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domingo, janeiro 22, 2012

TGEU and ILGA-Europe highlight obstacles trans persons face in regard to cross-border prescriptions in the EU
Joint contribution from ILGA-Europe and Transgender Europe on measures for improving the recognition of prescriptions issued in another EU member state

Rapaz de 18 anos é preso por tentar matar travesti em Pederneiras
Um rapaz de 18 anos foi preso em flagrante em Pederneiras (26 quilômetros de Bauru) acusado de tentar matar uma travesti durante encontro na rua Sebastião Rodrigues Rocha, no Núcleo Habitacional Antônio de Conti, próximo à caixa d'água do bairro. A vítima recebeu cinco facadas, duas delas no tórax, e está internada no Hospital de Base (HB) de Bauru sem risco de morte.

Catholic blogger publishes list of transsexual surgery patients
An online Catholic publication,, earlier this month revealed the names of 22 people who have received gender-reassignment operations at Madrid's La Paz hospital.

Teenager who became youngest in UK to have full sex change says 'I want to be Miss England'
Jackie Green - formerly Jack - underwent surgery to become a woman in Thailand on her 16th birthday

I never realised Luke was really a girl: Lucky escape of sex trickster's friend
A close friend of the young woman who disguised herself as a boy to date girls has revealed how she narrowly escaped the sex offender.
Emily Barker, 18, spent months texting 'Luke Jones' - without realising 'he' was actually her friend, cross-dressing Gemma Barker, 19.
The trickster created alter egos so she could have sexual encounters with a 15 and 16-year-old victim.

Transgender man personalizes Sweden's sterilization law
Georg Elfvelin leading campaign to stop forced sterilizations of trans people
A 21-year-old transgender man in Sweden is speaking out against his country's law that requires a person be sterilized or else their gender change is not recognized legally.
Sweden's Transgender Sterilization Law Slammed By International Activists, Politicians
[Commentary] Stop forced sterilization

Kuwait is a dangerous place in general, but it’s a totally different story when it comes to the country’s transgender population. Under a 2007 discriminatory law, Kuwait police have justified their acts of torture and sexual abuse on transgender women. The law literally criminalizes “imitating the opposite sex.”

Registration of transgender people as voters discussed
The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) held a meeting on Friday to discuss different problems regarding the enrolment of the transgender people as voters and ensure their registration in each district of Sindh.
Registration drive for transgender individuals planned
Special measures adopted for issuance of eunuch ID cards
EC to enrol transvestites in Sindh
Third party concerns: Welfare dept working to help eunuchs

Discovering one's gender and sexuality
Before becoming A. Revathi, she had been a he.
Before turning a writer and campaigner for the rights of sexuality minorities, she had been a sex worker. Before returning to her family at Namakkal in Tamil Nadu, she had lived in “Hijra parivars” in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore begging and doing sex work — the traditional livelihoods for India's transsexuals — for several years.

Winning Women’s Health: NCTE Applauds New Health Care Rule
The National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) applauds the Obama administration for ensuring that women with health insurance coverage will have access to necessary preventive care including contraception without being charged a co-pay, co-insurance, or a deductible. More importantly, we commend the administration for expanding the new rule to apply to religious organizations that provide health insurance to their employers.

Jim Bob Duggar Supports Girl Scout Cookie Boycott
Jim Bob Duggar, known for fathering 19 children with his wife, Michelle, said he sides with a boycott of the Girl Scouts' famous cookie sale because one troop in Colorado allowed a 7-year-old transgender girl to become a scout.

National group joins fight over gay rights
A national conservative Christian legal group says the gay rights initiative on Anchorage's April 3 city election ballot, coupled with existing Anchorage discrimination law, undercuts religious liberty.

A Milestone in Massachusetts: Trans Rights Bill Signed
The moment that transgender activists in Massachusetts had been waiting for finally came Thursday as Gov. Deval Patrick sat at a desk at the statehouse and signed into law a bill that bans many types of discrimination.
Transgender equal rights bill signed in Mass.

Maryland Police Chief Refutes Trans Rape Rumors
Maryland's Baltimore County is currently weighing discrimination protections for transgender residents, but opponents are spreading rumors about cross-dressing men raping women in a nearby county that enacted similar protections.
MD police official: Transgender rights bill did not lead to rapes, assaults in public restrooms

Protesters Take on Santorum in S.C.
Antigay Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum had a few confrontations with LGBT protesters in South Carolina Thursday, seeing his speech interrupted by glitter-bombers and being told he had “spilled queer blood.”

State-wide anti-bias bill gaining ground in Utah Legislature
For the first time since the bill was first proposed four years ago, the anti-bias measure protecting against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in the workplace or in housing will have a Republican sponsor in the Utah Legislature. Rep. Derek Brown, R-Cottonwood Heights, is taking up the bill in the House while last year’s sponsor, Sen. Ben McAdams, D-Salt Lake City, runs the same bill in the Senate.
Push to ban anti-gay bias gets new support at the Legislature

Transgender women tortured, killed near Monterrey, Mexico
Mexican media reported 17 January on the brutal killing of an apparently transsexual person in Apodaca, near Monterrey in Northern Mexico.

Cuba to Host Congress on Sex Education and Therapy
Conferences on family, gender and erotic desire, among other topics, mark the activities of the 6th Cuban Congress on Sex Education and Therapy, to run Monday through Friday in Havana´s Convention Center.