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quarta-feira, fevereiro 15, 2012

MEPs speak out against homophobic and transphobic censorship laws in Russia
The Legislative Assembly of Saint Petersburg is about to adopt a new law banning the “propaganda of sodomy, lesbianism, bisexualism and transgenderism” to minors, including in public. Members of the European Parliament have repeated their opposition to censorship.

Regina revela para Maruschka que transexual é o filho que ela abandonou
Chocada, a empresária fica sabendo que seu filho é uma transexual
Na novela Aquele Beijo, da TV Globo, Regina (Nívea Maria) aguarda Maruschka (Marília Pêra) no restaurante com ansiedade. Ela está disposta a falar tudo o que a ex-patroa precisa ouvir. Toda a verdade sobre o filho que ela abandonou quando era ainda um bebê.

My Transsexual Summer star calls for pre-teens to be given time to resolve gender confusion
Primary school children should be taught about transsexuals from the age of 10 and have the option of jabs that delay the onset of puberty, according to Drew-Ashlyn Cunningham, one of the stars of Channel 4's My Transsexual Summer documentary series.

[UK] [Commentary]
I'm a liberal - but a man giving birth is freakish and beyond the pale
A good few years ago, a controversial advertisement showed a vulnerable-looking young guy in a sweater, looking worried above his heavily pregnant belly.
Designed to make men take responsibility for contraception, it was powerful because the image was totally bizarre. You couldn’t begin to imagine a man with a child growing inside him — could you?
Now, the outlandish fantasy dreamed up by copywriters has become a reality.
[Commentary] Shock! Horror! A trans man has given birth
[Commentary] Shocked by Trans Males Having Babies?

[UK] [Commentary]
The British Press defending traditional families, threatening children
A problem with writing of any kind is that all too often, it is not the first piece that i write on a topic that works, but the second or third. It takes at least a version and a working out of ideas before i find myself actually getting to grips with what it is i want to say on a topic.
[Commentary] Trans media representation

Nepali actor welcomes home his transgender child after surgery
Household name sit-com star says his child, who was born a boy, wanted to be a ‘perfect lady’

Queen sweep at Ms Gay and Ms Transsexual Beauty Pageant
Sequins, feathers and fake eyelash fabulousness descended on Doncaster’s Shoppingtown Hotel for the Ms Gay and Ms Transsexual Beauty Pageant.

The issues of identity
IMAGINE being called a different name by nurses or having your visitors turned away from hospital - that's the reality many transgender individuals face when going through the healthcare system.

Transsexual educator Buck Angel to speak at U of W
HE once marketed himself as "the man with the vagina."
Now transsexual educator and adult filmmaker Buck Angel tours as a motivational speaker and he'll be speaking at the University of Winnipeg this Friday.

Fear of Flying
A regulatory change quietly made to the Aeronautics Act by Transport Canada last July could disallow transsexual and transgender people from boarding flights leaving Canada.

Over 3,000 sign for Ally stickers
Over 3,000 signatures have been collected by an online petition that started in late January to support two Manitoba elementary school teachers, who faced backlash from a small number of parents after putting up signs declaring their classrooms safe havens for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people.

RAs start campaign for permanent transgender bathrooms
Residential Advisers (RAs) organized a transgender awareness program by transforming one of the bathrooms in Centennial Halls' lobby to a transgender bathroom for a few days last week, all aiming to spread awareness to first-year residents.

Suspect Makes Court Appearance in Jones Killing
Judge orders Gary Niles Montgomery, facing second-degree murder charge, held without bond

A Transgender Life: Consuella's Story
They lived a life of privilege in Nicaragua but fled under the threat of war.
"It was more the strength of our parents," says Consuella Lopez.
And it was their strength that eventually helped the family cope with their biggest challenge yet. Young Carlos, now Consuella, wanted to become a girl.
A Transgender Life: Path To Personal Happiness

Add The Words begins statehouse protests
Supporters of the Add The Words campaign were back at the Idaho Statehouse three days after the Senate State Affairs Committee rejected proposed changes to the state's Human Rights act.
Add The Words Campaign Still Growing
[Commentary] Idaho Votes Against Adding LGBT Protections To State’s Human Rights Act

Lobbyists hit Annapolis for LGBTQIA event
Yesterday, about 25 students traveled to Annapolis for Lobby Day — an annual rally where hundreds of LGBTQIA advocates meet with legislators from their state districts to urge them to support same-sex marriage and gender-identity equality legislation.

Effort to back inclusive workplaces
Three Omaha City Council members who opposed an earlier effort to grant legal protections to gay and transgender residents have proposed a resolution in support of inclusive workplaces.

Comfort zone: SU community members challenge limited number, locations of gender-neutral bathrooms
For most people, choosing between using a men's bathroom or a women's bathroom is an easy decision. They don't have to consciously consider their own gender, comfort or safety. Most people don't have to worry about potentially being beaten, harassed or intimidated while trying to use the restroom.

Activists to petition for non-discrimination law on November ballot
Activists are preparing a petition to put a referendum on Houston's November ballot, calling for a ban on discrimination against gays and permission for the city to grant health insurance benefits to the unmarried partners of city employees.
Non-discrimination measure headed toward Houston voters

Virginia School District Wants to Ban Cross-Dressing
A Virginia school district is threatening to bar teens from cross-dressing, all in the name of keeping them safe from bullying and harassment.