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sexta-feira, dezembro 23, 2011

U.N. issues first-ever report on LGBT human rights violations
LGBT individuals around the world gained the United Nations' backing with the release of the global agency's first-ever report on violations of LGBT human rights around the world.

Samoa considers decriminalising female impersonations
Samoa's transgender community has welcomed proposed government reforms to allow men to partake in 'female impersonations'.

Rights protection push
Gay rights advocates will rail against religious exemptions in any future federal anti-discrimination legislation designed to protect LGBTI people.

Working group to fight for LGBTI rights
A new working group set up to improve the delivery of federal government services to LGBTI people has met.

Trans woman files complaint against NWT politician
The Canadian Civil Liberties Association says a trans woman was blatantly discriminated against when the Northwest Territories’ finance minister allegedly asked her to leave her Fort Smith college campus Dec 9.
Human rights complaint launched against N.W.T. minister
[Commentary] NWT Canada Finance Minister accused of trans bullying
[Commentary] Trans woman asked by NWT Finance Minister to leave to accommodate “spooked” Governor General

Girl Scouts' Inclusion Of Bobby Montoya, 7-Year-Old Transgender Child, Prompts Troops To Disband
A Colorado-based Girl Scouts troop's decision to admit a 7-year-old transgender child this fall has prompted three leaders to resign and dissolve their troops.
As The Christian Post is reporting, all three of the troop leaders were affiliated with the Northlake Christian School in Covington, Louisiana.
Girls Scout troops disband in protest over allowing seven-year-old transgender to join group
[Commentary] The Faith Based Transphobes Strike Back-Louisiana Girl Scout Troops Disband Over Trans Inclusive Policy

Army private portrayed as deeply troubled
Lawyers representing a former Army intelligence officer who allegedly leaked classified documents to WikiLeaks portrayed their client as a deeply troubled soldier who was struggling to come to terms with his gender identity during a hearing at Fort Meade, Maryland that will determine whether he will face potential court martial.
Hearing ending for Army private accused of leaking US secrets, court-martial decision up next

Work It Gets Failing Grade
Two guys can’t make it in the professional world during a so-called “mancession.” So they dress up as women. Sound familiar? It was the premise for Bosom Buddies starring Tom Hanks way back when, but the corny plot line has most recently been reincarnated as Work It, a new sitcom debuting Jan. 3 on ABC.
GLAAD's full-page ad denounces ABC cross-dressing sitcom 'Work It'
Bid to stop ‘transphobic’ series
Just Not Working, HRC and GLAAD Up Campaign Against ABC's New Sitcom
ABC sitcom ‘Work It’ may harm transgender people in the workplace
'Work It' will harm transgender people, GLAAD ad says
ABC To Meet With Gay Groups Over Transgender Issues In 'Work It'
US network “will meet LGBT groups” to discuss new show’s effect on trans community
GLAAD and HRC Tell ABC that ‘Work It’ Will Harm Transgender People

[Commentary] GLADD slam at ABC sitcom is off base
[Commentary] ABC’s Work It Is Not Only Bigoted, It’s Inaccurate
[Commentary] Work It: ABC's New Low
[Commentary] Hatred Intensifies for Work It, the Worst Television Show in History

Brandon McInerney, 17, Sentenced To 21 Years For Shooting Gay Teen Lawrence King
Brandon McInerney, the 17-year-old student who pleaded guilty to the second-degree murder of gay teen Lawrence King, was sentenced to 21 years in prison on Monday, CBS News reported.

Laguna officers arrest transgender woman on prostitution charges
A Stanton man who identifies as a woman was arrested on prostitution and drug charges Thursday, after undercover officers answered an ad on Craig's List.

Transgender Woman Stabbed
A 56-year-old transgender woman was stabbed while at a house in Northeast D.C.'s Kingman Park neighborhood at around 8 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 20, marking the city's 12th assault against a transgender woman where a knife or gun was used since July.

Furr Update
MPD officer accused of shooting at transgender women remains in lockup as lawyers try to negotiate plea deal

Chrishaun McDonald’s trial continued
Chrishaun “CeCe” McDonald appeared in court, Dec. 20 for a hearing where it was decided that her trial will begin on April 30, 2012, instead of the original start date of Jan. 9.

Planet Fitness employee charged with groping teen
Excerpt: They say Sprung also showed the alleged victim nude photographs of her genitals -- pictures described as a work in progress, since Sprung was not born a female.
Police describe her as a transgender individual, classified as a female on her driver's license.

Identificaron a Shakira
Después de casi dos semanas, Shakira, el travesti que fue rescatado ahogado el pasado 8 de diciembre del río Sinú, a la altura de la calle 34, fue identificado por sus familiares. Su nombre real era José Antonio Quiñónez Ortega y tenía 25 años.
Prueba de ADN al cuerpo de “Shakira”

Ni puta ni peluquera
Ricardo es ahora Victoria y es enfermera
Ricardo será la primera travesti en Colombia —y quizá en el mundo entero— que tenga un busto de yeso en su honor en una plaza pública. La pieza está casi lista, próxima a ser exhibida en Sabanetica, un pueblo recóndito del departamento de Sucre.

Zulia: 'El crimen de la 'Loba' fue pasional'
El asesino del travesti es Daniel Fernando Sánchez Sequera. La víctima y su asesino tuvieron una discusión dentro de su camioneta Jeep Cherokee, modelo Sport Wagom, placas XXUW-511, color gris. El criminal sacó la barra metálica para amenazar a Fonseca

"Presidente Travesti" genera polémica entre el "Club de la Comedia" y Pablo Simonetti
El último videoclip del programa de CHV, donde musicalmente proponen un nuevo gobierno transexual, desató la molestia del escritor nacional y presidente del organismo, quien lo considera "desafortunado y denigratorio". "No tiene sentido del humor", rebatió Ruminot.
¿Un presidente travesti para Chile?