
On December 6, in the matter of Glenn versus Brumby, the 11th Circuit Court decided in favor of Vandiver Elizabeth Glenn, a transwoman who had been fired from her job. Glenn claimed that Brumby fired her from her job as an editor in the Georgia General Assembly’s Office of Legislative Counsel because of sex discrimination, thus violating the Equal Protection Clause, according to court documents. The District Court found in Glenn’s favor. Brumby appealed to the 11th Circuit Court.

Chrissy Lee Polis Free on Bail
On December 3, Chrissy Lee Polis was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. Polis had called police to report that an assailant who had hit her in the head and stole her purse had robbed her of a cell phone and $800 in cash.

Howard County Passes Gender Identity Bill
On December 5, Howard County, by a 4-1 vote in the county council, joined Baltimore City and Montgomery County as the only jurisdictions in Maryland to provide anti-discrimination protections based on gender identity and expression. The bill prohibits discrimination in the areas of housing, law enforcement, public accommodations, financing, employment, and health and social services.

Poll: Utahns favor fairness in housing and jobs, oppose gay marriage and adoption
A majority of Utahns favor legal protection statewide for gay and transgender individuals when it comes to employment and housing.

Bar and grill’s mission: Everyone is welcome
A new bar in Spokane Valley is open, both literally and figuratively. Hollyrock Bar and Grill opened Nov. 1 across from U-City in the building formerly occupied by Hotteez. Its mission is to become a dining and drinking destination that epitomizes inclusion and tolerance for lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders and straight customers alike.

Asesinan a homosexual frente a la Catedral
Justo en la Plaza de Armas, situada entre la Catedral y la Presidencia Municipal, fue donde localizaron sin vida al parecer a un homosexual, cuyo mostraba diferentes huellas de tortura, al momento se desconoce quién o quiénes fueron los asesinos.

Asesinan a un travesti con el tiro de gracia en Playa del Carmen
Con el evidente tiro de gracia, firma del crimen organizado, un travesti fue encontrado muerto la mañana de este domingo en un camino de terracería aledaño a los predios del exclusivo desarrollo residencial "Joya Real" de la zona Ejidal, presentaba un balazo en la sien derecha y tirado boca abajo.

Redes sociales del CENESEX dialogan con Mariela Castro sobre Conferencia del PCC
“Los tiempos pasados y, sobre todo, el contexto político y social que vive la nación, no permiten dar margen al error de excluir de las políticas futuras de nuestro Estado la no discriminación basada en la orientación sexual y la identidad de género”. Así se expresa en la carta que le presentaron a Mariela Castro Espín un grupo de activistas de las redes sociales del CENESEX, como iniciativa de HxD (Hombres por la Diversidad) y la participación de Oremi (de mujeres lesbianas y bisexuales), del Grupo Trans y de Jóvenes Divers@s.

Asesinan a travesti en Maracaibo
Un transformista fue hallado muerto, la mañana de este domingo, en el frente de la panadería Sara, ubicada en la avenida 5 de Julio con calle 72.
Asesinan a travesti en 5 de Julio
Hallan muerto a un transformista en Indio Mara