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sexta-feira, fevereiro 10, 2012

Ministério veta vídeo de homens gays na campanha do Carnaval
O Ministério da Saúde determinou ao Programa de Aids, da própria pasta, que retirasse da internet o vídeo institucional com filme com cenas de uma relação homossexual entre dois homens, que seria exibida para a campanha do Carnaval. Nas imagens, dois rapazes são apresentados numa boate, trocam carícias e são alertados por uma fada a usarem preservativo.
Ministério da Saúde veta campanha contra AIDS destinada a LGBT

Leveson Inquiry: Guido Fawkes 'forced lawyers to chase'
The man behind political website Guido Fawkes has told how he avoided legal action by using foreign web hosts.
Leveson Inquiry: as it happened February 8
Trans people victims of 'horrific' press coverage

[Commentary] Leveson Inquiry submission by Trans Media Watch

'Croydon Trans Group saved my life'
"I knew I was born into the wrong body really young, I was seven. I didn't feel normal. I was supposed to be a girl, I just wasn't born that way."
Helen Doe was born a boy, but says her whole life has been "one long struggle" as she fought to find her own identity.

Padre italiano casa homem com transexual
Desafiando ordem do arcebispo de Florença, padre casa Fortunato Talotta, de 56 anos, com Sandra Alvino, um transexual de 64 anos
O padre católico Alessandro Santoro, que comanda a igreja de Piagge, um bairro de Florença, tomou uma decisão polêmica no domingo (25) e que está tendo grande repercussão na Itália, país onde 90% dos habitantes são católicos. Ele celebrou o casamento de Fortunato Talotta, de 56 anos, com Sandra Alvino, um transexual de 64 anos.
Padre que casou transexual é suspenso
(Foto: Fortunato e Sandra: casamento não é válido)

First film about queer women in Indonesia premieres at Berlin Film Festival
Children of Srikandi, made by an all female cast and crew, tells the stories of eight queer women in Indonesia

St. Petersburg Anti-Gay Law Advances
St. Petersburg lawmakers on Wednesday approved at the crucial second reading a bill introducing fines for advocating gay and lesbian relationships in front of children and promoting pedophilia.
St. Petersburg Approves Fines for 'Gay Promotion'
TGEU condems homo- and transphobic law in St. Petersburg

La ley contra la homosexualidad vuelve al Parlamento ugandés
El Parlamento ugandés va a debatir una ley contra la homosexualidad que, de ser aprobada y en algunos casos, podría servir para condenar a cadena perpetua a los gais. El texto fue presentado ayer de nuevo en el Parlamento por su impulsor, el diputado David Bahati, que recibió los aplausos tanto de los miembros de su partido en el Gobierno como de los de la oposición mientras se oían cantos de "¡Nuestra ley, nuestro hombre, nuestros niños!".

Eunuch blessings fly abroad
It’s not just exotic locations and fancy decor that marks the big, fat Indian destination wedding. In a new trend, couples who are opting to exchange vows at tourist hotspots are including all the desi elements, including hijras who are being flown along to bless the newlyweds.

Indonesian Operators Ban Access to LGBT Advocacy Web Site run by IGLHRC
The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission on Thursday slammed the blocking of its Web site by some Indonesian Internet providers for having “pornographic elements.”

Forget the Queen, become King For a Day
With Queen Elizabeth II now into her sixtieth year in the top job and still not budging, it might make more sense for some of her Royal Highness’s loyal female subjects toiling in faraway Sydney to instead get their drag on over the next few weeks and aim to become King For A Day.

Sex changes for young children if legal bid goes through
Parents could let their children change sex without court permission if a landmark legal bid is upheld.

[New Zealand]
Coroner makes ruling on Diksy Jones' death
A Coroner has confirmed Lower Hutt transwoman Diksy Jones died from blunt force trauma to the head, caused by the two men who are now in jail for her manslaughter.

Flying fix
Not keen on airport security? Try flying while trans.
As if life – and the new airport X-ray scanners – didn’t pose enough barriers for many transgendered people, Transport Canada has thrown another hurdle into the mix.

Effort to Prohibit Discrimination by Federal Contractors Gains National Attention
In the last couple of days, an important proposal to protect LGBT workers has been featured in a Washington Post editorial as well as a New York Times op-ed from the Williams Institute. Both pieces urge President Obama to issue an executive order that requires federal contractors not discriminate based on sexual orientation and gender identity in employment.

Black LGBTQ Stories: Actress Laverne Cox Talks Growing Up Transgender (VIDEO)
Laverne Cox is from Mobile, Ala. Until recently she carried a tremendous amount of shame about the bullying and hardships that she faced growing up as a young transgender woman:

Trans triathlete Chris Mosier wins USA Triathlon Spirit Award
Great news from Chris Mosier today. I wonder what it is about triathlons that make the sport so inclusive. Maybe it’s the respect for any athlete who can put themselves through a grueling race combining three tough distance sports. Either way, this is really encouraging.

ACLU Appears in Court to Challenge Alaska Policy on Correcting Sex on Driver's Licenses for Transgender People
The American Civil Liberties Union and the law firm Perkins Coie appeared in Alaska Superior Court yesterday seeking to allow transgender individuals to correct the sex marker on their driver’s licenses. Refusing to change the sex marker on a driver’s license or requiring surgery prior to a change places an undue burden on transgender individuals and presents a gross violation of an individual’s right to privacy and equality.

Remembering Deoni Jones
Vigil draws crowd to bus stop memorial, community calls for justice for slain transgender woman
Vigil for slain transgender woman draws over 200

My husband became my wife: Transgender woman reveals how a bee sting led to her sex change... and how the woman she had married stood by her
A transgender woman has told her remarkable story of how the woman she married as a man stood by her through her sex change.
Chloe Prince, who was born male, as Ted, was happily married to Renee for eight years and had two children before a severe reaction to a bee sting triggered a drop in levels of the male hormone, testosterone.
As his skin softened and he developed a more womanly shape, Ted discovered that he felt more comfortable with his body, and ultimately was inspired to undergo gender reassignment surgery.

Transgender woman hopes to create awareness (video)
Gillian Ybabez was born a man, but she now identifies herself as a woman.
As a teenager, Ybabez, now 30, questioned her gender. She thought her feelings would go away, but they never did.
"I thought something was wrong with me," she said.

Movilh acusa que discriminación hacia la diversidad sexual aumentó en un 34% en 2011
El informe anual elaborado por la organización señala que la región donde existieron más abusos en contra de los gays, lesbianas, bisexuales y transexuales fue en la Metropolitana, con un 63,4% de los casos.

Comunidad Gay, Lesbianas, Bisexuales y Trans se pronuncia
Ante las investigaciones periodísticas y policiales de los últimos días que involucran a personas de la comunidad LGTB con hechos delictivos, nosotros, los miembros y activistas de las organizaciones, colectivos y agrupaciones de personas Gays, Lesbianas, Bisexuales y Trans manifestamos lo siguiente:
No todos somos proxenetas