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terça-feira, janeiro 03, 2012

LGBT Refugees Made Progress in 2011
Much attention this year was focused on LGBT immigration and asylum in 2011, according to Paul Canning, a LGBT activist who serves as editor of LGBT Asylum News. In a year-end wrap up, Canning reported on some news highlights that affected LGBT refugees, including:

UK trans artist offers to play any pride event in 2012 for free
Trans singer and DJ Chrisie Edkins is offering to play any pride event in the world in 2012 for free.
If organisers can provide accommodation and transportation, she says she would like to promote the LGBT community around the world at any pride event possible.
Having performed at Las Vegas Pride in 2009, and at Alicante Pride in Spain and Exeter in the UK this year, the artist told she wants to play as many pride days as possible in the next twelve months in the name of charity.

Suicide Rate for Trans Women Denied Implants Alarming
A new study from the Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Rights (RFSL) concludes that breast implants are literally a life and death matter for transgender women who need the operation to "fit in as women in their everyday life." And the suicide rate among those who don't get them is at least 30 times higher than the average person.
STUDY: Trans Women Denied Breast Implants 30X More Likely To Commit Suicide

[New Zealand/Australia] [Commentary]
News Feed: Libra provide unbalanced view of trans life
The world’s transgender community are up in arms today over an ad for feminine hygiene products circulating in New Zealand and Australia, described as sexist, transphobic and hurtful.

Aumentan los esfuerzos en EEUU para capacitar a transexuales
Arriel Michelle Williams está en las primeras etapas de una minuciosa transformación física de hombre a mujer y la sonora discordancia entre su voz masculina y sus tacones altos, aretes y tops femeninos de moda genera el riesgo de inquietar a sus posibles empleadores.

Men in drag not too funny on ABC’s ‘Work It’
The pilot of ABC’s new comedy “Work It” wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.
Let me follow that up by saying I thought it would be really, really, really bad.
'Work It' review: Humor as phony as drag premise
ABC’s ‘Work It’ runs into trouble trying to find humor in cross-dressing
Needs ‘Work’

You won’t believe what’s ‘next’ in radical sex agenda
A key attorney in the fight for Christian and family values in California’s trend-setting school system warns his state’s teacher’s union is about to begin its “next major push” in the cultural battle over homosexuality in schools.

Defensoría Penal y Movilh afinan estrategias contra la discriminación
El organismo de la diversidad sexual se reunió con el defensor nacional, Georgy Schubert, para proponer fórmulas que garanticen un trato libre de discriminación a lesbianas, gays, bisexuales y transexuales imputados/as por algún delito o falta.

Detienen a un travestí que se dedicaba a asaltar
Un travestido y presunto carterista, de 17 años, fue detenido el jueves a la noche tras robar el bolso de una mujer que salía de un céntrico casino de Ciudad del Este.
Sus otros dos cómplices huyeron y según la Policía son conocidos descuidistas del centro. Se trata de D.A.G., alias “Junior’i”, aprehendido el jueves a la noche.