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quarta-feira, janeiro 11, 2012

SP: Travesti é morta a tiros em Bauru
Travesti é morta a tiros em Bauru. Polícia acredita em dívida de drogas como motivo

Euskadi otorgará una documentación provisional a los transexuales que esperan cambio de identificación registral
El Consejo de Gobierno vasco ha aprobado este martes el Proyecto de ley de no discriminación por motivos de identidad de género y de reconocimiento de los derechos de las personas transexuales, que establece la posibilidad de que las administraciones vascas otorguen una documentación provisional que acredite a las personas que se han cambiado de sexo y que todavía no han conseguido cambiar su identificación registral.
Los transexuales contarán con un 'DNI transitorio' hasta completar el cambio de sexo

Sólo Madrid y otras tres regiones realizan la cirugía de 'reasignación sexual' a personas con disforia
La Sociedad Española de Endocrinología y Nutrición (SEEN) ha denunciado el "dispar" abordaje terapéutico que se ofrece en España a las personas que sufren disforia de género y tienen una contradicción entre su "sexo psicológico" y su "sexo biológico", como demuestra que "sólo" cuatro comunidades contemplen la realización de cirugía genitoplástica o de 'reasignación sexual'.

Jury told of rape attack on woman who saw beating
A transsexual and a friend raped a woman after she witnessed the pair beat someone unconscious, a court heard.

Couple Renews Vows After Husband Has Sex Change
Barry and Anne Watson were united nine years ago as husband and wife, but a lot has changed since then. After Barry began pursuing a sex change, the U.K. couple renewed their wedding vows last year and reaffirmed their commitment to one another, this time as wife and wife.

Court Sets Feb 21 To Hear Judicial Review By Organisers Of Seksualiti Merdeka
The High Court will hear on Feb 21 the leave application for a judicial review filed by the organisers of Seksualiti Merdeka to challenge the police's decision to ban the
Sexuality Festival in November last year.
Malaysian gay activists challenge ban in court

[Australia/New Zealand]
The 'real' woman, the transgender woman and the tampon ad
Sanitary product company Libra started 2012 off with a spot of controversy over a commercial aired in New Zealand last week.
The ad, which shows a 'real' woman and transvestite Sandee Crack side by side in a public bathroom mirror competing for womanliness has now been canned.

Obama's Global March for Equality Hits Harsh Reality
Secretary Clinton's seminal speech for LGBT rights and the Obama administration's pledge to help secure them come up against a harsh reality abroad.

Shocking Level of Inequality for LGBT Families
A new report highlights the shocking level of poverty endured by LGBT people — and their children.

ABC Chief on LGBT 'Work It' Complaints: 'I Didn't Get It'
complaints from lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender activists about ABC's new cross-dresssing comedy "Work It."
ABC chief on 'Work It' harming transgender community: 'I don't get it'

Former Homecoming King Runs For Office As Woman
A former football player and homecoming king is running for local office as a woman.
Transgender businesswoman files for Orange County Commission seat
Duncan makes historic bid for County Commissioner

County Council To Get Transgender Discrimination Bill
A member of the Baltimore County council is promising to introduce an anti-discrimination bill for transgendered people.
Quirk to Propose Gender Identity Anti-Discrimination Bill

Teen found dead three days after helping police
Three days before a local teen died, she made a decision that might have cost her her life.
Shelley Hilliard, 19, a transgender woman, was about to be arrested for possession of marijuana Oct. 20 when police offered a way out, according to testimony during a court hearing Thursday. She could set up a drug deal.

Transgender Lawsuit Filed in NY to Allow Sex Changes in Birth Certificates
The transgender community is trying to gain recognition on paper for their “lived sexual identity,” according to a lawsuit filed in March of 2011. A lawsuit was filed last year demanding the right to change birth certificates to reflect a transgendered person’s current “lived” gender status.

An Identity Constructed
When junior Krystal Johnson — who wishes to remain anonymous but identifies by that name sometimes — wakes up to get ready for school, one of the things he does not forget to do is put on his pink jewel and flower rings. Johnson is physically male but considers himself female at times.

Protegen la diferencia sexual
El Concejo Municipal de Cochabamba declaró, mediante una ordenanza municipal, el día 17 de mayo de cada año como el “Día Contra la Lesbofobia, Homofobia, Transfobia y Bifobia”.