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segunda-feira, janeiro 09, 2012

Travesti é morta a tiros na madrugada em Bauru, SP
Uma travesti foi assassinada no bairro Higienopólis, em Bauru, no interior de São Paulo, na madrugada deste domingo (8).
Travesti é morto a tiros na madrugada em Bauru, SP

Couple marry for the second time...after husband has a sex swap
Like a lot of couples, Barry and Anne Watson wanted to renew their ­marriage vows.
But when they went ahead nine years after their ­wedding, there was a big difference... this time Barry was a ­woman called Jayne.

Pakistan’s transgendered community, known as ‘hijras,’ demand flood relief aid
The hijras accuse the government of slow-walking the cards, despite a decision by Pakistan's Supreme Court to expand the group’s rights

Hospedeiras trans fazem voo inaugural
As primeiras hospedeiras de bordo trans fizeram o seu voo inaugural de Bangkok para Surat Thani.

[New Zealand] [Commentary]
Dragphobia: Drag Queen Speaks Out About Tampon Commercial
Many people think “drag queens” should be included under the “transgender” umbrella. But not everyone does, including the drag queen who participated in the recent controversial tampon commercial that had many transgender people protesting against it as being transphobic.
[Commentary] New Zealand tampon ad causes latest trans uproar

[USA] [Commentary]
Where are the Crossdressing Transgender Leaders?
The Transgender Leadership consists mostly of those who claim a female identity. I haven’t seen a single male crossdresser take a leadership role by lobbying for transgender rights. Almost every one of those who are in these roles identify as women. Now, why would this be? I think it is something a lot of people don’t think about but I bet those leaders know very well why.

LGBT employment bill tops gay wish list for Ga. General Assembly
The Georgia General Assembly starts its annual 40-day session on Jan. 9. A bill to ban anti-LGBT job discrimination against state employees is pending, but a host of governmental issues are expected to take up most of the legislature’s time, leaving lawmakers little for social issues.

Jane Fishman: A woman with a story
She’s got a great set of legs and never leaves the house without her signature White Diamond by Elizabeth Taylor perfume, a flower in her hair and an outfit with a plunging neckline barely concealing a chest measuring 38DD. This is not a woman who minds standing out in a crowd.

Former Ohio Basketball Player Is World’s Tallest Transgender Person
Greg Walker, 25, was a handsome and talented basketball player from Ohio, but claims he always felt different. After dropping out of college, he changed his name to Lindsay and began dressing in women’s clothes to become the world’s tallest transgender person at 7-feet tall, the Daily Mail reported in a Jan. 4 article. (Please note: That’s 7 feet out of heels.)

Comunidad travestí en zozobra
Un exreo se Sabaneta extorsiona a los travestis de 5 de Julio. Al menos 50 bolívares les cobra diario a cada una. La Fundación Venezolana de Apoyo a la Diversidad Sexual indicó que existen 200 transexuales que hacen trabajo sexual entre 5 de Julio, C-2 y Curva de Molina